WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK???????????????

WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK???????????????

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>he bought the bulltrap

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It's happening for real !
Sell sell sell !!!

Fuck this shit

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Looks completely natural to me

Textbook simpson pattern




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Also the "mean" which we returned to is 8K. There it will stay indefinitely.

It touched 9000 again so people sold to cash in.

All in

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if 8.6 fail next 8.4

>tfw opened long at the exact top
>tfw gonna close it now at the absolute bottom

enjoy the bullrun fellow Veeky Forumstards

Is it over?

daily reminder

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YEp, obvious bart formations

It’s going up again.

I don’t even give a fuck anymore.


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>vertical pump
>sideways for awhile
>vertical dump

this is all market manipulation kek

when does the death cross happen ?

Did people actually sell because of this

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Sold at $8910, have a buy open at $8500, pretty sure it will hit sometime in the next couple days.

I have a token I was bidden to show thee

I know I did
Once that hits the exchanges, kaboom

retard, its just the winklevoss twins sending king shitcoin to Bittrex to buy up cheap alts, same as it ever was

Big if true

you think that's the Mt.Gox wallet don't you

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Whos wallet is this?

unironically just about to quit this shit

been in since 2016, but this is just getting dumb now

cant go up 5% without crashing down 10% afterwards

did you skip december and january?

Sweeping margins traders out between last night and today, we /forex/ now

shut up newfag

btc has never behaved like this before, its because of the fucking futures market and wallstreet shitters

everyone is long squeezing and shorting the shit out of it now

Fuck off you larping faggot. If you were in since 2016 and seen what it came from on the rise to 19k you would be comfortable as hell right now. Patience is a virtue but your neet bucks won't matter to the market anyways so you might as well just sell

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BTC: $8658
y-you think thats
BTC: $8520
BTC: $7244
Mt. Gox wallet
BTC: $4700
d-dont you
BTC: $25

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looks like the wtc ehehehe

Why are people so desperate for another bull run?
You have to let the market regenerate.
Think about a year or two from now.

>calling people newfags when obviously new
>thinks the market is predictable
>reddit spacing
You need to go back

yes it is different now but everyone who has been here for at least a full year will say that the same shit happens every time after december.

1st elliot wave after leaving wedge to 14k

buy this last dip

screencap this


Anyone else /short the top/ here?

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meant to reply to

Death cross is 600 dollars away right now. So it'll happen in 3-4 days if trend continues

long / short squeezing

wallstreeters taking away people's buttcorns

go back to your subreddit

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Thats Mt Gox


reddit spacing is a fucking meme you fag

>x10 lev

heh, beta.

jk good job




Sounds like you should know how to make an easy 5% on your money bro

Who is it then. Google it retard. We're about to get dumped on. Few more confirmations, then last one out turn off the lights. I hate it too, so dont hate me for discussing it.

Couldn't this just be an exchange going from cold to hot or vice versa?

I'm only concerned about how low it's going to go, or if it's going to stay sideways around 8k+-2k

Does this mean the alts will get anal devestation any moment now?

I thought there wasn't a single Gox wallet

scroll down...we fucked bro. T-up

What a shit site. We know for a fact there's been at least 2 dumps, yet none is listed on that site

You are very deluded if this is going to recover soon. Nobody with a little intelligence will now invest their money in crypto, a place full of shitcoins and projects without a solid roadmap

What do you mean?

Well since 2016 you never experienced a bear market. The fun just starts. You newfags are in for a treat.

before the next sizable drop. dont worry though bottom is soon

>We know for a fact there's been at least 2 dumps
How do we know this beyond anecdotal?

It's what the Trustee has claimed. Doubt he'd say it just to fuck with us.

The site i linked was set up AFTER those sells retard

This shit crayy nigga its holding up at 8640 right now. Are we gonna smash down to the 8500s?

this. i went long on 7k and i dont care

Desperate? Bullrun is fated to happen. We are just in a 3 months long bear trap.

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Denial phase confirmed

Can we post more positive green wojacks?

Comfy energy for the market bull run anons.

We're bear until 2020 nigga

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>there are people that actually believe this
Look at what happened the last several times BTC crashed. This isn't recovering until about 2025.

Asked to pay for my meal with bitcoin, got called a faggot and told to leave the eshtablishment

I've been loving it, made $10k this month just range trading bitcoin.

No, 2020.

>simpson pattern

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>In March 2018, the trustee Kobayashi said that enough BTC has been sold to cover the claims of creditors
We will have to believe


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It gets slower as the market cap gets bigger. It's going to be 2025 at the earliest.


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>there will be two block reward halvings with no bull market

Inverse head and shoulders BRAH



inb4 death cross

inb4 google ibm who knows where big corp issuing their own blockchains and maybe down the road state shitcoins

inb4 censorship > no crypto adds (google, twitter?, ???)

already declining interest

possible 2008 scenario - look at the stock market > volatility will flee in steady assets

2018 and crypto shit is still crypto shit ... 0 use case ... 0

but fake facebook statistics about 8% of merifags owning shitcoins lol

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I'm tired of this shit so much. I knew BTC futures was the end of the crypto. You might as well invest into gold at this point.


longs liquidating

it perfectly normal in stagnant market

>0 use case
>what is money laundering
>what is political dissidents evading bank controls
>what are darknet markets?

not from a gox wallet.

>not from a gox wallet.
What a copy and paste from the other site . We know of two dumps and this site has not updated.

you couldnt liquidate an ice cube in a thermos flask

your pic related is fucking idiotic. When will people stop doing TA on a massive "is bitcoin dead" market crash caused by a massive hack?
Another thing, you could draw parabolic curves for each of the moons before 2014. Who's to say we aren't in one of those small pullbacks and a few months away from a new ATH?


That's Bittrex's cold wallet...
People are moving their BTC from Bittrex to other exchanges. Big fucking deal. Bittrex has been dead anyway.