How to succeed in an internship?

So I have a very very desireable engineering internship this summer at a 100 billion dollar company but I've never had a real job like this before so I'm nervous I'll fuck up. How do I utilize this opportunity to the fullest?

Just suck dicks and keep quiet and do whatever I'm told? Or is being outgoing and sociable a must? Idk I'm a hard worker but the company is full of intimidating giga chads and stacies I'm not sure how I will fit in.

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corporate life is a lie. at your level just befriend as many people as you can, eventually good word will get out for you and you may get some opportunities to move up the ladder

they're not nearly as intimidating once you're amongst them. Just assert your dominance and always be the wittiest and most charming guy in the room and you'll do fine.

I'm not trying to be a dick but if you have to ask then....

what industry do they do engineering for? that will tell me what you need to know

just "be yourself" user


Automotive design

how to be a good entry level worker:

show up on time
do what asked to do
if you don't know, ask
don't lie or pretend to know shit you don't

extra credit:
find someone within the company that is doing well, isn't a total shithead and is well liked. walk up to that person and say "i'm new and don't know shit, can you show me how to do good at shit like you do?"

enjoy being successful in life

Corporatefag here.
1) Be real, be sociable, introduce yourself to people.
2) Don't be a dick, be nice to everyone you meet. Talk to the janitor and shoot the shit with him.
3) Network. After you've talked with a lot of people and have developed a banter with them, asd em on LinkedIN.
4) Listen. When you are in meetings or when you are talking to others, really try and hear what they are saying. This is going to prep you for working with others in the future.
5) People that whine about shit and don't offer solutions or ideas never get promoted. Don't be one of these, see if you can pick them out.
6) People that find problems and suggest solutions outside their job duties go far. This is the opposite of whining.
7) Be humble but confident.
8) If you don't have speaking skills, join Toastmasters.

Hope that helps. These things have helped me go far in my career and often I've been promoted, leaving the whiners still whining. Being able to remain calm in stressful situations and articulate is something that will set you far ahead of your peers.

okay well at companies with this much size, the "engineering" you'll do really doesnt matter if you're looking to stand out. usually the HR department will create a profile of you. they probably already started during your interview process. whats your long term goals if you get hired with this company

All I really want is a job once I graduate, they said at the interview they usually train interns to be hired in the future and it's very selective so idk what I really need to do at this point since they basically implied I will be hired as long as I don't fuck up massively

Also, don't worry about Chads and Stacies, their bark is usually worse than their bite. They may be in positions of power, but you can get there just as easily by being nice and being clever. Chads and Stacies work best in sales and marketing. If you have them in engineering, they're a bit outta element, so if you can help them solve problems you'll be worth your weight in gold. You will need to know how to work with them as they will put pressure on your department, but the thing is, if you are open and can offer them even just a little bit of help they'll love you forever. I worked in a huge marketing company, and sales was constantly over or under selling our customers. My job was to liason between our ad services (basically engineers) and sales/customer care. Even if I could not change the fact they undersold a customer, a quick phone call and check in with an explanation went a long way.

be positive and endearing

The corporate working world has a way of making you suppress your true personality and conforming to the ideal “working professional”. Imagine having to sing the company’s theme song with everyone at the monthly all-hands. It’s lame and you feel like a fag for singing it, but if you don’t sing someone will notice. This happens. If you deviate from normality, you’ll have a tough time.

Just be real, and be willing to help out. With internships they know you are gonna be green, but just show up, be sociable, and be ready to learn. That's what you're there for. That random guy in the caffeteria waiting for the coffee machine? Chat him up, introduce yourself, ask what he does. Talk to him like he's a guy you just met at a college party and you're genuinely curious about what he's studying.

This does happen, but it helps to actually give a shit a little bit. Otherwise you're a whiner. Otherwise "my job is replacable because this company sucks."

Many truths here.

well if you want to make the most of this opportunity, you should try and have a profile built of you that they classify as a high potential employee. this means being a quick learner, ask a lot of questions(seriously no question is a stupid one), being sociable (read how to win friends and influence), be forward thinking and bring new ideas to the table. if there is a presentation at the end to management this is the time to show off your confidence when they ask you questions and show you are a strong presenter. do all this and fo sho you'll have the job and probably be put on a fast track to upper management

Another thing here with presenting, it's fine to say "I'm not sure, but let me find out and get back to you." Often you won't know the answer. Doing this shows them you are willing to admit you don't know, and that you will make the effort to learn. Just make sure you follow up.

I agree with your advice. Be sociable, work hard, SHOW UP ON TIME EVERY DAY, and keep a positive attitude. Just be ready for humiliating and cringy stuff in the corporate world, and be comfortable with the idea of suppressing parts of your personality. And never underestimate the sharks in your office.

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20 year consultant engineer here.

Learn everyones name! And by this, go out of your way to know everyones name - finance, front desk admin, dude that waters the plants, coffee guy, fucking everyone. 2 years of this and everyone will think you are god mode walking the building as people refer to you by name and wave instead of "hello... you"
Be friendly, say hello to people by name and they in turn will know your name.

Do not have problems, have solutions

Keep your personal shit at home, your manager does not want any of that shit AT ALL. This is a problem, they want solutions.

Also, the bulk of engineers don't want to fucking be there.. they are just phoning it in. It is easy to look good if you make a tiny bit of effort.

Also if you are going to shoot someone down (senior engineer +) with some new learning from university, do it 1 on 1 first. Good chance you are not right. And phrase it as a humble person seeking guidance from a genius - they love of a good ego stroking. Then in time destroy them

Hmm one other thing about names. Any conversations you have with people, remember the thing that gets them talking - their passion.
And don't be a fucking engineer and ask "So what are you passionate about".

Hobbies /family /sport. Ask what they are doing on the weekend?

Important note, don't overdo this - else people will remember your name as the fucker that is always not at their desk and is instead talking to people. Get a drink bottle, fill it, talk to people.