Longfags BTFO: Decending Triangle Forming

This might bounce 5 times in total but I charted 3.
>Descending Triangle forming
>MACD cannot get the price up
>Bulls cannot get the price up
>Longfags cannot get thier dicks up.
This is the power of Aryan TA.

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Might open a 25x short.. Bulls are too weak.

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It was going to dump this morning but then it naturally and organically went back to 8.9k

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your descending triangle isnt even half complete WTF are you talking about please kill yourself

btc is kill

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Exactly. Decending triangles are a natural occurrence. When the bearwhales and bullwhales fight it is exactly the same as when the rest of us fight. Trying to move the market works in the short run and cost you too much in the long run. All you can hope to do if you have deep pockets is exaggerate the movements with a bit of economic jew-do.

If you cannot see it you won't make it. The MACD will cross below zero. It may peak above or not before the price collapse. Trust me, I know my descending triangles and that MACD is the MACD of a descending triangle.

technical analysis is washed up kike shit you fucking late adopter.

even the whole crypto market cap looks like shit

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zoom in

draw resistance @9k

draw support @ 8.2k ascending

what do you see?

that will destroy your shit once we break above 9k in a few hours



This thread has the best meme lines. Believe me.

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How is that going to happen with a declining MACD?

All of the technical analyst you can name are white/non-jews. It takes a high level of visual IQ and pattern recognition and mathematical knowledge to do this. This is primarily a white male attribute

Jews, and their lies, are made possible by a relatively high verbal IQ. It works for them for a while before they get found out. But now they have no where left to wander too and the knowledge of their nature will never be lost again.

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what the hell how long do u do this? macd can instantly bounce off or crossover again

if u didnt see it we are in an ascending triangle and will breakout in a bit

You must be doing TA on the wrong timeframe. 30-45 minute timeframe is best. You will see the last peak where the candle bodies reached was $9.2k Now it was at 9.0k. Next will be around 8.7-8.8k and we will see if we have 3 bounces or 5.

Jesus Christ used as an idol. I found more truth in smoking DMT than any religion could ever try to answer. That's why it's illegal to have psychedelics and they poison water supply to calcify your pineal gland.

>30-45 minute timeframe is best.

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you have zero clue what you are talking about lol

cya over 9k

strong bulls will win today look at the wall on bitfinex

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Let me clarify, 30-45 is best for swing trading. No one has addressed the incoming deathcross either. Have fun with that.

Higher time frames always win senpai. If you literally just longed and shorted on reversal candles on the daily, you would be in profit. Not discounting lower time frames though, I use them all.

What truths have you learned hippie?