How to Win Friends and Influence People

Is this book really so good and flawless? I figure if someone is well-read and educated or a part of an unwelcoming society/community they might not be as susceptible to the 'tricks' within it, however I guess this is the base for social engineering, human relations and overall being a 'good person'. Even so I find it puzzling that I dug around for some time and haven't found a single bad word said or written about it, only praise and recommendations. What are you thoughts, anons? Is this really the cheat sheet?

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its just good advice that might not occur to people with limited or no social skills it's not a miracle worker but it can really change how you interact with people

If you're not retarded most of it should already be common sense from being an actual good and well raised person from the beginning.

It is a very nice read I do recommend it. For the literal neets who don't have friends and no charisma, this can serve it's purpose but if you have a slight bit of self consciousness you won't really need it

this book, and Carnegie's other one "How to Stop Worrying and Start Living" are as beneficial as you make them. it's the type of stuff you need to be committed to reading, learning, practicing, re-reading, re-learning and re-practicing on a frequent basis.

i had an infograph of all the main points of this but cant find it

I'll save you some money. The whole book boils down to kiss ass and then ask for shit.

Charles Manson said this book was his guide on feigning charisma and persuading his followers to murder on his behalf. This is a very good book for anyone to read, especially the NEETs and autists on this forum.

that's true, but after reading this book you definitely become more aware of all the good things in interacting with others, so you can use them more often to your advantage

I only planned to read this one to check and see if it's really as good as people make it but I might just give the other a go as well after you put it like that

now I want to see it

WARNING apparently a lot of it doesn't apply to europoors. But I doubt that's really true and think they just want to feel smug.
imo a lot of it is stupidly over the top, but normies do eat that shit up.
The best advice in it is to use peoples names when you talk to them.
Also I think he's too non-confrontational, he gives plenty of examples where this works in his favor, but for your average autist they would get taken advantage of. Always be polite and professional, but no point getting along with everyone
>be polite, be professional, but always have a plan to kill everyone in the room

>rules of work
Much better than Carnegie's book

>48 laws of power
Alright, kind of edgy

>50th law
utter trash, pr piece for niggy cent

It feels like the advice on this book definitely caters to Americans. If you were to use the same advice to people in Asia some wouldn't work.

Yes it definitely doesn't apply to asians. They are turbo jews and care about the bottom line and nothing else, they also don't fear any social repercussions except from their parents. This book is all about "shooting the shit" type interactions.

I'm going to shill
>rules of work
again because I found it so much more beneficial. Carnegie's book might be better for a salesperson, but an average wage slave would benefit from the latter more.

An example
>leaving on time/early will gain you much more respect than the bitch that always works late and weekends
>don't sneak out friday afternoon, proudly pack up your shit and walk out

This is the only book you need ever. If you fully swallow the pill of it's teaching you literally weild the power of God. You can even control other people. (Although you shouldn't violate the golden rule)

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O yeah? Prove it. Make me submit a post with something you want me to say. And I mean like an exact phrase. Do it now.

anyone who needs a book to learn those things should just KYC

>I unconditionally believe Charles Manson
Some people just cannot learn

Know your customer?

>they also don't fear any social repercussions except from their parents.
You don't know a fucking thing about asians.

no man, just no

its an ok book but if you follow all of it literally you will just become a complete bitch to everyone

It’s bullshit advice for extroverts to become more manipulative. Stuff like “give the other person the impression that you care about their interest”. Extroverts are cancer and playing their game will only make you retarded in the long run

It doesn't work quite that instantaneously, unfortunately. But if I knew you and you were unaware, I could make you say something to me if I focused on it for several days. I've done it with friends and family.

Interesting never heard of this, I'll give it a look

Well asian is too broad, I'm thinking of chinese specifically and I work with a lot of first generation chinese americans.
They don't give a fuck. If they want something they go take it.
If they leave rice in the sink, they don't clean it up.
Talking to one another in the break room? Chinese.
They'll openly comment about racially sensitive topics that normal people relegate to Veeky Forums.

The only thing it seems they care about is having respect from superiors.

There's no such thing as a "cheat sheet". The thing is, you either are the one who writes the book, to cash in further on success, or you buy the book, because you can't figure out how success works, and are desperate.
Anyone who's on the top of the heap will never say they got there because they read a book. Jobs, Buffett, Musk - they all just went and did their thing, broke/rewrote/ignored the rules, and just followed their vision/path they decided on.

These books make a shit ton of money, because the characteristics of the successful are hard to find. You need to be smart, predatory, fearless, and believe in yourself and your abilities. No book is gonna do that for you. The guys who win know this shit instinctively. If you don't, the odds of you learning how and applying it are WAY less than just accepting a lesser spot on the planet and working it as hard as you can.
It's like anything else - you're not gonna win the Superbowl reading a book on football, and you're not gonna write a bestselling novel by reading a book on writing. You just go do it, and keep doing it as best you can until you either succeed, or you give up.
AT BEST, books like this are examples of how to define and cultivate a personal philosophy, but you won't get too much out of it if you expect to have your hand held.

Just my thoughts. I'm older, been through more shit, and I've watched a lot of people succeed and fail - and not of the winners worked off of a book they read. They'd read a book like this and say "Yeah, I already knew this."


You're all over the map, which means you're talking out of your ass. First you say they don't care, now you say they care about what their supervisors think. You THINK you know asians, but you don't have a clue, at all. You have no skill at reading people or culture, but that doesn't stop you from running your mouth about it.

Here's a hint: Chinese typically see commerce as war - winning is the most important thing, and being seen as winning by their peers a close second. They care very much about social repercussions, because their standing in society is CRUCIAL to Chinese self esteem and opinion.

Pay more attention, like for a decade, then come tell us how asians think and feel.

A whole lot of stuff in the book is stuff that most people with a modicum of social skills already understand instinctively, though it can help you consciously start to apply these skills and catch yourself doing things wrong.

It is in no way the end all be all of this kind of thing though, you're only gonna figure out truly how to "win friends and influence people" through experience.

This supports everything I said. Don't get offended because you're culture is shallow and cut throat.

If you are already pretty self aware I'd say almost everything in the book is pretty much common sense. It's got some weird stuff too though and it kind of promotes an attitude of being fake with people to like play them or take advantage of them.

Like, if you are already pretty self aware you would realize that most people whose opinion of you would matter at all are not usually stupid enough to fall for insincere bullshit and you get way further on a personal level if you are genuine with them. So it kind of requires self awareness to filter out the bullshit in the book, but also comes as mostly common sense if you're self aware making it kind of boring.

I would not recommend someone who doesn't already feel pretty self aware read this book, as they might take it too literally and try to "engineer" social interactions with people who can tell they're being fake (most people).

>It doesn't work quite that instantaneously, unfortunately. But if I knew you and you were unaware, I could make you say something to me if I focused on it for several days. I've done it with friends and family.

WTF I didn't mean to send that by itself

Ha, I made you say a specific phrase I authored. LOL.

>it actually works

Can I use this to make a girl fall in love with me?

Has anyone ever found Machiavelli to be applicable in their lives? It feels like reading a history book, it's interesting and the stories can be related to, but I'm not a emperor, just an average serf.

Possibly. I do not know if it has any limits. I have not applied it in such a manner but my life has become such a trip since I started applying it. I read the book every day for 2 years over and over. So far I've created almost 1 million dollars, 1.5 inches of height (I'm 25), a change in facial features (without surgery), and a group of old friends back into my life. (I made no effort to contact them, I just used the technique and they reached me through a family member).

No, it doesn't. You just want it to.

If you're building a personal philosophy to follow in life, sure, why not? He was a wise man who was a good study of other people, especially military, and wrote down what he observed, and what he believed - you may agree with some of it, and integrate it into your own worldview, or you already know it instinctively, but he just puts it into words for you. Most people don't have a philosophy, they just kind of go along without any thought or examination of what's going on.

>power of awareness
This looks a bit skeevy, "the answer" tier.
Oh wait, they're shilling that book too and it's actually
>the secret

Are you Neville?

LOL. That about sums it up.

Eh I just skimmed it and it's caught my attention, but does it really teach you more than a few minutes meditating every morning would?
I'm curious how you applied to your own life.

Europoor here, if somebody used my name in a conversation other than at the very start to get my attention I'd be seriously creeped out and would think about the person who did it as "the weird one that abuses my name, maybe he's mocking me".

If somebody I had already met but not extensively become familiar with remembered my name I'd think it was nice.

I felt like a jackass applying this book lol

Neville passed away in 1972. He never accepted money for his lecturing. Also all his books are available for free online now because the copyright is expired. It's what the "Law Of Attraction" was originally based off of but it's a lot more hard core and undiluted. (No vision boards and affirmations) In his philosophy your awareness is God and your imagination is Jesus Christ. "The Secret" kind of waters it down by saying there's an objective world and your thoughts emanate out of your head like a radio-wave and "attracts" objects to you, and says you have to do actions too to get what you want. Neville is a lot more hardcore saying that all configurations of reality exist right now. You still your body, dwell within that reality imaginatively and a bridge of incidents links you up to it. Your "free will to act" is completely illusory, which is apparent if you can observe yourself going about your day.

The book isn't about "tricks", it's about learning to understand people and develop empathy.

A lot of what's in the book is common sense/learned naturally through experience dealing with people.

But if you're not very social or an autist, then the book will help you a lot.

>if somebody used my name in a conversation other than at the very start to get my attention I'd be seriously creeped out
What I recall from the book and where I've applied it is saying hi to people when I see them getting coffee or whatever, I'll say their name. It's not creepy and people like that sort of thing. That goes double for correctly pronouncing difficult names (an example from the book).
No doubt greeting someone you are friendly with by first and last name would be weird. As would working it into a conversation. The only graceful way I've seen this done is
>well you see, user, I think that...

Applied the right way it's powerful, I think the point is really just to be aware of it and not necessarily to say someones name as much as possible. Another spin is saying somebodies full name even when they have a shorter nick name. People do this to me sometimes and it honestly pleases me even though I know they either don't know they should use my nickname or are using some psychological trickery on me.

Very interesting. My first impression was that someone churned out as many ebooks for amazon as possible, I think differently now. Thanks for linking the vid. I will say that our attitudes definitely create a butterfly type affect that either helps or hurts our own lives.

I just bought this book. Haven't even read it but one thing I pulled online was saying peoples names frequently durring conversation. I was dating a girl who loved that I did that.

> I will say that our attitudes definitely create a butterfly type affect that either helps or hurts our own lives.

After the stuff I've experienced from applying, it seems far beyond that. It's to the point where I think my life is a slowed down lucid dream. I created in my mind my family's reaction to me telling them I'm a millionaire. Then like a movie script 2017 happens, I get lucky on almost every move, and it plays out in "reality". I used to think I couldn't visualize but it gets more and more vivid as I practice. Now I'm using float tanks to take it to the next level.

It's mostly garbage. Anything useful in it if you don't know already then you're autistic and this book can't help you.

I was talking about the crypto boom btw when I said "2017 happens". Forgot to specify.

I'm actually reading this book at the moment, only have about 10 pages left. I've read a lot of books on self improvement, I'd say this one is pretty good not just in a sales type role but also in just generally dealing with people. While a lot of it is self apparent to non autists I'd say a few things in there are less so, like calling people by their name like other people have said. It's a good guide to manipulating normies.

Nobody is as unique as you think. Everyone's knowledge in life is based off others.
I refuse to believe people are so special.
You created something great? What about all the research of other people you used to make it?
Oh right.
There is no individualism. Only Collective inheritance of culture and information.

I'm the star of my universe so you'll probably get cancer and die soon from my perspective.

Be honest, have you mastered the arcane arts? What is the extent of the power? Super strength? Channel nature totems? Wizard powers? Get laid at will?

If he was so powerful why did he age and die

To live as a god among men leaves a world of nothingness. With the power to all and everything leaves nothing to obtain. The one thing left to do is to impose arbitrary restrictions on yourself. Where do the lines begin and end? And so he decided to willingly end his life. To live with a power that elevates you among your peers is one thing, but to be at this level... It's too much. But maybe, just maybe, it's what humanity needs right now. We need to elevate ourselves, just enough. Enough to be closer. Enough to be better. We can be better. He left us a way.

I reject that notion from my reality bubble sir. Be careful, unlovely assumptions if rejected can backfire on you which is why Neville says to follow the golden rule.

I don't think I've mastered it but my faith is quite strong. Once you get your first successes in it's no longer a belief, it's a fact of life like gravity. I can get small things pretty quick now. This one law firm was stalling for months paying me back $400 for a consultation I cancelled. I didn't care that much because I didn't really need the money but it was annoying me that every time I'd call them about it they'd say they'd refund it in a week and never do it. Then a few weeks ago I was meditating and decided to include a scene where I opened my email and saw the refund. The very moment I opened my eyes and opened up gmail there it was from paypal. I was pretty shocked because I thought it would take more time to work.

According to Neville there's the law and the promise. I don't understand the promise that well but basically... The law is that imagining creates reality. The promise is a mystical experience that happens where you "rise up out of your skull" and achieve reunion with the all. Apparently you experience the events in the Bible psychologically, and then your purpose in life is complete and you no longer reincarnate. Neville experienced the promise in his life time and said that he would no longer reincarnate. He died from an apparent brain aneurism when he was meditating. Another odd thing is I've never seen any photographs of him looking old.

wtf dude you just confirmed what he said, and double confirmed it by your attitude

I just imagined very strongly that you were a faggot with a pony tail who thinks he became millionaire thanks to his weird law of attraction believe and now can't stop thinking he has god like power even though he will soon lose everything because someone like you can't have an IQ over 90

Jesus fuck, he reported his honest experiences, what more could you ask of a person as far as accuracy

It's a parabola. There's the 90 IQ dumbasses who believe in it because they'll believe anything, and then there's the 100-120 IQ "realist skeptic" who are too smart for it and think it's woo. Then it comes back around, the most powerful and most intelligent people in the world use it because they realize that reality is not as it seems, it behaves more like a virtual reality than newtonian matter.

I read this book last year and it helped me realized why people seem to hate it when they have a conversation with me. I feel like I'm getting better at conversation and relationship after reading this book. So yeah, I think it's a good read.

Do you mind expanding on this? I've typically written this kind of stuff off as an absolute skeptic. I don't want it to be a fault though and keep an open mind.

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Let it go, he is all butthurt.
Have some Chinese at work and I agree they don't give a fuck about other cultures and have no intention to understand rudimentary stuff to make it tolerable working with them.
I'm talking about those from mainland China, otherwise they make the effort and so do I to bridge the gap.
When they eat face down into their plate and start talking mouth full, I just pack up now

Just look at the thread. It started with you as a skeptic thinking this was some amazon trash. Now you are already embracing the possibilities of power. The magic of this is endless.

All I'll say is there's a giant rabbit hole I went through. Starting with simulation theory, Tom Campbell's, My big TOE to research about secret societies like Mason's, The Rosicrucians, Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. What the hell is hermeticism? These are the most powerful people in the world, try to find out what they believe... (They're not realist "skeptics") They believe in Occultism, Magick, Mental Alchemy, Hypnosis, Qabalism. Things of that nature. Neville Goddard's teacher Abdullah was a Qaballist. Schrodinger, Bohr, Heisenberg, Bohm, these physicists studied Vedic Mysticism. A fact academia tries to sweep under the rug which leads to the 100-120 IQ people like Cara Santa Maria to scream on Joe Rogan podcast that ""All of these people who are trying to shill quantum mechanics as an explanation for thought, behavior, or love and all these woo woo things. NONE OF THEM ARE FUCKIN' PHYSICISTS!"

>Cara Santa Maria

I fucking hate her

So you're saying the attributes to succeed are solely intrinsic.

Well now I'm an hour into a deep dive of simulation theory and I can tell this is going to be a long night. Holy shit.

It's a good book for those that couldn't be that way organically.

So it will be LINK 1000$ EOY. Now i got what that "we are all in this togheter" pasta is doing.

It's a good book but do understand, there are not just one way to get what you want and persuade people.

In this book particular not many manage to pull of because it requires you to swallow your pride and put your ego to the side to get what you want later on. It's easy to fake strength but requires q very strong mentality to fake weakness.
That's why most people rationalize "it's not working it's better to be honest and stand up for yourself" because it's easier.

This is one if the efficient way to slide through life on easy mode- IF you have the mental strength to adjust

lmao. Yeah, but something he's violating is that you must keep your goals a secret. There will be more minds who read that and doubt than believe. Also, you have to feel and act as if it's already an accomplished fact. If you already felt like it happened, you wouldn't feel the need to continuously spam that.

Ok i m selling now

So all this books teaches men to act like women?

This is mandatory reading in my italian class, fucking love it

>'Don't be a dick' - The Book

If your mother raised you right and you have any sense of empathy you should already be doing everything in this book.

Anyone here taken the Dale Carnegie course?


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>just no

Just download a copy and read through the table of contents


I find it displeasing to be called by my first name by people I barely know. It happens at my workplace and mostly the people that do it are the super social beings that always smile at everybody and act as if they were everybody's best friend, although that's impossible for time reasons alone.
Calling someone you barely know by their first name is similar to touching people you barely know, it's transgressive.