Next 100x. countdown started

gradually moving towards top 20. pretty soon top 10.

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shhhh. delete this

please STOP not YET

Huge dump on launch, guys, don't forget. x

There’s no need for Matrix AI Network (MAN) once what they’re talking about is implemented, right?

>all these emojis hashtags
>le to the moon xd
Is there a bigger red flag than this?

tell that the chinese goverment u cuck

>Developers can now write smart contracts in Javascript
Ah, yes, the language where
[] == ![] // -> true
!![] // -> true
[] == true // -> false
Can't wait to entrust all my money to a smart contract written in it.

they never hype their shit man. thats only drawback i see in this project

did you forget what picture you posted?

I’m asking a question you defensive crotch jockey

well how the hell do you go from this picture to making another project which is targeting different things obsolete?

My first thought too. Wtc or trx would post shit like this. I'll pass. Hope you get your 100x though op.

u low IQ niggas never understand. that symbol is for mainnet launch . not kind of lambo/moon symbol. go to their site/tg/twitter , they never hyping this NAS shit. i want to kill them for not hyping it. while shitcoins like trx, ven hyping for their vaporware.

go look here.

biz had enough changes to get in. Let them fomo in at 50$

so where can i buy this shit

after mainnet , its coming to BNB, so you can wait and buy in BNB around 20$, or now at Pic(markets)

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Im glad im not in the same boat as you. Dont skip school flummerys

priced in

Priced in when its on 2 exchanges and most dont know about it?
its 200$ eoApril.

Same user, just changed devices. My ID might not change.

MAN uses program synthesis where a neural network is trained to generate code from an input synthesis of the desired program. Program synthesis is still in its infancy and research being done on it is still in the preliminary stages. To my knowledge, there are currently no real world applications for program synthesis.

NAS solves several real world problems that developers who interact with the blockchain will find useful. People who know JavaScript and TypeScript will be able to write smart contracts with NAS as early as next week.

Aside from coding in "simple language" one of MAN's biggest selling points is secured smart contracts but there are better options out there for that like QSP. MAN is exceedingly ambitious and currently, I would even go so far is to call it vaporware. I doubt they will deliver but if they do, it will be well into 2020 before you see any meaningful ROI.