Brainlet here...

Brainlet here. Someone please explain to me why so many anons are bearish towards privacy coins now just because some countries are expected to ban them from centralized exchanges with upcoming regulations
What about other countries that won't have them banned? What about decentralized exchanges? Won't those things make up for that, and still result in widespread use of the coins? Am I missing something?

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You are right. Anyone bearish on Monero is an idiot. The coins of the future will split between those compliant with regulations, and those totally non-compliant with regulations. XRP and XMR are the future #1 and #2.

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How do i buy monero in Asia as a us citizen?

Binance and Kraken have it.

When looking for a qay out of a sinking ship follow the rats(Drug Addicts).

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because there are always, always somebody or Colombians and other doing these lucrative drugs trade

It's just fud user, don't bother

Is Monero actually untraceable? If I buy it with my Credit Card and send it off to a wallet, is it possible to track the destination?

Yes but try thinking further into the future than next week.

it is untracable. if you buy monero with a credit card, it's like buying silver dollars. it's impossible to trace


>is it possible to track the destination
no, but you make it on the roll

Monero has nu value when it gets banned.

Let's say your a drugsdealer, you sell en get paid in Monero. Nice! No papertrail and you can easily trade your Monero for any other crypto currency and buy legally stuff.

No let's say it's banned. Meaning exchanges won't buy/sell it. Normies can't but it (and won't buy it because hurr Durr terrorist money). And you cant buy legally things with it.

What's is then the value of Monero ?

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Normies can buy it, it's called localmonero cash through the mail.

>What's is then the value of Monero ?
$1000 EOY

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Truth. And I can't wait for these coins made to buy CP are banned.

>What about decentralized exchanges
meaningless without a fiat gateway

>let's ban math
I don't think that's gonna be possible

Ok but what happens when the government bans localmonero? Then how are you supposed to buy it? What happens when the gov bans any website interacting with monero? nothing, monero is useless once regulation comes.

>some dumbass country's centralized body attempting to ban globally decentralized math
I REALLY don't think that's going to be possible

the more likely (obvious) outcome and we all fucking know it lol

Because normans won't bother if its not on centralised exchanges, volume will be low, hence most will become pump and dump coins.
They are currency and as such not really an investment or store of value, but a means to an end. Purchase.

And NSA has advance software that tracks wallet activity so the will be able to link reasonable doubt audits to you when you buy a privacy coin.

They're in a country that doesn't have to comply with AML/KYC so I doubt they'll move straight to a ban

>governments ban
>speculative investors forced to sell, or will go to jail/get fined

who do you think holds more privacy coins, speculative investors or people who actually use them for transactions?

Big exchanges might stop listing a lot of them as a protection measure, to more easily trace the funds in case of hacks. You're right in saying that decentralized exchanges would solve that problem, but we're far from there at the moment.

From an ideological point of view, privacy coins are what we should all be supporting, but it's an uncertain time for them, and most people are in this to "get rich quick" rather than to change anything about the world, so if looks like they'll lose value over the short or medium term, they stay away.