It's dead, Jim

It's dead, Jim.

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Who would buy a currency token in 2018? Don't you get that you bought 2014 tech? NEO has instant transfer and no fees and actually does shit besides that.

If you fell for the no fee, insta tx meme then you deserve to lose it all

and get aids too

Good luck using a non divisible currency to pay for things idiot

>being this much of a brainlet

no wonder its so easy to make money off of retards

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Stop posting threads about this shitcoin already. Giving it attention is not what you want to do. Its an irrelevant pump and dump.

op have you tried looking at fresher coins?

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This is my signal to buy more.

i sold for trx. trx is on fire right now.

NEO is still centralized you cuck, and it does have fees

This is my signal to buy more

The nice thing is that autitsts don't know how to FUD.

Last time I saw the ICX "should I sell threads" I knew it was time to buy at 24k sats.

It's pretty hilarious.

Even without you autistic fags posting buy signals it's so obvious that any alt in the red right now (like NANO, and ETC) while other alts are green is being accumulated and suppressed.

Fuck with my logic without copping out with the pajeet or poor memes. I double dare you motherfuckers.

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thanks just bought 100k

Have you ever tried withdrawing SKY from Cryptopia user? How did that go?

Seriously the only thing that's making me not all in SKY is:

a) it's called Skycoin. Stupid, they should have just called it Sky.

b) Cryptopia withdrawals laggy as fuck and sometimes get stuck

The fuck is up with all this FUD? Is it already time for NANO to moon again?

tried C2CX?

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No, but it sounds like a shady ass exchange that would run away with my BTC. How come nobody uses it?

Does it require KYS?

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I've used it exclusively for Sky and it works well for me. Granted, I only have like $300 in it because I'm a poorfag, but after the 30th I'm hoping to triple that

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Thanks user.

How many SKY does one need to /make it/ EOY?

In the same boat as you financial wise. Also just ordered a Pi Prime of AliExpress hoping to build a node eventually.

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> Also just ordered a Pi Prime of AliExpress
they have been out of stock on aliexpress for weeks

I can't hope for more than a 20x EOY unless we get another bullrun. I'll be pouring more money after the 30th if the news is big.
I got 2x Pi 3's ready for testing too. I got a fuzzy feeling in my belly saying we're gonna make it

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no it doesn't, I've been using it for a while and had no issues with it
depends what you consider making it, I've got 10k and hoping I will make it

Yeah it does feel like early day ETH my only concern is the god damn name.

Ethereum is top 10 because it has a cool name.

Antshares changed it's brand to NEO and rocketed out of space.

I've noticed the top 20 alts without -coin in their name are all there partially because of dank names such as Icon, Tron, Stellar, etc.

The only top coins with coin left in their name is BTC and LTC.

SKY should fucking drop the -coin suffix and call the tokens something fresh like Obelisks. Coin shit is getting old.

Holy fuck. Those coin hours are adding up huh?

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