Discussion on short term pump potential

I moved out of REQ months ago but am thinking this may unironically be one of the better trades this week. Mainnet will be released alongside a "significant" partnership. Down 80% from ATH and price has yet to move in anticipation. Seems like a very easy double if BTC can remain dormant, or better yet pump. My only qualm is if the partnership turns out to be underwhelming. Perhaps some no name corporation. That would serve as an indicator of this projects legitimacy, or lack thereof. Thoughts?

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Partnership is probably LINK.

They have already announced partnership with LINK.

This is almost certainly going to be with a non crypto company

Then it is Coinbase for Coinbase payments thing and we're in for a god damn ride.

Jesus Christ user, if it's actually Coinbase we're looking to a fucking Andromeda pump.

Would be a ride straight to $5.

I still think this is true. Might not be announced this time around but imo will be in the future. Makes too much sense

Take my dubs for truth

No they havent

Could be whit a Y-Combinator company.

The networking is huge between them.

This is why Request could 1 day partner whit Airbnb/ Uber/ Reddit.

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I think so too. If so it will be a ride to $5-10

>Both coinbase and req are backed by ycombinator.
>Coinbase has said they were implementing erc20 tokens.
>Reqs Twitter account followed the CEO of coinbase, Brian Armstrong back in December 17 during the bullrun.

Redbox too

It's confirmed that it's a non-crypto company and the connection is made through YCombinator.

I'm hoping for AirBnB/Coinbase/Dropbox/Reddit

But more realistically it's going to be an accounting firm that YCombinator incubated.

In the worst case it turns out to be a crypto company that is also a member of YCombinator but I don't think there are any YCombinator crypto companies left that aren't partnered with REQ already.

>inb4 Amazon

nah probably 75 cents then like down to 50 then up again.

You say it like it's a bad thing.


Just got a little stack yesterday and am already seeing profits. This is going to pump hard this week. And then dump like always

Req isn't for public accounting. Why do people keep suggesting this? It's to be used in private accounting for Fortune 500 companies..

it's a platform m8
it can be used for any monetary thing you can build on it

It's for both. They specify this in the whitepaper as "NGO accounting/auditing". It's meant to be public accounting for Charities and non-profits to make it easier to show their monetary flow for the sake of transparency. While at the same time saving them money on the accounting front due to automation.

What would airbnb or reddit do with this

Reddit could use the accounting and have the option to buy reddit gold as well as the advertisers on reddit could pay with REQ.

Same with AirBnB. they will add a "Pay with Request Network" button on their site to give the option to their customers to pay with crypto.

Maybe. medium.com/airbnb-engineering/scaling-airbnbs-payment-platform-43ebfc99b324

I should say that I don't think the partnership will happen. Just that that would be the best case scenario as the YCombinator link is there.

Most likely is some sort of accounting/auditing firm with YCombinator links.