5 in a row, seriously guys? This is getting quite ridiculous

5 in a row, seriously guys? This is getting quite ridiculous

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Yeh, this dumb.

>Filtered threads: 50
Filters, use them, I'm seeing only a link thread a day or so anymore.

51 filtered threads right now.
all of them link related, mods are doing a fine job, seriously, congratulations on this.

I encourage everyone to report these link spammers. nobody wants to buy their shit and they just come here and shit up the place, they need just 1 or 2 threads.


The shilling has gotten so bad that it's starting to hurt LINK's image. I can't see it as a viable altcoin anymore, now it's just a scam shill-coin.

After seeing how desperate the spammers are getting I am absolutely certain I will NEVER buy LINK. Good job, shills.

that bbclink, kek

I completely ignore this coin because of the constant spamming and delusion

It's a /pol/ raid, dipshits, there's a reason you suddenly get 50 posts in a row and then it goes back to normal.

No, I'm fairly sure it's just them. In a few months most should have given up with the forced memes, until then, filters it is.

kill them all

no ways it's pol nigger. They are asian or pajeet

the best part is when they try and compare it to ethereum, and ethereum's shilling. but shitlink is 6 months old now, and it's performed about as poorly as it possibly could without actually going down, everyone in it has wasted 20x, 40x opportunities in much more liquid and prescient coins, while they've watched their money languish.

less than 20 thousand people even own any of this shitcoin, and the devs own something like 65% of it. only a couple thousand even own a significant amount of it, and there's literally no discussion outside of the obvious bagholder shilling on Veeky Forums, it's insane.

>he thinks they're shilling

He likes dem BBC kek

>tfw can't see any of them cause they've all been filtered
feels good

Eh, 57 filtered threads now, is it that bad? And yes, they're probably shilling, like they always do.

an extra 5 filtered, courtesy of this.
*l i n k*

It's very straightforward, I don't know why no one is noticing this.
There was a big dip last week, swing traders bought in, and now are trying to scalp profits before it dips again with BTC.

I saw one earlier, they're at least acknowledging themselves that it's spam and they're trying to evade filters, they're getting desperate.

fuck this coin hope it tank to zero, please all bagholders let go this bag so they stop spaming this fucking piece of shit

the get was pure cringe

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>They don't realize that shitcoin shilling is all part of a personal vengeance from some bitter faggot to keep Veeky Forums poor

>he's not getting that sweet LINK shill payout
Stay poor famalam

It's not a coin, it's a token, and not only it doesn't have a real use since node operators can be paid other ways, but by the time any of what that token wants to do starts being used in the real world, a second layer solution won't even be needed anymore. They're confusing a lot of things.

>6 months old now
I hate all the LINK shilling but this is a poor argument, ETH didn't do much for years. Better to just focus on it being a worthless ERC20 shittoken.

Exactly this. The best projects don't need to be advertised. The amount of shilling is coming of as extremely desperate at this point. It's way beyond the shilling of any other coin i remember and I've been here for DGB, RDD, XVG, all the great moon missions

>everything I don’t like is /pol/

Who cares, everyone needs to go on the official link subreddit and ask them to take a stance against the shills. It's partly their problem too.

Can anyone recommend a good mobile app with filters? I hardly ever browse on desktop.

I'm OP and I use Mimi. It's a great app and it has filters. The only thing that gets a little wonky is that sometimes the Veeky Forums pass doesn't work. It kicks you out and Ra dom and im not sure how to fix it. Other than that I like the app. I also mainly phone post

Thanks. I've been using clover until now but I'll give that one a try.

I tried clover but didnt like it for some reason. This one is much better.

Eww user