Exponential dividends

>Exponential dividends
Daily reminder that ARK will overtake ETH and you will be left holding that dinosaur smart contract platform meme pedo coin

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Exponential Dividends

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Ark is in an interesting position right now. At first glance, the inflation seems to be a little high, especially given its current market liquidity. But almost all of the forged ARK (see: over 95% of it) is being passively staked by wallets for compounding interest. Despite their being more ARK supply, there is less market flow. Expect it to overtake NEO this summer, and potentially ETH next year.

>dinosaur smart contract platform meme
you mean ark?

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there is only one true god (ark)

Implying the Chinese government isnt creating a state backed RMB coin to tie directly into the NEO ecosystem. Stay poor

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For such a "decentralized" ecosystem, NEO holders sure do suck the cock of the Chinese government. Almost like they want, or have the need to be controlled.

Or maybe whites have lost agaisnt the satanic kikes and want revenge via the souless Chinese. Fuck kikes

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fellow arkies how much ark I need to make it?

If you want a million bucks, around 200k Ark

Stop missleading our fellow arkie, broda!
2-7k should be enough

how many u got?

Just 150 atm ;/
Every month i'll buy up the (seemingly) dips so I can accumulate some ARK by stacking. Shit will be cash.

i know how you feel brother i only have 15k


P-P-Please DX

did you just link your public key instead of your address?

You must be pretty confident if you have 15k ark, I'm only on 2k myself. What makes you so sure?

i like the memes

I've got 5k arks when do I get my lambo?

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Hey user, please consider

nice just sent 100k ark

>Exponential dividends
Into the trash it goes.

yo chang i was getting 20 ark/week couple months ago with Veeky Forums delegate now im getting 17.5. boot some nigs out im far more important

nice just blacklisted 100k addresses

We capped biz_classic to 20k votes so the 28k and 40k voters are having their extra earnings redistributed to everyone else. We told them we were going to do that hoping they'd leave and join biz_private but they still haven't left yet for some reason.

you are in contact with them and told them that and they still didn't leave? that's odd. isn't one of them that attention whore that comes here sometimes? or did she leave the delegate?

arkthot supposedly has 18k and kys'd herself but the wallet is still voting for us. As for the whales, we sent them messages over "smartbridge" and made posts on reddit and the Ark forum announcing the cap. So far, they don't seem to care that they're getting paid less.

they must not be paying attention to your posts or havent seen it, it wouldn't make sense for them to not migrate to Veeky Forums private otherwise. hopefully they notice relatively soon. also, arkthot's reddit account is still active, she was just attention whoring. girls rarely kts themselves

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ICO was too cheap there’s too many whales that control this coin for it to ever moon.

Ideally, 2 - 4k

Yo Chang are you privy to any insider info about release dates?

Ethereum at ICO was like $0.30
STRAT at ICO was $0.07
Bitcoin was under a dollar

>staking earns like you 10% p.a.
wow nice boomercoin

>Bitcoin ICO was under a dollar

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>Bitcoin ICO

So my delegate has giving me 60 ARK just for hodling my Arkies. I'm hodling a dozen more various coins and they don't give me shit. Ive got just as much problems with ARK as the next guy but I keep hodling because I am actually making passive income while I wait for the devs to get their head out of their asses and build this platform. Staking is cool as fuck. Biz_Classic is my nigger.

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great reading comprehension guys! i never said Bitcoin ICO i simply said that Bitcoin was under a dollar. didn't do very well in English class, huh?

Would 1k be enough?

To buy a used 2010 Camry, maybe

Well I'm happy if get enough for some nice holydays


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ARK has the best OC and it's not close

>Ol' Chuck smashing some Lispy

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When moon?

69k $ARK here, feelsgoodman.jpg

>10% dividend/year
>the supply gets diluted by 10%/year
>ARK holders pic related

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no way. post a pic of your wallet i wanna see

I just added some more.

Here's a pic I just took. A screenshot would be too easy to fake.

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You must be so comfy.

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congrats man, i wonder how you stack against the largest holders of ARK. are you in biz private? what else do you hold? fyi be prepared for the beggers i can hear them comin already

Wew lad I’m sat here with 14 ark you got 70k

When did you buy my man

Yeah, my dude. Once ark reaches $200 you'll be making about $1400 a month

This coin has frustrated me for so long while all my other coins took off. By I can feel the tide turning, good things are coming.

I also think they have could possibly have more going on with the French Government than they are letting on.

>screenshot would be easyto fake
>picture isn't easy to fake
Nigger all you have to do is inspect element, edit, and then take a picture of your screen.


I'm from The Pod but ppl in Veeky Forums private knew me years ago

I may have le 56% face but I am rich AF lol

if he's lying then im pretty sure he knows just how sad that is, lying to a bunch of random people on an anonymous imageboard.

pic related is so /comfi/ lines for you guys

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You must have at least 1 million LINK I suppose

>inb4 it does the same 3 spikes but in reverse
no i shower too often

too bad its value depreciated so much you could have just waited and bought more

5k arkie reporting in!

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1k and you'll never have to work again
2k and you'll live a life of extreme luxury with a trophy wife
4k and you'll be the owner of your own city with a large harem of virgin anime-esque girls (including a few asian ones) with supermodel/gymnast/pornstar body types

Can one of you hit me up with some pls I'm poor and deluded

Don't make me sperg get your shitskin address off this board, you've been blacklisted.

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Would you shut the fuck up. Nobody cares.

smart asses like you who pretend to know shit make all us ark holders look bad.