Veeky Forums Movie list, let's go!

Veeky Forums Movie list, let's go!

The Big Short
Margin Call
Too Big to Fail
Enron, The Smartest Guys in the Room
Steve Jobs
The Social Network
Glengarry Glen Ross
Barbarians at the Gate
Wallstreet 2: Money Never Sleeps

What else should be added to this list?

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The Founder

Wolf of Wall Street maybe?

Trailer looks fun, I'll give it a watch.

It's pretty cool. It's about a man seeing potential and pushing trough the barriers upheld by uninspired people.

Sounds like life, it's all about convincing people who can't see the way to follow along.

Boiler Room

Thank You for Smoking
Inside Job

Eh, I've seen most of these, they're not really biz as much as some are good movies.

In the Company of Men

Don't watch this with your gf.

American Psycho and Wall Street should be the only Official Veeky Forums movies. Maybe the Big Short too, but definitely not on par with the other two.

I'd recommend 'War Dogs'
I kinda watched this movie with the wrong expectations since it was for whatever reason labelled as a comedy in my local tv guide and jonah hill had the leading role but imo it was a really entertaining movie about a typical Veeky Forums-style 'get rich quick with low effort' setting.

Spirited Away

Biz people don't have girlfriends though...

I think you're thinking of the wrong movie, Inside Job is perfect biz material...Its a documentary about the 2008 crash and what caused it

>no american psycho
you plebs have no taste.

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A totally right choice for Veeky Forumsnigs

You should also read the Big Short and other books by Michael Lewis.

Yup, you're right on Inside Job, was thinking of a completely different movie.

kek American psycho is already on here

12 angry men

the hangover

The thing about American Psycho and Wall Street is this. Every Veeky Forumsinessman who has not yet made it aspire to invest and trade like Gordon Gekko. The next step in your journey, once you made it, is to replicate Patrick Batemans philosophy of life in every way (except for the odd psychotic breakdowns).

I'm currently very fascinated with Gordon Gekko, and once I make it my biggest idol will very likely be Patrick Bateman. I will aspire to walk in Batemans footsteps.

Pokémon: The First Movie

Cash money, right here! Get your ancient Mew with each visit!

Plenty of Veeky Forums movies on


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