Up 11.4% from yesterday

Up 11.4% from yesterday
Volume is $1.2 million, which is literally double yesterday's.

Anyone remember the day CossWhale said something major is supposed to happen with this coin? I think the 25th? According to our tripfag friend it's supposed to take a huge hit, accumulation begins, and then moonshoot to $5. But then again he's probably some 15 year old kid writing out his fantasies on the internet while waiting for his mom to finish cooking mac and cheese.

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volume is 1.7 mil actually

Not selling this shit till 5$

Binance is adding fiat pairs you idiots. Coss missed the window of opportunity. Their main competitive advantage just got Deebo'd by Binance. It's over.

oh cool so binance also offers revenue sharing?

oh they dont? I dont really see why you bring it up then, these are completely different exchanges with different reasons people would use them

>only one exchange ever is allowed to do fiat pairs
spotted the retarded nigger

The revenue sharing only applies if the exchange is successful. Binance just kicked Coss in the balls.

Fiat pairing was supposed to get Coss above 92nd, where it currently ranks with 1.7 mill vol. Go look at all the exchanges that are doing better than Coss on coinmarketcap.com.

Coinegg started out of nowhere and is in the top twenty exchanges with 72 mill daily volume. Coss is getting left behind with incompetence veiled by promises. Now "muh, fiat pairs!" just got snatched away by Deebo.

Seriously, there are 91 exchanges doing better than Coss.

>there can't be more than one company in every industry

what did he mean by this?

So? COSS is going to the first exchange to offer fiat withdrawals to credit cards only. And they will be out of beta soon even though they launched before Binance. Binance bois BTFO

coss pays in eth and erc-20's. Binance uses BNB appreciation

I don't hold Coss or BNB. I'm trying to clean up /biz a little. There are constantly three or four threads on the catalog talking about Coss dividends, when there is 1.7 mill volume. So, I'm telling you the hard truth, in the hopes that you'll stop littering the catalog with Coss threads.

It's a shit exchange. There are 91 exchanges doing better than Coss. Many doing much better in less time than Coss. Now, some of the big dogs are adding Fiat pairs.

Nobody said only one exchange can do it. But when Coss is competing on a level playing field, and doesn't have any particular competitive advantage - when plenty of exchanges offer fiat pairs- then it ranks in around 91st.

It can share 50% of fees with Coss holders all it wants. What about everyone who isn't a Coss holder? Why are they going to use a shit exchange, when they can purchase alts directly from Binance or Bittrex? When everything is equal, Coss is 91st.

Think about that. And maybe the incessant threads about an investment that is so clearly a loser will come to an end.

Actually, if we factor out the Coss token itself, then the exchange has about .5 mill daily volume, which ranks it in the 110-120 range. Pretty much bottom-of-the-barrel, dead last range.

Binance has gotten too selective on its tokens. Coss can be fiat to shitcoin and succeed this way

>There are 91 exchanges doing better than Coss
They haven't even officially released or started advertising
>What about everyone who isn't a Coss holder?
What about everyone who isn't a KuCoin holder? Why are non-KuCoin holders using KuCoin?
Brainlets like you need to go back to r*ddit

minus that volume by the coss token....kek

COSS has literally the most pathetic shills. I feel violated just by visiting this pajeet thread. I hope you all shills die in fire. Fucking scum.

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The main features aren't even released on COSS
If you think it's not entering the top 30 exchanges by the end of Q2 you're deluding yourself

Has COSS ever done a coin burn?
Will they ever do a coin burn?
Does Rune even know what a coin burn is?

> I don't hold Coss or BNB. I'm trying to clean up /biz a little.
Yeah, and I'm an Albanian hummingbird with a 14 ft cock. I hope you miss the buy-in window on your FUD campaign.

and it was 1,8 yesterday

People using KuCoin because it is fucking usuable and offers a good experiment.
Can you tell me nigger which exchange doesnt offer that?

Volume is going to spike up tomorrow.

>Why are they going to use a shit exchange, when they can purchase alts directly from Binance or Bittrex? When everything is equal, Coss is 91st.
Same reason why there are more exchanges than coinbase m8

>Anyone remember the day CossWhale said something major is supposed to happen with this coin? I think the 25th?

That was back when Fiat was going to be the last week of March, now it is the first week of April.

I know there will definitely be some major growth of the exchange in the next 2-3 weeks. But don't expect a moon to $3 again imo.

1$ 1,5$ EOY 18
2$ 2,5$ EOY 19

More like 5$ EOY

There is really no way to predict at this stage.

If you told me 16 months ago that Binance would now be one of the largest exchanges, I would have laughed at you because the entire site was trash and totally broken at that point.

I doubled my stack during this downturn, both from trading and buying in low.

Now I'm strapping in, stopping day trading, and enjoying the ride.

Everyone knows there's huge news coming. You'd have to be a fucking moron to be holding random shitcoins with no real world actual application or value to anyone when everything about holding COSS is practical and makes sense. It's more like traditional investing in a company than it is hoping that other people think they can also profit off pnd's.

It's Singapor's literal only exchange
I'm feeling bullish on it
Whatever comes out of it. It hit 4$ ath it can do it again and above.

They just have to stop being retarded with their deadlines and shitty romanian devs

Once they'll get out the trading promo and some improvements we'll be around 1 to 2$ no more. 5$ would give +300m of market cap which is not likely for COSS this year and rune is not even sure to get the Fiat if you read the last medium. They still waiting on government approvals, which means a processing time of 1 week to 1 year.

You could tell that Binance would go that far with their seriousness, that move from China to Japan was clever. They used their first mover position wisely.