What happened to this?

What happened to this?

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What do you mean exactly?

We are on our way.

Return to mean

We're at the end of "return to normal".

we're in the bear trap. Clear as day
>inb4 some tard says that because bitcoin was mentioned on cnbc a few times we are past the media attention phase

Still fear.
Once long time holders start to panic and get out then we will enter the capitulation.

8% of americans owns crypto and 20% are millenials. 1 of 5 college retards own crypto, retard.

Bear trap. Anybody who has a copyright on the name of the company is not the intended recipient of the intended use of the intended use of the information contained in this message or any unauthorized use of this message or to unauthorized use of any information contained in this message.

we are still in denial since so many here are still in denial that the bubble has popped
long way to go till we reach the bottom. LMAO

your post convinces me we're in denial actually

It's still in motion. Not long before the bottom buddy boy

Institutional money is still waiting to join in. G20 summit announcing no regulations means we are in the bear trap. So obvious.

It happened already if you look at Bitcoin with log scale turned on

If you short the bear trap and then get back in, you win.

How much money you think that adds up to? Not much. Most of those 8% of people only have maybe a couple hundred bucks in.

>margin trading

We are between Fear and Capitutlation

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"Take off" was 10k.

Fick dich weg, Bernd.


Not nearly 8%, holy fuck.

>linear chart
>extends into 2016
late adopters...

8% own btc you dumb motherfucker. Less than 1% are in the alt game.

Nothing happened
Shit's still applicable to hourly scale

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yes, I too know how to manipulate charts to make them look how I need them to look to help my argument

that chart LMAO

we're past denial buddy

The number one problem I have had with my margin trades isn't the set up, it is getting too greedy and holding on too long. Something I am working on. It is very painful to be up $1,500 in a few hours and then a few hours later settle for a $500 loss. Either I need to take profit quicker or hold longer. Still working on that.

These dudes a laughing but when you throw a MACD on the weekly (I know this is the monthly but the point remains) you see that the MACD is still declining straight to hell. When that shit turns negative the pain will be delicious.

Pretty sure those numbers are false, make it 0.8% and I will belive you.

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>Thinking a lagging indicator predicts the future.

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why don't any of you silly brainlets use Heikin Ashi?

Because they provide the same information.

lol has bitcoin crashed? Why has the trading movement stopped?

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Probably the worst excuse any kind of analysis I've ever seen ever. Wow good job F-

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So this chart shows the "despair" phase falling well below the price of the stealth phase but every BTC bear market was only an 80% retracement, i.e. 1k to $200 from the 2014 mtgox crash. Has this chart ever actually been right?

Honestly this.
But also this.
My faggot weeb coworker saw me always reading about coins and my gains, long story short he ended up investing. 60 dollars. 60 fucking American greenbacks. Wow. Top it off he cashed out when his 60 turned into 40 in January kek. Decided crypto wasn't for him. Dudes such a fag tbqh

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Heres the facts boys

You cant put that graph on bitcoin or anything during some random month of some random year so why fit it in now.
Oh because it went up really big, not a good enough reason bucko. Bitcoin went up really big several times, it also dipped hugely several times.

That graph describes the stock markets which have trillions of dollars and institutes invested in them already, so a need to panic sell for institutes and hedge funds and whales, and any other large stake holder makes sense if they need to return profits for customers.

In crypto we have adopted "hodlers" people who refuse to sell. It isnt everybody but its a large part of crypto culture and its because so many people follow the rule to not sell, especially at a lose.
You have to see that while large institutes and hedge funds would boost crypto they are also what would cause capitulation.
They arent in the space yet.
We arent falling below 6k


Stay poor.

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Average hold for a stock is over a year (although it has been going down over time). What makes you think crypto holders hold for longer periods of time?

Like I don't check my stock portofolio actively enough to even know if there's a crash.

why do you think they would hold for a shorter period of time?
again its the culture of the crypto community to hold. Im not saying people will hodl for 10 years but ALOT of people already do that, with maybe selling off some at the end of a year for money.
I definitely believe that people who got in 3-4 months ago, are in a large part holding. The ones that took a loan to buy in, or some stupid shit already sold at a lose from fear. We have already shaken those that cant hold, off the ride.