Yep, we were wrong.

Let's admit it. Once and for all, this jew was right.

youtube . com/watch?v=zOSmFuSQfd4

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embed the link next time cunt so I can click instead of copy and paste

the modern king of ponzi schemes and ipo nows about the modern ponzi schemes and modern ipos (icos)

legit the same shit he was involved in

the pice of everything is still higher than when this little kike manlet snivelled on TV about it.


Domain dependence. Simply because this clown was effective at making money in one area of finance does not mean that he has the slightest iota of a clue as to what ticks in an entirely new and emerging financial market. This man is a fool and is only useful for the entertainment value of the film loosely based on his sad, lonely life.

What wrong did he say?

The whole point of crypto is finding the 5-20 coins that exist after the bubble actually pops. All shitcoins will be wiped eventually so he's not completely wrong

belfort really cares about you and I. He's a completely changed man from what he once was. he now spends his time travelling the world, freely warning others away from all potential scams.
what a great guy.



He explained to us brainlets what is a bubble and the one who controls BTC has bad intention.

This interview was aired in December when it was at the highest. So he must be laughing at us.

If you had listen to him - you would be rich, you would get out at the peak (20k) - he even said to GET OUT NOW orelse you will lose.

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The say 40% is ownd by the top 1000.

Actually, 20% of all BTC is in the first 1000 addresses.
With Ethereum 40% is owned by the first 100 addresses.

The other top 10 market cap coins actually have a worse distribution than Bitcoin, lel.

lol, yes it is you hook nosed late adopter

He was actually right. Bitcoin was way overvalued in December of 2017 for what is was worth. I believe it will be 100,000 some day, but even now I wonder if 9.5K is still overvalued.

Think BTC will stay for at least a year or two, around 5k to 30k(max).

Pajeet, listen, during that interview btc was @ 18k
What's the current price of btc?
That's right, the white man was right and you were wrong again
Don't forget to poo in loo

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>the interview
lol, i told you you were a late adopter. this is not the first time this little kike has been shouting about this stuff.

sorry you got in so late though! :)

Nothing he said was wrong.

I remember him talking about this back when BTC was at 6k in october lol

I bought btc in 2011 at like 14 dollars what about you?

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There's literally nothing said in the video that is incorrect. Wow.

>He was actually right. Bitcoin was way overvalued in December of 2017 for what is was worth. I believe it will be 100,000 some day, but even now I wonder if 9.5K is still overvalued.

I think its worth 100k, but 9.5 is overvalued. KYS

price dropping doesn't mean it's over

having this level of reading comprehension

i watched the video. What he said is right. He doesn't say it's a scam. Only overvalued because of low liquidity. Exactly the same what we think. Atleast if you are not delusional.

He didn't call the exact top. Nobody can.

In 2012 my therapist said I should sell all my litecoin and get whatever I can (when it was $40). He apparently went from millionaire to not millionaire due to salary compensation in internet company shares. For 6 years I thought he was right...

There's tons of intelligent and successful people shilling in every direction. Some are bound to be right.