OH NONONONONONO *breathes in*

OH NONONONONONO *breathes in*

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Stocks need a catalyst to crash on 08 levels. A trade war with China could do the trick, but investors had over a year to price that in with Trump's election, and they obviously saw the future Republican tax cuts as an offsetting force. If tax cuts blew the bubble, tariffs will pop it and reign us back in line with the mean. But a full market crash and recession requires a herculean and unexpected force.

I hope it crashes so granpas will invest in grybdo

Normally I would agree with you, but since where atm at ATH with very unstable world politics. I think it will crash hard when a few start selling.

Picture related
Consumer confidence index (CCI)

It is nearly his ATH of the last 30 years. Even if the market doesn't crashed now it will be fast

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Market crash = crypto crash. There's no reason to believe that investors getting JUSTed by relatively safe and non-volatile stock and bond markets will flood to the unregulated and extremely volatile crypto markets.

I agree that markets will eventually tank, but the reason isn't "because they're doing TOO well." Even if a sell-off happened, it'd be corrected with a massive buy-in because there would be no dire news justifying the sell-off. 3 large banks go ass up back to back is dire news. A trade war 3 years in the making is business as usual.

Why not? If they sell now before it crashes and goo all in into crypto they can make it, this is obviously crashing just like bitcoin

Honestly, the example of a boomer wave controlling the markets is silly since 80% of money in the markets is institutional money, which has still largely eluded crypto.

Market closes Fri w/ -1100 points. Give people time over weekend to stare at this average equity performance facing a cliff.

Not enough room in interest rates to save this one. And China is pushing back on tariffs with tariffs.

Shits gonna go ham on Monday. RIP to dip buyers.

Hoping you're wrong on this one. My personal bet is crypto will be seen as a hedge against the equities market. Historical evidence suggests that the crypto market is not tied to the performance of traditional ones.

Speculative money wants to speculate, so it makes sense to buy into an oversold asset rather than continue on in an overbought one. Combine this with the bullish sentiment of the SEC and G20, and the efforts to provide fiat liquidity to the markets with numerous new projects, could be the bull run of your lifetime.

There is no historical evidence for how a recessionary market impacts the cryptospace. Theoretically, a dying stock market should make for a burgeoning bond and real estate market. But in 2008, everything tumbled together, because global investment confidence was shattered.

Put yourself in an institutional investor's shoes, and nevermind the fact that your firm likely has zero clearance to invest heavily in crypto: if stocks, real estate, and bonds -- 3 of the most liquid markets -- are all tanking, do you put money into a loosely regulated, barely liquid, and extremely volatile space? It's just illogical.

That said, if the recession and crash is big enough and confidence in fiat itself crumbles, you WILL see the bull run of a life time. Perhaps after the next market crash, investors will see crypto as a logical way of staving off inflation. Personally, I predict that crypto will eventually bubble up to the point of causing a recession on 08 levels, but not for another 10-20 years.

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Makes sense. The infrastructure for institutional investment is not currently present in crypto. Which is why its so crazy to me that projects like GVT, QASH, and JNT aren't getting any love; solving the liquidity issue is central to bringing new money into the space.

What is your stance on bonds? I was thinking now would be a good time to buy up some bluechip corp. bonds to lock in higher interest rates. Or maybe just pick up fed bonds since the printing press is gonna be hot anyways.

And yeah, I think crypto is gonna be responsible for a worldwide financial disaster in the future, lol, just want to be on the right side of things when it all goes down.



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Treasuries are trash picks if you think the fed is going to be printing like crazy. A 2.8% yielding 10-year is only going to barely beat a moderate inflation rate. Corporate bonds are probably a good pick, but you'd need to check the historical Moody's Baa rating and see where that is today. Being in the markets right now doesn't appeal to me outside of corporate bonds and REITs.

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I was just thinking short term protection. Corp bank bonds probably not safe during a crash since tons went belly up in 08-09. You think real estate will be fine if equities fall off?

If you're too much of an idiot to know the difference between we're and where then I think the economy is going to be juust fine.

>But a full market crash and recession requires a herculean and unexpected force
rising interest rates and 20 trillion dollars worth of debt

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>the fed raising interest rates is going to affect their debt to other countries

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How to hedge? Land?

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the interest rates are lower than any other time in history.. to just return to historical levels would mean a 200 percent or 300 percent or fucking 500 percent increase!

you think that isnt going to affect the stock market or dollar?

the best thing we can hope for is a gradual slide down instead of a panic sell

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and if you dont get it still just imagine what will happen when the yearly interest on the loans starts approaching half a fucking trillion

Yeah, it was funnier reading posts from all those brainlets calling this graph a meme.
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would like an opinion on this too. some financial folk are calling this latest bubble the everything bubble since multiple asset classes including real estate are experiencing bubble behavior.

This guy is on the money for theory. Traditionally when stocks/equities go down, the value of bonds and real estate go up. REIT being real estate investment trust. But in 2008, the real estate market took a huge hit due to the approval of shit mortgages and hiding them in CMOs.

If you bullish on real estate, look into REITs and CMOs. CMOs are traditionally considered safe in spite of the fact that they pretty much caused the housing crash of 2008.

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