So If chainlink is the biggest thing why isn't reddit buying the shit out of it?

So If chainlink is the biggest thing why isn't reddit buying the shit out of it?

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This place is nothing but bots and trolls.

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they are buying nano because le fortnite streamer ninja accepts it as donations

they're not as autistic as Veeky Forums

Economic revolutions take time before they blow up. Soon they will fomo in

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Because it is fucking biz meme and no one else gives a shit about it. I can't tell if it is one whale that keeps posting about it or a collective group of autists that think it is funny and are running it into the ground like they do all memes or they think it will make them rich. I never even see mention of LINK anywhere else.


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Hit a low last week, gotta unload bags before it gets back down now that BTC is shitting the bed

The fuck does Reddit even like?


because normies buying Stellar, nobody cares about chink link.


Most of Reddit still believes that the future of crypto is replacing traditional currencies. That's why their favorite coins are nano and xrp.

Assblaster had it right, and also talked about Link being kept quiet. Singularity will be upon us soon.

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too accurate

Posts like this get me so hard, but in all reality LINK will top out at $10, which is fucking great because I'll have a six figure portfolio finally.
>I'm still wagecucking, I have no retirement delusions

Freaky things happening here

Because it isn't the biggest thing
it's the next biggest thing
besides my dick while typing this

Because it's a shitcoin being shilled by idiots

It's the 2018 Ether

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I don't get why Veeky Forums hasn't made an effort to evangelize their stinky Linky to the outside world yet.

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Kek. No. As a boars We are dumb as fuck. Some anons have the autism level so over 9000
That they can actually find out which projects have any future in crypto as well as other areas. The only thing we got going on is that we can filter shill threads from legit autism research.
Plebbit and Facebook don't have the stomach to endure the endless lolis, Brap threads and general shitposting. Even when you spoonfeed them they don't get it.

I'm confident LINK will go interstellar, but I think it will take place in 2019/2020.

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Why so sad? More time to accumulate for the trip to andromeda.