Anyone here made it and have 2 girlfriends?

Could be sweet desu, fucking two chicks that are loyal to you and lowkey competing with each other for you. The reason I ask if you've made it is because if you're wagecucking there's no way you will have enough time for 2 partners. My plan after making it would be to build up my confidence by working on hobbies with high social capital (hobbies that are cool) instead of telling anyone that I made it. With this confidence I think it would be possible to maintain a relationship with 2 women simultaneously. Thoughts (Thots)?

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what hobbies did you have in mind?

Sure, go for it. A lot chads or really not even chads will have 2 girlfriends where they just split time between two throughout the week, like meeting one that lives in a city an hr away from your city so they dont run into each other. People do it so its possible. Personally I wouldnt cause I doubt I could find two people to love me.

>competing with each other for you
Yea being in the middle of a constant catfight sounds fucking great op

i think you should stick to the plan and find yourself some washed up single mother with racemixed children to take care off

just like nature intended

that's like wanting two jobs

This is more plausible than OP's fantasies.

I can't even handle one wife, why the fuck do I want two.

I'm poor as as fuck, and I have had dozens of threesomes (the good kind, not the bad kind) and one foursome with my girlfriend and a bunch of dumb sluts, AMA.

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Haven’t made it, 0 girlfriends

Literally none of that matters if the girls weren't hot

dating multiple women at the same time is an experience every guy should have at one point in his life
women are really only happy with a guy with a true abundance mentality, who knows for a fact that if she left he could get another one the next day
dating multiple women at the same time, openly and without lying, gives you that for life

that said

its fucking exhausting
they give you twice the shit tests as a woman who knows she has you to her self
your game becomes airtight but it just takes a ton of time and energy

way better to be in a committed relationship long term with a good woman
if youre a freak have a threeway every once in a while with a woman she chooses
everyone wins that way

I'm considering a type of partner dancing (salsa, swing, etc) but would also like to pick up something more male-dominated so I don't become a pansy

it's a double-edged sword - not every man can pull off fucking two chicks at the same time, but in this scenario you could have MFF threesomes all the time. You'd also have much more social proof at parties, imagine walking in with a beautiful woman on each arm. As for time and work put in, if you're not wagecucking it's not really an issue.

Most of these other replies represent a crabs in a bucket mentality - you NEETs wouldn't be up for the challenge of taming two women to your will because you haven't even had a three sentence conversation with anyone other than your mom.

I always wanted to have more than 1 wife/gf and would love to but the social cost of that is not worth it imo. Everyone will think you are weird.
>inb4 move to a third world shithole that accepts polygamy
yeah nah I'll stick to the western world. If anything I'll just have 1 official gf and a few other secret ones.

That's real nice, and believe in your dreams and all, but did you ever have one partner to start with? Ever?

Get two sisters who are close. If you are charismatic enough they will be okay with it. My life goal is getting two sisters pregnant.

lol, one gf is trouble enough, thank you.

I've spent plenty of time seeing multiple girls casually, though, and that's fine and they like it and it keeps them very keen. My gf atm is bi and slut so we have threesomes when we fancy it, anyway.

Ah, the dream of getting murdered by a dad.

wtf I have a new fetish now

Find two sisters with no father figure?

No, I did it with fat ugly girls, you jealous dipshit. And in case you can't tell, that was sarcasm.

Interesting insight user, I like to have a little variety though.

>Everyone will think you are weird.
Where in the "western world" do you live? In the southern US I'd imagine it'd be weird but otherwise no.

Yes and I agree that shit tests are not always fun, but the fact is that freedom from wagecucking will give you REAL abundance mentality - it cannot be faked, and anything that women will throw at you will be nothing if not slightly amusing.

>In the southern US I'd imagine it'd be weird but otherwise no.
are you this out of touch? come on man. get outside sometimes. do you also think transgenders are "normal" and "accepted" in the real world?

>thinking that polygamy is as controversial as being transgender
I think you're the one who needs to learn to talk to people in real life. You might want to go get sunscreen first or you'll burn in the first few seconds of sunlight.

lmao do you ever get out of your basement?

If anything polygamy is more controversial than being transgender. Over the last few years, there has been a huge push to normalize transgender people, and this hasn't happened and likely never will for polygamists. Maybe things were different once, but that's not the case at least in North America today.

>taming two women to your will
Reading anything relationship-related on this board cracks me up, you people are so far from understanding what a healthy relationship is the best you could hope for is a trashy piece of trash.
Any girl who is O.K with the situation you described will have no self-confidence or has a damaged relationship history that led her to be as clueless as you on what sustainable behavior is.
I feel bad for you guys, you must not have ever met a physically attrative girl who is near your equal in terms of self-confidence, intellect, they do exist user if you get out of your dream world you might meet one.

do dance and martial arts. They will play off one another. Increased body control will carry over. By martial arts I mean a grappling and a striking art.

>Over the last few years, there has been a huge push to normalize transgender people
Why do you think that happened? Because people who identified as transgender were being targeted. How many articles about polygamous couples being publicly harassed or humiliated and thus deserving protection and justice do you see? I suppose you may be interpreting it differently. But where I live people don't give a fuck. That's why I asked where the other user lived but he didn't answer and decided to show everyone that he's a brainlet.

it's a figure of speech dude, quit sperging. Men are almost always wear the pants in hetero relationships, did you know that?

Excellent suggestion user, thank you. Do you practice a martial art?

>I 'wear the pants' in the relationship
Enjoy Stacey, you are obviously not ready for a mature, self-respecting life parter.

ah, I just read the rest of your first post. You're a woman I've triggered, aren't you?
Tits or GTFO