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How many Confirmations until these 7,000 BTC hit the Bitterex exchange and market sell?

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Here we go

If No one wants to buy that shit coin does it just keep dropping until they are bought


What w-will happen?

I need to t-tether?

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47 confirmations. Usually how many confirmations will it take to get these BTC to Bitterex?

k-keep me posted

inb4 he uses it all to buy tron

>selling 7000 bitcoin on Bittrex
who's the idiot that even thinks it's a good idea? their btc/usdt market has NO liquidity to even support a fraction of that

holy fuck, its true

Load your shorts Buddy Boy. We are heading down.

Crash incoming

Are we sure these are from Mt Gox?


bittrex cold wallet.

The gdax volume for the past 24hrs has only been 11,624.

7000 is going to dump everything so hard.

any truth to this?

The Bitterex volume on bitcoin looks to be less than 3000! 7k is going to wreck it all.

how can you tell what is bittrex or mt gox?

are we sure is that bittrex wallet? y would he sell in bittrex? y not bitfinex/gsd where usd pair exist. i dont believe you faggots.

Doesn't always work but googling the address will sometimes tell you.

If it's moving to bittrex it's probably for scooping up alts before the bittrex usd/alt pairs open.

yea this, who puts their btc on bittrex to sell?

they're buying bitcoin cash

It's bullshit. This doesn't mean anything. Bittrex moved BTC from their cold wallet to another Bittrex wallet. All it means is that people may be withdrawing BTC from Bittrex.

What are they going to do with the BTC? Are they going to dump it for USD? Are they going to buy altcoins? No one knows.

No sane person would use Bittrex to buy BCH as Bittrex's fees are higher than other exchanges.

njoy dump faggots

times they have taken out big amounts of money, do you see it biz? they are dumping us

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Are you stupid or what? 7 btc woooow big deal


What if they're going to buy alts dip and begin an alts season?

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am i missing something here? thats only 56 million...marketcap for btc is 150 billion

It's iceberg tip, we don't know which other big transactions are going on

reddit has a website that monitors all mt gox wallets, its not mt gox.

Uh like 3?

Then biz is going to look FUCKING retarded and bears will get liquidated,