Any good current airdrops? Anyone making profit with these?

Any good current airdrops? Anyone making profit with these?

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Serious reply: I've had a look at a few different airdrops in the last couple of months; most of them require quite the number of hoops to go through (join Telegram group, repost this on social media, share with at least a friend, etc. etc.) in exchange of a risible amount of tokens/coins. Sure, go ahead and waste 15 minutes doing that stuff, but you're not going to end up with more than a couple cents worth of token. Was it worth it?

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I guess it's just a waset of time, but I've heard that some chink tokens are doing larger airdrops.

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They best airdrop I got was for 10000000 EXRN currently worth about 300. Was worth as high as 1500 during the bullrun in January.

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where to look for such?

not in fucking braphog threads for a start, if you catch my meaning

airdrops mean you do nothing and get coins, you dont even ask for them. there have been very few airdrops, mostly shitskin giveaways and other trash nobody actually wants

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no, that's called faucets. for airdrops, you do have to fill out a form.

also, do the iagon airdrop before it's too late. dragonchain affiliated. it ends tomorrow.

thanks, user
this one looks good

I got 3 (BCPT) airdropped on Binance, I sold them and I bought some LINK with it. So in 2-3 years I can say I got airdropped thousands of dollars.