Why wouldn't you take adderall every day

why wouldn't you take adderall every day

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hard as fuck to get it in Mexico, on the other side I can get very cheap weed and most antidepressants with no medical note whatsoever.

I'm prescribed 20mg/day.
I take ~10mg/day, with breaks (1 day off per week or so)
I should probably take more breaks but I work a lot.

Did it for a while. Unsustainable. Draining.

I got a prescription from my doctor, for 10mg a day.

Is there a safe less than legal way to get more?

because I don't want to chase the dragon until I'm a prescription tweaker

Its not nearly the same but I've been taking gat nitraflex everyday for about two years. I feel great. I take magnesium to balance the calcium.

why not try telling your doctor it's not enough/not as effective anymore (if you've been on that for a while). 10mg is on the lower end I'd think.

>hard to get in fucking Mexico

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Are you serious? who thefuck says it's hard to get adderal in Mexico.
Literally google pharmacy Mexico click on images and look at the lists that show all the drugs they sell at each shop. 99.9% of them sell addrrall, you must mean New Mexico as in burger land...
You can buy xanax otc in Mexico...

I take it only 2 days a week. Any more than that and it messes up my tolerance

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Because you develop a tolerance and then you're back to square one except now you have to pay for a bottle of pills

i have a friend who says taking adderall his whole childhood fucked him up for life

modafinil every fuckin day cunts

daily crash makes you suicidal
cant get sleep on it
cant eat on it
you can easily end up jerking off on it for 10+ hours or play video games

Kratom and coffee keeps me operating at a level that is functional without drawing too much attention by acting like a weird adderal tweaker

also Kratom shits are the best shits

Dexamphetamin forever lads

I used to take 30mg everyday and the daily crash would make you suicidal like another user said

I switched to concerta but it's not much better, just a little less harsh

Kratom just makes me calm as fuck. I don't ever feel more productive

Maybe try using less. The opiate-like effects are lessened when you use a lower dose and you only get the mild stimulating effects. All I know is that I drink the stuff in the morning and I'm fully awake and working at my desk comfortably 5 minutes later. I guess it doesn't so much make me more productive, but it makes the shitty stuff seem less shitty so I'm more willing to focus on my work and not get distracted or want to take breaks.

>the daily crash would make you suicidal like another user said
my favorite feature! i get to be kinda social in the morning and by the end of the day people know to stay away. they can see it in my eyeballs.

This is much different than adderall by the way, adderall makes the shitty stuff FUN. Which is 2spooky4me

I've only done it a few times but the first time I tried it I was in high school. Took it in the morning, first class went normal, second period started and I began to feel like a god. Started talking to a really hot girl next to me and we hit it off. I had never talked to her before and it was like we were best friends in 10 minutes. Shit was whack, relationship never went anywhere because I turned back into socially awkward user without the drug but damn that had to be one of the best days of my life.

Because I'm not a weak, pushover pussy. I'm a man who can deal with the world and any/all problems without medication.

I'm also more intelligent than you are and get more done sober than you do hopped-up on drugs.

Funny thing is that I only take about 3g, which form what I can find online isn't high dosage

>I'm a man who can deal with the world and any/all problems without medication.
>I'm also more intelligent than you

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Not fooling anyone

I would like to be this sort of man but its like Trump said, its easier to never do drugs at all because once you're hooked, you're hooked and its extremely hard to quit.