Is it just me or does today seem like the day the dream of being a millionaire crypto neet died

Is it just me or does today seem like the day the dream of being a millionaire crypto neet died

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why does pepe have cum dripping from his eyes?

Considering I just bought 10k LINK, 10k VEN, and 50k XRP, today is the day the dream began its gradual ascent into reality.

because OP is a faggot

Acceptance stage here.

>buys literal shit
>deluded into believing this is good for them
how much soy do you inject daily to become this retarded?

its not over til i have made it

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substantiate your claims

hang in there OP, we've all been through this, do you think it would have been possible for me to hold BTC for 5 years if i had given up on my dreams? you have to think long term as well as short term in crypto fren u will make it

Not when you own 2k of WAN

XRP's rise is due to confusion the confusion between xrapid and xcurrent, Link is an overhyped dongle that won't be needed anymore by the time what it plans to do hits the mainstream, and VeChain is already pumped on dozen of "partnerships" that seem to have no other purpose than to manipulate the value over the short term.

you're just now realizing this?

I was well on my way to making it but.. Those days are long gone.

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Don't be a faggot, OP. Start gaining again.

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You must not have enough LINK

It's still alive.

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low effort, at least try to edit that out

JNT seems like the best bet at this point IMO. Small market cap with extremely thin selling volume. Could at least be a 10-bagger.

Hell no. Roasties vs Waifus is the biggest difference of all.

Ripple has been doing even worse than bitcoin.

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Not to be contrarian but I feel the exact opposite. Like this is the turn of the tide. I feel like the price will drop for another while but sentiment has changed.
Although I'm a total noob nocoiner so when I'm feeling bullish you should be worried

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