Paid fud

so we can all agree that 99% of the threads on here are from the antifa equivalent for financial markets.. hired goons paid to influence crypto prices to prevent poor people escaping poverty

will they win? where else can people discuss opportunities? how do you spot a good tip in a haystack full of paid fud?

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>antifa equivalent
fucking lol'd

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Are goats bearish or bullish?

No, most people are here for the the lols

Pretty sure pajeets on here just FUD every coin they don't own. They'll shill a coin with all their energy, but as soon as they sell, they turn around and FUD it into the ground.

what would be the point of that, I find it's more fun to fud coins you own

can i have some examples of lols please

i see 10 pages of "lol bitcoin/whatever alt is never going above x price again!!!11 coincucks btfo!!!!1"

goats dont obey the binary pantomime, they see both sides for what they are, two flavours of the same bullshit

Holy shit that last "bcash" thread with link to a fresh youtube account of some Adam Back minion and then that thread full of paid BlockStream shills..

Their horns come in so many shapes and sizes.. amazing. They are the real masters of the charts.

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yeah the bcash fud is what gave it away.. mention bitcoin cash on here and the horde arrives with idiocy

Are you a shill OP?

can you see any way that anyone might benefit and thus pay for the service of someone posting about the absolute state of shilling on Veeky Forums ?

You could be shilling other things.

like what


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Probably true. P&D groups, troll farms. Actual users are checking Veeky Forums with less frequency.

same shit on pol

Yeah, it's tedious as fuck. Not a raid by another board or anything - obvious normies are obvious.

There's other places we don't mention here anymore. Hopefully the same for cryptos eventually.

That goat is cute. I want to be his friend.