No rent/ mortgage

>no rent/ mortgage
>easy transport
>shows you have taste
>you can enjoy nature
>will you get women

Why haven't you taken the caravan pill Veeky Forums?

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That's a motor home not a caravan

I don't wanna be a Hermit

The price of those things even used is hitting record levels. An apartment wouldn't be much more and cheaper with roommates.

>t. Americuck

>women like a guy who lives in a fucking motorhome

I'm English

>constant breakdowns
>freezing cold/sweltering hot
>shit in a bucket
>live in walmart parking lot
>constantly accused of being pedophile kidnapper

Nah, I'll stick with my hobo jungle under the bridge thanks.

>shows you have taste
i'm actually on board with it desu

>t. virgin

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Why do they all come in that toilet paper beige and shit brown aesthetic?

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>will you get women?


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typo meant to be you will get women

you will not get women if you live in an RV my dude, you are truly delusional

holy shit I was expecting "will get you woman", abandon thread OP is a brainlet

>no rent/ mortgage
No water, heating or electricity either retard

>be me 18
>at club when 6/10 approaches
>she whispers let's go to yours
>my caravan is nearby
>she says the caravan "wow user if you weren't so cute you'd be a serial killer"
>have sex
>next morning she's not in my bed so I assume she has left
>drive 3 files before she comes out of the toilet
>she starts screaming "pull over!"
>spend 24 hours explaining to police that I wasn't trying to kidnap her

A-user are you okay?

You can only get away with this if you're a young outgoing woman, a young outgoing man or a couple. If you're a lone autismo prepare to become the local weirdo.

Aren't there public spaces to park?

most women like men. men like to be outside. strange isn't it.