What makes chainlink more unique than all the other projects. I tried to get through the white paper and got confused

What makes chainlink more unique than all the other projects. I tried to get through the white paper and got confused

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the team is serious, and they don't fucking brag about it on social media, they let the project talk, also they have big players talking with them, what other coin has sit on a table with the president of chamber of digital commerce? tom gonser? had won a poc with SWIFT ffs!

I guess they are serious enough to hire abunch of pajeets to shill here.

yeah right sergey who never speaks of his project not even mentions they have moved to a new office, will pay pajeets to shill his coin very logical

The difference is a bunch of Veeky Forums neets pooled money to buy into the ICO, and are now hyping the coin incessantly and annoyingly in an effort to become millionaires off of anyone else stupid enough to buy into their fomo and memes.
there's a reason they say "$1000 EOY" -- they want people paying for their moon to focus on the literally unachievable and fake long term "price" goal and hold bags because they intend to dump well before that and don't want anyone dumping before them.
there, you're welcome.

also shill his coin to who? a bunch on neets on a mexican dolphin fucking forum

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see: welcome to the reason link is so consolidated inside of biz.

Assblaster is a confirmed larper and liar. Next?

How many delusional fud posts have you made tonight faggot?

You aren't going to make it with your McDonald's paycheck homo.

We are leaving you behind.

kek yeah you've uncovered him, all this FUD on chainlink is probably poorfags trying to get atleast 5k links

>we are leaving you behind as the price slow bleeds from $1.20 to 5cents

>I tried to get through the white paper and got confused

Really? Seems pretty straight-forward

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First time, user. I actually make money in this market shorting like I hope you are doing, and I even have a big boy job as a data scientist.
So, yeah. Good luck.

it doesn't take much to swing you in favor of whatever you really, really want to believe, does it? wew.

There's nothing unique about it. It's just another shitcoin. Like every shitcoin it has a tiny, dwindling marketcap and some novel feature that supposedly sets it apart from all the other shitcoins that will never be fully implemented.

Link is dead. Honestly you're better off investing in Dogecoin.

i think it could hit a buck or something, but it doesn't change the fact that the link shills, the ones that bought early, intend to severely fuck everyone else long before that magical 1k number that will never, ever happen.
it's dishonest and gross, but crypto is crypto.

I'll add this as a courtesy to you- your personalities drive buyers away. Figure out a different method if you want LINK to succeed through what you're doing.
Although I suspect your goal isn't to get smart money buying in, but rather dumb and desperate money -- there was a thread about some guy asking his parents for 20k to "invest" in LINK.
Let's hope he doesn't kill himself when he figures it out, as that kind of thing will be on every single one of you shills who preyed on vulnerable barely-adults just wanting a way out of their shitty lives.

>Link is going to be worth more than oil and railroads
>But don't but it yet, there's no real rush

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Well, he was right. Until the mainnet goes live there won't be any major pump.
Mainnet is 2-3 months way tho.

it solves one of the big 4 "kike killer" problems

>value transfer
>smart contracts
>oracle problem

>there was a thread about some guy asking his parents for 20k to "invest" in LINK.
He did the right thing.
LINK and ETH are the only real projects in crypto, everything else is a scam.
I took a loan to accumulate even more LINK until it moons.

They aren't the only real projects in crypto, but I can see why you would want other people to think that. I wish you the best of luck.

holy shieet i missed that thread, that guy is a real chad fuck

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Who else in the crypto sphere has a philosophy degree?

How about you provide some proof of that user? Next.

i don't give a fuck if people buy in or not, biz is fully aware of link, its not the bizraelis that will make link reach the moon, it's the project itself, wre just shilling it for fun anyways, just to laugh at nolinkers once the singularity hits, you knew yet you refused to listen

Best box in the business.

what does it do sirs?

This lol.

Although probably a few whales floating around, its the tech, vision and innovation that will draw in capital that Veeky Forums can so far only dream of.