Iolite + link = dream team

I never try to help you autists, so please hear me out on this -- as a thank you to link marines who shilled me on LINK, I seriously recommend you check out iOlite, very under the radar rn.

iOlite has a teachable engine which can learn to translate any natural or formal languages into programming ones. Initially they are going to be releasing English->Solidity translations for smart contract writing, so that's a huge plus as they are grabbing a lot of attention and building adoption very early on by filling a massive demand.

>Solid+transparent dev team and community that answers questions in minutes or less
>Platform is free to use and open-source, will have a SC market where completed smart contracts could have a fixed cost determined by its author
>Has its own Ethereum forked blockchain
>Total supply = 1,000,000,000 like LINK
>Modest hard cap at $12.5M

There are some pretty interesting similarities w/ chain link too. There will be a similar pseudo-scarcity model through locked tokens used to essentially 'vote' on new contributions/terms to be approved in their engine library for different languages, which rewards those 'promoters' with a royalty based on PoS rules. Developers/contributors will receive fees every time their code is executed in a SC (similar to the royalty thing). These expenses are all paid through mining rewards which is what enables the platform to be free

Chain Link provides secure digital nervous system for data feeds between blockchains and off-chain resources-- iOlite delivers interoperability power through translations. Combined, they form a seamless programmable communication protocol for every device or machine, virtual and physical. Off-chain or on-chain. Dunno about you but this sounds like a match made in heaven.

Their public presale just started and there's like 2-3 days left iirc. their site is and you can read the whitepaper here for more in depth look at the tech

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np. i just wanna try and redpill u guys while there are still bonuses for the public sale, and you dont need to pool like most of us were forced to do for link. also there is a free airdrop of 100 iLT i think just by registering, so def take advantage.

you guys really just gonna sleep on this? im genuinely trying to save you retards from poverty for once. at least I can say I tried

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my link trade history or in general?
Which are you referring to?

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Sounds good though.

Don't forget this exact pasta was used for and we all know how that worked out for the autists who thought brocoli needed blockchain.

yeah man I understand, usually there's fucking cancer on this board, but I have no motivation to shitpost online just in general. i never post on here but I just wanted to get this project on people's radars. i've been following it for a couple weeks and know quite a lot bout it, so I'm happy to have a discussion or answer questions/doubts abt it, cause I really do think this is a great pair for link. i definitely dont think it will be one of those cryptos that succeeds on its own necessarily. it's somehing that syngergizes and gains additional momentum the more connections you draw w other 3rd layer solutions especially, big one being link

I hear you brother.

If you're genuine thanks for being so.

I personally don't do ICO's for obvious reasons (I wait until a little volume is there for safety) but thank you, I will look out for Iolite.

Well you do get free 100 iolite. Thanks user

understandable, like i told the other guy, u can sign up on for their free airdrop of 100 iLT if you have any doubts, no risk there
see my above msg

Do they have any competition or is this a unique project?
Do they have any examples of how creating a smart contract would actually look like in practice?
How far are they along in development? Is there a working product? Is there a roadmap?

Shiiiiity its an ico. Will have to wait till it hits an exchange.

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>Do they have any competition or is this a unique project?
Totally unique, other ICOs like BlockCAT, Matrix, etc. are taking very misguided approaches to NLP smart contract writing. And iOlite is also much further reaching in its scope as it has a trainable engine which can translate or naturalize any formal languages into spoken langs, and vice versa. Very future proof, could appeal to a lot of academics for things as wild as converting raw genetic data into English or other code used for IoT data streams.
>Do they have any examples of how creating a smart contract would actually look like in practice?
iOlite developers will work with IDE plugins, each iolite plugin is including iolite node.
>How far are they along in development? Is there a working product? Is there a roadmap?
baseline English-> solidity translation expected by may 7th, high usability translations by sep 2th (of this year)

Proof of concept is testable already , testnet is currently private but active, mainnet expected to launch 4 days after their TGE.
low effort, but u can at least get free 100 iLT registering on their website

How will their token gain value according to you?
Where does it come in?
How much did you invest?

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Imo it will gain value because of its virtue of being a futureproof onestop shop for smart contracts, and other interoperability needs for chain-to-chain/chain-to-offchain communication (why I think its perfect match for link). Adoption will play the biggest role, but then also like I said there will be a token locking mechanism which is used for voting, effectively reducing circulation (iLT is a currency used exclusively on the platform). I invested about 1K as I'm not very wealthy atm to just dump everything into one project, but it was a great deal as I got in during the private presale in a pool when the bonus was 50%

I haven't had a full look at the project and I might when it hits exhanges for the hype potential.
But honestly, do not trust any company like MAN that claims they will have an English-to-programming_language converter. Nobody has the training data to do that (esp. not with a language like Solidity) with machine learning, and even if they did the result would most likely never compile out of the box. NLP isn't that good, we can only do basic tasks like NER with 90% accuracy and people all afound the world have been working on it for years.
The smart contract template market place is the only good idea about all this.
t. PhD in computational linguistics

Yeah don't worry I feel you, that's what makes this project stand out from 'competitors', it's not trying to use AI and machine learning shit -- because that's not safe. It is using lambda DCS and other infrastructure essentially creating 'machine *training*'. Hence the engine is *taught* vocabulary, and learns more based on correct assumptions of usage (which is informed by the user). Out of the gate, they are merely providing a service to supply documents of intention. If you are a serious business, you will want your SC written in English to be audited by a solidity dev anyway. But responsible companies already do this auditing. It simply reduces costs vastly, and thru virtue of its ABI and the fact that SCs are stored in its blockchain, there is *legal proof* in the form of meta-data of the written contract, something yu cant get on ethereum alone

OP here again from my phone, pretty sure someone of your background is familiar with this then?

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Signed up for airdrop at least

Why can't eth do this again? Why do we need a token for everything

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>Why do we need a token for everything
see #4 of

"A smart contract is an innovated idea, ..."

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how do i get airdrop

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You would be hard pressed to fit more memes into less space. And now a shill post with the first reply saying "Thanks OP, what a hidden gem! Bought 100k!"
Anyone that throws money at this shit deserves everything they get.

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see thru virtue of its ABI and the fact that SCs are stored in its blockchain, there is *legal proof* in the form of meta-data of the smart contract in the language it was written, so like english -- there would be proof of, the contract's intent which could be used in a court of law. thats something you cant get on ethereum at all

btw might have misread earlier, but it's a TGE not an ICO, there is no KYC for contributions under $5k if that helps u
their team only has like 2-3 native english speakers, the others are mostly russian speaking, id say at least hit up their telegram if u have doubts. whitepaper has some bad english too but they said they won't change it due to transparency reasons. not a scam if you ask me just register there n u get it automatically

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to be fair they probably didnt write that themselves.. and it's from cryptocompare, ofc they are gonna appeal to brainlet normies who just want to throw money at a good idea without having to read a textbook of info. if u have mental capacity to read the whitepaper and turn off ur autism, you will see clearly that the platform sells itself, no shilling required bro. it will take off w/ or w/o us, which is why im trying to get u guys in early. ur call

This should give you a good idea of where we stand in terms of Natural Language to Machine Language translation. It's limited to very specific, limited cases.
The type of interactive learning they set up is interesting but I'm a bit skeptical about its application for something as complex as contracts. Will definitely look deeper into the project though.

yep. the whole idea is to train the engine to learn acceptable use cases for words, while also being flexible to parse out-of-order terms the same way if it was grammatically correct, as I'm sure you know. the core language is inevitable initially, as you need to extrapolate it into higher-order definitions. But the cool part is that developers will get their payout address signed into the block which their structure gets stored into on iolite's blockchain, receiving fees from mining rewards every time their code is used. they are gonna be developing AI-based PoW algorithms in phase 2 of the project. but like i said, you're right to be skeptical about application to smart contracts, but they are completely transparent in that these documents generated will be documents of intention, and important contracts should be audited. the idea of course which u can derive, is that in the long term, as the engine learns, the accuracy and safety becomes exponentially stronger. so it wouldnt be unreasonable for the average normie to write a SC to transfer a deed to their house, without needing an auditor. they have different colour-codes that will b displayed in the IDE for library terms denoting if a structure is in the staging process or is verified. verified structures are manually approved into the codebase by foundation members (which anyone can become if their skill is eligible and pass KYC n all that shit). cool thing is that verified structures replace and supervene any other code that is used for achieving the same goal -- so if you perfect a definition, u gain privilege of it being the best + only solution for a particular purpose, giving you way more fee rewards. im glad I reached at least one intelligent person w this project, it was enticing to me purely for academic reasons, i couldnt give a shit about writing contracts myself desu

Interested desu

yeah, i figured when i saw the partnership link made w/ zeppelin_os, iolite would complete the circle. so i made sure to send link to redpill one of the devs on their telegram. i would not put so much effort to shill this shit if i wasnt 100% confident in the project/prepared to bootstrap them

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OK I'm back at home and reading this a bit more. Thanks for the effortposting. I think the problem I'm having is not understanding or being familiar with the tech enough to make a judgment.

ICO price + bonus is damn good too

the whitepaper does have a bit of broken english to be fair, and they have much more potential than advertised. makes sense though as there is a immediate demand for smart contract shit. here's a consise diagram of how the engine works basically. in a lot of senses it is a kind of intellectual labour market

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will let the thread die but dump a few more infographics and resources if there aren't any more questions or interest, if ur lurking,at least grab the free iLT airdrop and thank me later.

Attached: (574x440, 53K) pretty interesting article that goes into how link and iolite could benefit from ea other (main reason I decided to make this post)

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Thanks bud, will look into it

aaand last one. gonna let this die now if everyone else sleepin on this. u snooze u lose

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Well, time for bed. Enjoy the cube meme at least

checked this and am impressed. bought some.

I checked the whitepaper and the POC and I'm kind of skeptical.
Their POC is basically just an application of the Stanford paper you linked to but there's no concrete explanation about how that is concretely going to be applied to the smart contract problem.
And the team has no one with the qualifications to make me think they could pull it off. Their 2 devs come from embedded programming, which is very respectable, but isn't quite the same beast as NLP.
I've signed up for the airdrop but I don't think I'll be putting any of my money on this. Thanks for the info though OP

that israeli based team tho

it does sound ambitious, but they are really just simply amalgamating existing resources such as the stanford research, with blockchain. It's not like they've invented something brand new. They are more so taking advantage of already working tech. They will be publishing the code to github when they have full nodes, for security reasons, and it should be public before the sale ends. The devs are also available to chat with every now and then in the Telegram if you'd like to speak w them one on one or something, they are really friendly people

Also it should be import to mention that both devs have strong background in blockchain, especially Vlad with Solidity. Like I said, they are utilizing existing infrastructure, so the real benefit this has is that iOlite is community driven, thus why contributors play a big role and are compensated with use fees paid in mining rewards. The devs wouldn't even really need to know as much as they do now for it to succeed