I SOLD AT 8581

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This is signal for me to buy

its a signal for me to end it all

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Buy back in and just don't watch it until the end of the year. It's going to be around $22k, so you can still more than double whatever you put into it.

Or 2K.

i sold too because i got a sell signal.

don't worry, it'll dump within 24 hours

No. It's going to be about $12k in June, dip down a bit below $10k about a month or maybe a little more later, then be $22k around December.

Your algorithm must either be good at very short term trades or more likely just be complete shit, because this is the time to be accumulating.

lol what the hell why are u guys selling?

just draw a line from the last lowest low (7.2) to the last lowest low (8.2) and see exactly where it stopped?

>because this is the time to be accumulating.
yes goy, keep accumulating all the way down to 1k

i don't trust memelines. my strategy is provably profitable in the long run so i just blindly following the signals without second-guessing

meme lines are real and a sell signal at 8.6k is lmao

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>selling low is profitable in the long run

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meme lines are real in hindsight, otherwise they are just that, memelines

zoom out


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sure buddy i bet you my ass we dont fall out of here

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in that case my strategy will give me a buy signal later and i'll make twice the loss of this short.

i'm comfy either way

It's not looking good on the 1m candles guys.


Chill the fuck out. Daytrading is for the algos.

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I'll keep that in mind

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how do you guys cope with losses??

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getting fucked up and fucking whores and not forgetting about you positions

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how does sex feel?

im a virgin

like a bag of sandy pennies.

that doesn't sound pleasant at all


STOP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FUCKK THATS IT!!!!!!!!!!!!



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At least you didn't sell at 8493

you'll be rebuying pretty soon

Larp you cant be this stupid

but I can
im a newbie
and this is very emotional for me

>all this delusion
First time in YEARS ever since the bull run in 2016 started that this has been below the 5 MA line in the monthly charts have fun holding bags.

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Glad I only visit this board to laugh.

Must suck to be a retard addicted to a type of gambling that you barely understand.

I have been out of crypto for several months since the initial big drop. What's happened since then? up or down? or updownupdown?

Is it that hard OP?

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Sold at 8.4 like 6 dumps ago.

Why when every time it goes back to 9k?

I don't know 6 dumps ago everyone was saying it's go to 7. That was after like 5 dumps to 7.5 I'll buy back in after 10 more dumps to 8.4

So be honest how much do you losse right now?

in total since i started i lost 1400