I just had to sell my entire portfolio to pay rent and bills. I might even just end it desu. FUCK!

I just had to sell my entire portfolio to pay rent and bills. I might even just end it desu. FUCK!

I managed to turn 100 usd into 2200 but just had to sell everything and I don't have much to be able to build back up ever again before the next bull run since I am poor and broke
It took me a year of reading Veeky Forums everyday and I guess I got good ROI but I will never make it now
Crypto is over for me guys

I will still keep checking occasionally and hope everything moons so you anons make it
Good luck bros

Adios anons

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what will you do for next month's rent?

It was an emergency situation
I'm a wagie but in a shit tier job with no chance of escaping it without crypto

I'd rather become homeless for a year, then return to my mansion with a pool, than to sell my crypto.

Good decision. Shows you have your priorities straight. Good luck to you in the future.

why do you accept that your job is an inescapable trap? there's ways for you to grow your skillset and move beyond where you are at now. that should be your focus, not crypto

>not living in your car

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>It was an emergency situation
For a poor fag this almost always means car problems. Like they never learn their lesson.

Kid, you are too poor for a car!

how did you manage to turn 100 into 2k?

I thought about doing this, unironically.
I was thinking about just declaring bankrupty desu. I hate my life. Wage slavery is worse than dying of cancer
Its easy said on paper to do that but put in practice is much more difficult
I am stuck wage slaving and living month to month due to bad childhood and which led to bad education which led to no college which led to no good job which led to here. I have very little ability to even save and have something to fall back on or even room to breathe to think about that
I don't have a car. I can't drive
got lucky i guess

I did exactly what you did but I sold like 30 ETH and 10 LTC in October...
>ended up homeless anyways
>suicide may be the only way to end my pain

u should cut all your expenses and i know u can cut some and invest it all in crypto thats ur only chance

>I thought about doing this, unironically.
Well you should have. If I lose my place I'll take a walk to Italy. By the time I walk back my crypto will be ok. Or I'll be poor but at least I saw Italy once.

hello fellow easter european nigger

post your zcoin address, see what happens

damn hang in there bro. sudoku isn't the answer for us desu
we just need to catch a break, a good one

no i really cant cut any expenses
if you knew how little i lived on you would be amazed
the internet is my only luxury, not even exaggerating

kek it sounds good on paper but its cold at night

sell ur tv
sell everything and put it in

pls no troll or b&

dont even have one lul


sent you 1 coin

That is 200 USD coin easy, just hold.

>can't save
>no luxuries
I don't believe you, and if you're not shitting you got to move to a place with better possibilities.
You better not be one of those faggots that lives in a house where the rent takes up most of their salary instead of living with roommates.

get rekt nigger

you cannot even image it confy momy boy

damn thats 38 bucks
godspeed to you, thanks
i am still going to try get back in crypto just might miss the next run
well its the reality
no offense but americans cant even begin to understand because the standard of living for you is so much higher
it really is as i said user

you are very lucky

>no offense but americans cant even begin to understand because the standard of living for you is so much higher
I'm not american. How much is your rent and how big is it?
And if you're european can't you move elsewhere?

well i meant western area but 80% of my income goes on rent and the rest on food and internet, i eat cheap
moving is probably the best chance,but i need money to even do that and to move
so maybe if crypto moons i can leave a small amount in and turn it into enough to move elswhere and build from that

>80% of my income goes on rent
If you don't live with roommates you're literally retarded

i live in a house with 6 other people
i share bathroom, shower, kitchen
you are lucky, but compared to starvin african i am lucky because i have water and food

Same for me. I've been planning a really long walk for of my life ever goes to shit. I'll leave my pittance of crypto alone and see how it is after a couple years.

There's got to be a catch. Are you employed illegally or something? Working part time?

none i just have shit job
as i say you dont know how lucky you have it
people in us think i must be spending too much or w.e. but reality is i am living on bare minimum and still struggle
this is life
i am going to try get an online job for crypto

I don't think you're spending too much, but there's got to be a better way for you. If everyone around you is struggling then move elsewhere, take a small loan to move and pro tip don't return it. You might be dead broke but I know there's plenty of bank jews thinking they can get fat interest from you even on the mere basis that you have a job.

funny thing is, if you where free, free not be in a society, you will be able to produce for yourself and for 10 children.

Remember, all what you are going trough is because of the state. Crypto is not easy or free money. Crypto is a tool, to make commerce possible without state taxation.

Even with the shiniest job, you still would have made +60%.

Why would you even bother investing with so little capital. Even with jackpot winning gains, you still get almost nothing back.

You should forget about investing in crypto, and start investing in yourself. Get some real in-demand skills so that you can get higher pay. Even a $20k pay bump would probably be massive for you.

mturk.com hitworthturkingfor on reddit. mturkcrowd.com read guides and look up mturk scripts to use like panda crazy and mturksuite.

Make okay side money or if you get good, make 100 a day or more.

i know desu
we're all slaves to them but we what can we do?

like i already said its easier said than done, you dont understand because you live with high standard of living to begin with
thanks for this user

>waah you're all spoiled americans REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
fucking hell

IF you would really end it you wouldn’t have paid rent. You can squat for 6 months before lawful eviction larping retard.

not relly but just pointing out truth
its true you dont understand it thats why ur advice is something that only another american could do
>just do X dude!
>Sell your 6 thousand dollar PC set up
>Just sell your car
>Sell your iPhone bro
>Sell your 10k worth of shoes bro
>Sell your 10k worth of anime figurines bro
You dont know what it is to have nothing

I'm not going to end it, just exxagerating...not yet anyway. but i am fuckd

Your a bullshit lying sack of shit I worked restaurants with no high school diploma worked my way up to supervisor got screwed twice each time I made it said fuck it got into trade work now making over 100k. Your in that position because you want to be there don’t give this faggot anything

You're an american arent you? read the thread ignorant fool
If you lived in my country you wouldnt last one week

holy sieet one of the best larp ive seen so far, OP just prostitute yourself and bamp! loads of cash

no larp and no that is wrong morally

you want cash or not? wtf moral has anything to do? just go fuck some cougar and bammmpp 200$

odesnt work like that user
i dont know about you but this doesnt happen
not everyone is an american ffs

also you could go on medical tests i heard they pay alot, or sell your sperm I dunno dude, there are alot of ideas...one other idea was to breed birds and sell the babies, or breed dogs and cats and stuff like that.
anotherway would be to go in a big store like IKEA and ask people to help them lift their shit upstairs for some hard cash, op it's like you're not even trying

Why didnt you ask your boss for a loan?

Take solace OP. From 2011 to 2017 a lot of people were forced to sell to pay bills, medical expenses, taxes, etc. This is why youll notice a lot of people who were able to hold on for a long time were already doing well financially, had no bills, or live with parents. Its easy to hold forever when your life is on easy mode. But take solace in the fact that many others had to do this and would have been millionaires if they didnt. Then try to get back in.

you dont even know what i do wtf you talking about

what do you do?

because this isnt something that would happen in reality wtf
maybe if you work for a big company
yup i know this already

i read enough stories of trust fund kids making millions from ethereum but the thing is they were already rich and inherited 400k to invest in the first place

its easy to hold when you dont have to worry about life stresses and eating, rent, etc

makes me mad to be honest

Dont worry and put some cash into crypto next time when u can. There are many moon shots ahead to look for bizbro

OP save up another 100 and do 10x trades on Bitmex. You can do 100 dollar orders with a risk of losing only 10 (if it hits your liquidation price, so use stop losses).

Use my ref and get $10 off fees

no i wont join this

You cant know if you dont ask
If youre not a shit worker and your boss appreciates you he will help you out
I worked at a small 10 employee pc retail store and my boss helped me out of deep shit once

What kind of dog shit country do you have to live in to be POOR while WORKING? I don't work at all and can still put at least $200-300+ of my unemployment allowance in crypto a month

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he is larping fucking begging thread, i reported him anyways

good for you
this is no begging thread retard

hey user, post me an eth address of yours and keep that one safe because I will send you some in one year from now in case I make it (its possible). Promised.

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I damn hope so mining this shit eight noe with mah 1080 TI niggggger

I would but get banned for posting it

why do you have a new id? how do I know you are op? (you can also give me your telegram handle)

Don't feel bad, I have been watching crypto since the beginning. Since 2013 I have wanted to put money into it, but I always been extremely poor. I have only managed to keep a job and be successful after years of trying to fix the problems I have.


phoneposting so ip changes but i dont know you can tell

If it makes you feel better poorfag op. Bull isn't coming this year. If it does it'll come around Nov. You'll have time to accumulate before it starts. TA fags are right this time.