How much have you lost on this very shady coin?

How much have you lost on this very shady coin?

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Thundernode since 0.50 cant wait til i am a billionaire in few years

You spelled locked in bag holder wrong

I can sell today if i want you idiot. Not touching this before $70

When do you think this will move again? And what price do you predict on mainnet?


but easy HODL coz it will turn into 20m

20 at mainnet

50 in oct

250 as soon as govts regulate cryptos

No one knows but what matters is the infrastructure they're building. ATMs in Japan with BitOcean and you better believe Binance getting kicked out of Japan has something to do with VEN. Circle, Poloniex and this thing is going to be massive. Comfiest hold, maybe right behind JNT.

What if sell walls don’t come down on mainnet

buy low didnt lose anything

52% of the supply is locked in nodes. Dont worry about the sell walls, everybody should be accumulating

True. Pleb strength x but hodling strong

Future millionaire

I have 10k and locked in to the 6k x node. I'm really tempted to pull 4k out and buy something else. But I know I got the initial 10k for a reason.

None. But I've made an amount that I am very happy with.

dude buy more

leave for a year be rich

Bought at $1. Sold at $7. Life is good.

You only lose when you sell for a loss. So basically, nothing lost on VeChain now.

Bought in for 10k, currently 3k less worth.

>he has $7
>life is good

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I lost 50% of my portfolio but I will make it back when Agrello hits 45 cents later this week. Quads wills it.

I don't have $20k lying around to get to that next 6k. Definitely would if I could.

Lol that’s be nice. Other 35% is in eos omg ela


300k. Kinda salty but I know a good project when I see it

>only 4K Ven

What should i do with this

AMB is going to kill VEN. sorry you'll but you will be homeless soon

When will you get it into your thick skull that Vechain is no longer just a supply chain solution. It is an entire Blockchain-as-a-Service solution for enterprise. It's Ethereum for big business.

Close to mine, heavy on EOS, OMG & JNT

I feel sorry for you

JNT seems like a pretty good bet. What do you all think?


Why? Seems legit.


Ya done now

Get the pink wojacks ready.

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my friend came close to comitting suicide over VEN losses... not kidding

This is my signal to buy more

I’m up about 950% because I’m not a brainlet and bought it before December.

wait 2 years and become a millionaire

nothing because I'm not a retard that buys redditcoins

Checked and kek'd

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>he can’t spend an hour reading
>his ADHD keeps him poor