Can you double your eth tonight?

Sometimes the winner is obvious, so everyone bets and the winnings are just over 1x, but other times the winnings are 6X, 8X, 10X or more!

Do ya feel lucky punk? Well do ya?

Come try it out - just three hours left, and right now, someone is at least doubling their eth tonight!

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Ok, this is literally the best PyrMex distribution of bets i’ve seen in weeks. This is a dream setup for smart money

Sooo how does this work? Say there is 10 eth in the contact. I bet 1eth that it will be 11 at the given time. So now the eth in contract is 11 eth. If at the specified time, the eth in contract is 11 or higher I make gains? If lower I loose my 1eth?

Yeah, you could bet the spread tonight and make guaranteed eth, nothing fancy, but positive expected value

This guy gets it.

If you just want to straight up gamble like this. Something like or is a better way to double up.

House edge is only 1%, and max bet allowed for a single bet is over 20 btc.

Basically the odds to double up would be 49.5%.

Hm sounds fun, might try it.

>smart money

Care to share strategic insight?

This is just ignorant. This is not a straight gambling game, it’s a futures market. The “odds” are determined not by a random number but by whether the other bettors are betting rationally.

You can literally make a guaranteed profit on PyrMex if you have good info

EthPhoenix will close up tonight, no doubt. Yet superbull has a 63x mult at this moment.

>Hm sounds fun, might try it.

total amount won and number of winners dropping consistently. spiderman would not approve

>coiners are LITERALLY just gambling now
the absolute state

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there's no house edge in this game is there? the 'fees' are paid out to all fitting participants, you can collect them, no?

>You can literally make a guaranteed profit on PyrMex if you have good info

you mean, if you have more ETH in the contract than everyone else combined. now THAT's guaranteed money.

or more ETH outside the contract than everyone else combined, tho that requires you holding over 50% of the ETH marketcap and willing to risk it on a smart contract only published as obfuscated byte code

Betting on price action. Sure, knock yourself out. I wouldn't recommend it to normal people though.

>you mean, if you have more ETH in the contract than everyone else combined. now THAT's guaranteed money.

oh actually you also need to make sure nobody transfers more money than you can pull out into the contract in the last second

They say never go full retard, but some start there.

Whether you’re one of 500 people betting on an outcome, or one of two, doesn’t affect your personal relative winnings or whether it’s better to be one of the two or one of the 500.

It’s smarter than buying most of the shitcoins people p&d on biz.


Is that what I mean? You think you’d need all that to arbitrage mispriced betting pools?

There’s no scam here. But please, make sure to show you have no idea what you’re talking about IN ALL CAPS

well, if you have more ETH than all other participants, there are no 'mispriced betting pools' for you. you can modify the amount of money pushed in/out any time you want to

facts presented clearly from publicly broadcast statistics or full retard? your call champ

4x log scaling tho

Not even close. Full retard.

Look mommy! I can cite irrelevant statistics to support non sequitor propositions!

The contract's whole point is to create volatility.

SOOOOO uninformed....

(seriously, you should just discount anything Ponzibot says, as #1, he doesn't understand math, and #2, he is a scammer, who has already scammed a couple hundred thousand dollars from those that bought in, and will get more: )

Yeah, because nobody gambles uses muh superior fiat! Las Vegas btfo!!

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Tonight is looking better and better as an opportunity. Still a 36x multi on superbull and a 20x mult on minibear (it’s only 1eth off of minibear atm)

Ok, we are done.

No on else needs bet, nor move eth, in, or out, tonight.

The pot is in a perfect place, and I am walking away at 3:1 odds!


I think multiple buyers are looking to profit off buys tonight, and one dude is maybe looking to sell a significant amount

Why do all the scam sites have "Mex" in their name?

Epic meme.