See you on Jupiter peasants

>Nebulas is a 3.0 platform blockchain, with intergrated blockchain search functions.
>Devs have smart contracts, no scaling worries, massive array of tools & options
>Similar to how google indexes webpages Nebulas will index blockchain projects, smart contracts & data.
>Nebulas rank algorithm sifts & sorts the data.
>Developers rewarded NAS to develop & deploy on NAS chain.
>Nebulas calls this developer incentive protocol – basically rewards are issued based on how often contract is used, the more the better the rewards
>Nebulas Force means no need for hard forks. A flexible base means that updates are easily applied, buggy contracts will be repairable without need for token migration
>Proof of devotion. Works like DPoS except the best, most economically incentivised developers (Bookkeeppers) get the forging spots. Ensuring brains stay with the project (Cross between PoI & PoS)
>Create your own search engine & services; will initially be used to assist Nebulas search engine. Rewards in NAS
>Lightening Network is used to handle transactions
>First crypto Wallet that supports the Lightening Network
>Team founded Antshares, worked on Neo, one was Alibaba CTO who implemented their blockchain
> IDE for smart contracts, block browser, plugins for popular IDEs, debugger, simulator, formal verification tool for smart contracts, background SDKs for advanced languages, & SDKs for mobile ends.
>NAS token is used as a sort of gas for smart contracts, a currency & proof of devotion rewards.

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>Lightning Network
Into the trash it goes

This is a little old, they've implemented DAG transactions.

>Last week, we focus on concurrent transactions packing & verification. Concurrent transactions verification is a big challenge for us. We cannot make sure two transactions can be executed independently before executing them. Thus, we have to find a way to record their dependent relationship into a DAG(Directed Acyclic Graph), and verify them concurrently according to the DAG. We have to be very carefully to manage the DAG because a lot of states in block will be changed during the execution of transactions. Moreover, we wrote more test cases to test smart contracts in our testnet last week and we’re glad the testnet seems stable.

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From slack
>DAG is used to record the dependency relationship between transactions in our new feature: packing and verifying transactions concurrently in a block. In current Nebulas version, even most other blockchain projects, transactions are packed into a block one by one and verified one by one. One by one is easy but not efficient. We are trying to find a way to pack many transactions concurrently to improve the performance. However, some transactions are independent, such as A->B, C->D, and some has partial ordering relationship, such as A->B, A->C. Thus, we have to use a DAG to record the partial order relationship when packing transactions concurrently so that we can verify the DAG concurrently too.

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Well that addresses my main concern. I really want a platform coin, and see huge upside with this one. Right now I'm holding ADA but have been considering selling it for NAS.

you folks shilling it as superior platform but why its not mooning like other platforms coins?

It's main exchange is Huobi is the big reason as far as I can tell. Another worry is that it is a chink coin

The only time I deal with DAGS is when they’re owned by gypsies.


Put 75% in NAS, leave 25% in ADA on the off chance it moves this year.

Its just passed BAT in CMC rankings. Its mainnet is set to be released, rebrand imminent, the unique features come later in the year.

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Get your grubby little mexican hands in that bin and retrieve the saviour of crypto.

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>Its just passed BAT in CMC rankings. Its mainnet is set to be released, rebrand imminent, the unique features come later in the year.

sounds interesting. but team selling it as search engine than platform. no one will give fuck about search engine, y not they rebrand it as platform ?

Similar to Ark they needed a defining feature to set them apart. The search engine has does that, it peaks peoples interests. Once achieved, they see its more than just a blockchain search engine but a developer incentivised platform with interoperability & a search engine.

>but fo real Chinks

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Jupiter is the fueling point for the interstellar ship, fueled by the finest Hydrogen in the solar system. Strap up, Nebulas is coming.

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>ChromeV8 integrated into NebulasVm, which means javascript based smart contracts.
>Additional languages to be implemented too

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Not a chink coin in the slightest. Yes there developers may be of Chinese ethnicity, but they are working out of SAN Francisco alongside google and apple.
Hitters Xu is by far one of the most respectable guys in the crypto scene.
Do yourself a favour and look into him if you haven’t.

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Amazing. But why do I need this shit?

>Amazing. But why do I need this shit?

no, only IQ money makers need this shit.

Nebulas is going to moon in 2018/2019. $120 EOY 2019

>javascript based smart contracts

if you've ever worked with javascript you'd know why this is a huge red flag

There are 1000+ coins and tokens currently, and even more smart contracts. Can you tell me which contract I should use if I want to set up asset insurance? Or which coin gives me the lowest loan repayment terms?

>200m dolphin users will soon have a nebulas integrated search engine.

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Fuck you have small hopes
We are looking at $120 end of this year at the absolute minimum

>if you've ever worked with javascript you'd know why this is a huge red flag

this is one of many like python, golang, c++,..with every fuccking lang you can create. its up to dev to make a call. its huge adv to bring all kind of dev on board.

>Additional languages to be implemented too

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Really? I get nervous trading. When my coin doubles relative to BTC I get scared and sell. I really want to be one of those guys that bougbht ETH at $1 and HODLed it. I think NAS has the potential, but the general crypto bear market is stunting its moon. Might need to wait longer, kind of how AntShares (NEO) went from 13 cents to 130$. Nebulas has that potential

Mate we are looking at a future where blockchain platforms and data will grow exponentially. Uncontrollably.
Hitters Xu has a great Marco view on this whole space and was his inspiration to start nebulas.
I’ve been to 2 of his talks and they amaze me every time.

I fucking hate JS too, but every retard hipster web dev knows how to code it. It could lead to adoption if they market it well

daaaamn they based

>3 chinks
uh no

>literal geniuses who recognise their heritage is seen as untrustworthy
>Set up HQ in San Francisco, & a office in Beijing,
>tap silicon valley developers, hype, investment, avoid regulation yet still maintain close ties & partnerships across both sides of the pacific

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tfw ur delusional

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looked at the chart
MFW bought for 57000 sat not long ago

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how high this can go niggas? lets say short term by End of April?

Honestly if it hasn't 2x'd by then I'd be really surprised.
It will be on binance by then and I'd say 1bil market cap easy, so more than 3x.
Plus bitcoin will surely have recovered a bit by then aswell, so we are looking at possible 4x, conservative.

Depends if btc is 10k or 4k.

I dunno dude, people are finding out about this, I've watched it climb from rank 70 to rank 50 something this last week, and has been the only thing in the green while everything is red at times

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It's not people finding out about the coin. People took money out of all alts because they thought btc was going to 4k. That's all the money that already had known it wanted to be in NAS flowing back into it.

I have been seeing an increase in NAS posts though, and with mainnet coming out and other announcements in a few days, people want to get in fast.
I witnessed the biggest sell wall I've ever seen last night, whales were accumulating big time.

You are both right

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It's the same guy for the last couple of days trying to manipulate the price. It's still going up though

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kek. believe me. you dont need to bump this
the project speaks for itself

You are not supposed to tell biz about nas yet. Wait till 50$

Ugh yet another dApp platform, the market is oversaturated and overvalued with many of them.
The current dApp platforms all have scalability issues and NAS will implement lightning network to solve this issue which is okay for small transactions but not many big ones, this will can handle 1k TPS. Compare this to ZIL which increases its TPS with the more nodes it has with sharing. Then you got sidechains other coins use to offload the workload on the platform, etc.
No we got NAS which claims to be a 3.0 blockchain yet still uses grandpa technology.

those fucking gooks gave me nam flashbacks

None of these shit is even widely adopted and there's already blockchain 3.0. Now what's the fucking purpose when 4.0 comes out next year.

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>next year
actually May this year

It has been completely under the radar that's why. Literally very few people know about NAS and it's potential. If you actually sit down and read the white paper you'll understand what I'm talking about it. Do you own research always but it ticks all the boxes. Eventually I believe that dApps will start migrating.

Radix is Q3

>ticks all the boxes
Lightning network

Love it when people make retarded comparisons like this: oh because X went up in price, it means that Y has the potential also. Or: oh well X has a marketcap of 10 billion, and Y is a similar project so it could also reach the same.

Neo is a shitcoin in comparison to NAS.

The fact that you think TPS is everything, confirms me why I won't take your comment serious. Learn about blockchains first before throwing out stupid comments
Get in or stay poor.

You do realise that Nebulas will be sorting data from Zilliqa, and not to mention all the other platforms, r-right?
Nebulas is like daddy to all the other ones

Muh nebulas force which can adapt to any situation, can it also solve world hunger and cure malaria

It will literally make me so much fucking money that I will cure world hunger and malaria.
So yes, it can

If I buy 200 NAS now when will I be a millionaire?

kek no, u need atleast 1000


200 should be enough yeah.

>its still here
>Nas never died
>$35,000 into Nebulas