Anons, I haven't done adderall in a year

anons, I haven't done adderall in a year.
I don't like being chemically dependent on something, and it makes me lose weight.

But god do I miss the rush. Almost nothing I've tried compares to it. Not sex, not self improvement, not weightlifting, not food, not video games. Nothing compares to that feeling of coming up on speed. Has anyone found an alternative? Is there hope?

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The alternative is finding happiness in your own life independent of an unsustainable crutch that will inevitably ruin your health and brain. Good luck.

nothing in life is free user

you can't go up without going down

I'm same as you, except I was also taking large amounts of ms contin (back surgery). Quit both, take Kratom now. Same rush? no. Better than nothing? For sure. But I'm also hoping to get some good suggestions in this thread. I could probably get addy again pretty easy but it took so long to feel normal again not taking it that I want to avoid it. But yeah, I loved that shit.

you just have to keep doing it every day until it becomes a living hell, then youll forget these childish thoughts

It's like amphetamine lite but with more serotonin activity. Combine it with another stim for max rush.

here's how you get a nice discount
>add 2x 1gram jars
>pay with crypto and use the crypto discount code
>monero has a bigger discount

It was like $20/gram

Drugs are awesome, user. That’s why people fuck their lives up with them. They are very powerful in how they build behavioral patterns in your life. Yin and yang.

>In my country is easier to murder someone than getting adderall
Feels real bad

any common downsides to this? Never heard of it before. Is there a more common name it goes by?

>MFW all my crypto gains are the only drug I need

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just cruise at a low dose and don't get greedy. It's no problem

It's unexplored chemical territory, but read the text on the page. It should be safer than amphetamine.

It's a close cousin of Selegiline, a drug with decent research.

preach. snort for ultimate dose control

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under 23, aren't you?


>Taking adderall for a rush
As someone who's been on stimulants my whole life to manage ADHD I would much rather be you and have the luxury to get high from it recreationally.

dude look up microdosing shrooms or lsd it works wonders and no side-effects, addiction and all that bad shit.


I've tried it a few times but found it pointless since I already had adderall.

It's weaker than adderall but its neurotransmitter-boosting effects makes it stack well with other stims (such as adderall).

I was taking 100mg daily and going to sleep on it. I need it badly for adhd, but the parkinsons fud got to me, and I was on it for years. It can't be good for a person to take that stuff. Sucks not having it, but I'm trying to manage.

where do people source the lsd for microdosing? I've never used dark market, are there dependable suppliers or is it something you get from knowing someone?

Congrats on sounding like a heroin addict user. No narcan for you fucking degenerate.

Dark markets are probably the easiest/cheapest/safest if you don't already have connections + lsd is super easy to go undetected in mail.

Otherwise ask around ask the dodgy people you know if they know anyone it shouldnt be too hard but you run the risk of getting the wrong doses making it difficult to microdose.

Lord, I love the stuff but it takes too much of me away. I’ve snapped out of week long dazed, made a shit ton of money but the real me, the one people like and love, he was gone the whole time. I hear ya brother, but in the end, it’s too hard on heart and head.

acid is pretty much the best thing to buy off the darknet. Pretty much no chance of being detected (no smell, doesn't show up on xrays, literally 1 mm x 1mm bits of paper).Just make sure you micro dose volumetrically instead of cutting up the tabs.


There are legal prodrugs of acid you can buy off clearnet RC sites. All I'll say.

The adhd medication fud is so strong. I've tried so hard to function without it from changing my diet, exercising etc. but I seriously cannot be productive and perform at my job without it. Feelsbadman

i wouldnt trust these you dont know what your putting in your body


Close but no cigar, still in pedroland however

Checked. You should take Yerba Mate and Lions Mane Mushroom supplements. Incredible focus.

Expand on this please

Like short term memory was impaired?

What is this zombie daze that people talk about?

how do you take your kratom? shit tastes gross but i do like it

Waking up in the morning and taking some kratom and then having coffee right as it kicks in is a pretty kick ass lift-me-up.

took lions mane for a while, crazy dreams had to stop

I always parachute it. Just wash it down with some water.

Buddy of mine mixes it with apple juice and says it isn't bad.

>RC sites
You know how those guys chuck mugs of beer by opening their throat? I take a huge swig of flavored water, use those little cups you get with flu medicine, put my head back, dump in the kratom and swallow. 90% of the time, no taste, no problem.

what are "RC sites"?

fuck i know this feel. i haven't taken any in 2018. was on it daily from 2014-2017. i don't know what it is but that drug makes me a fucking god among men. whatever about me is naturally beta gets totally demolished on adderall. i become so confident and brash on it. and being high on it feels so fucking good, like you're just so happy to be alive.

I've gotten really lazy with mine, and the doses I take (6-8g at once) at hard to toss and wash, so I just stir into a glass of water. It doesn't really dissolve, but once its all wet, its easy to put down. Literally the only downside is that the bottom of the glass is like a sludge, but you can chase that with a sip of another drink and its ezpz

Any input on lion's mane aside from what a quick google search will provide? I'm interested

how hard is it to buy shrooms?

Don't. Buy 4-aco-dmt instead. Same effects as shrooms but grey area legal.

how does this compare to LSD and DMT?

Dunno. Never had shrooms or 4-aco before.

Full dose LSD is a must try at least once though. You'll never experience something like LSD living life normally.

ofcourse it fucked up my short term memory and smartness
My SAT score on it was in the top 20%
Then I gave the exam after being completely off of this shit, result was in top 3% this time
I think the major reason was that this thing impairs short term memory, especially if you increase the dose

Talking about amphetamine

Funny enough amphetamine CAN have positive effects on memory.

The problem with amphetamine (and PEDs in general) is how effects on performance literally follow the Yerkes-Dodson law. A dose too high will impair performance while the right dose will increase performance.

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I was thinking of this article:

Hey boys adderal user here going on 5 years.
I take 20mg XR daily. It's enough to notice a difference but a lot less than some people take.

It has been all positives for me. I enjoy the same stuff. The main difference as you would expect is I can focus on things for a long time. I went from starting a 30minute hw assignemnt and bulshitting online for hours only to not finish in time, to just finishing the assignment.

I suspect people that have issues with adderall are either misdiagnosed or are not on the right dose.

When you first start taking it you will have a feeling of euphoria. That goes away quickly if you are taking it everyday, but the ability to focus remains. Some people end up chasing that feeling and upping their dosage. After their dosage is too high and its impossible to sustain the euphoria feeling with their huge tolerance anyway. The result is they are left with this zombielike hyperfocus from their high dosage.

I suggest that anyone who thinks they might have adhd gets tested. Just be careful with the dosages and dont chase feelings of euphoria.

If you have a history of subtance abuse dont do it at all imo.

>forced on to concerta in Childhood and uni
>Basically no emotions
>Quit after uni
>Sudden emotional floods, no idea how to handle them
>2 years later I can finally kind of control them but have been unemployed and can only not kind of program again
Don't do this kids

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Yeah they tried to put me on concerta pre-adderal. I read some fud online and passed.

I was too young and never looked, I thought how I felt was normal

Now I panic I'll get Parkinson's and I think it made my ADHD worse

Adderall must be really good for the focus however it has shitty side effects.

I am trying out modafinil for now.It works for me and turns me into a machine.Focus is amazing.But it does not work for some

Second this, modafinil does wonders. Just make sure your already working before you take it - don’t expect to be shot into a magical productive state. It enhances your focus, doesn’t create it out of nothing if that makes sense..

Does anyone else here have any tips for maximising modafinil effects though while we’re on the subject?

well, no shit. it's professionaly synthesized amphetamines...


u've never done blow obviously or you wouldn't think so highly off adderall

if you ever get into drugs try shooting cocaine at some point. Best feeling a human can have (by far)

How does adderall compare to d-amph?
Racemic is hard to get in my cunt, d-isomer is not.

1P-LSD was pretty much indistinguishable.
good stuff

congrats bro. i'm trying to do the same, haven't touched drugs since the start of the year.

i was prescribed it for years for my ADD, and fortunately i don't have an intense psychological addiction to it (i have a couple months supply in my medicine cabinet).

i _do_ miss the confidence, focus, and mental aggression it gave me though. i can't even play vidya anymore because the competitive spirit is not there.

i'm hoping that it's just a phase and i can return to somewhat enjoying activities i _really_ enjoyed on adderall.

i think the clammy feet/palms, the high heart rate (100+ bpm), the fatigue, the effects it had on my appetite / sleeping patterns, etc was starting to really impact me negatively.

also it either gave me or exacerbated my erectile dysfunction. i'm 31 and can't have sex without viagra. feels bad man

Kratom is good, just don't go full degen. Keep your doses at less than 4g a day, I like to split them between morning and afternoon. SoCal is the best place to buy online, it's cheap with both quality and quantity. Take at least a couple days off a week to help with tolerance, and cycle several different strains (do reserach on this).
I've tried modafinil too, it helps with focus and isn't addictive. I stopped doing it because I couldn't sleep (that's what it's designed to do) and it changed my personality when I was on it. But if you can shut yourself in a room with whatever you're working on it'll have the same effect as aderall, just without the rush. You have to be careful because you can focus on your distractions just as much and it can be pretty pricey if you don't buy in bulk.

What is the best way to take Lion's Mane?
Mix the powder with hot water, cold water?
On an empty stomach or with food?
Mornings, evenings or both?

Anybody else never abused any drugs, ever, not even to experiment? It's weird talking to people in my age group (late 20's), and finding out that everybody does something, or "loves" something, or "used to be addicted to x". These are professional people from decent families. What the fuck?

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this is complete woo
you get more than enough iodine if you eat a balanced diet

The day of the rope will clean us from this human waste. Stay strong brother.

I've never touched the trash. It's on the same tier as people saying they can't have fun without being drunk xD tee hee.

Fucking monkeys that have no self control.


>Hint: everyone is already enlightened. You just pretend, really hard, not to be.

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nah, i even ran into problems with this (prescribed for legit ADD, used medically only). i used it 2-3x/week and only a low (10-20mg) dose and after a few months it just made me irritable and miserable. not to mention the muscle tension and anxiety. so glad to not be on it anymore

never touched drugs, dropped alco, smoking is disgusting
t. autist

alcohol is a drug
as well as caffeine

it's not a drug, it's a drink

well i never really drinked in the first place, tasted but got more and more dissapointed every time i drank. Never rver got drunk to boot or anything like that and just gave up at some point alltogether.

Blotters are not 1mm^2. More like 6mm x 6mm.

start and kys

these rushes are great
and even if nothing compares
over time you will forget about the sensation and move on, the same way you move on from a relationship

It's rare. Most at least try it so they don't sound like a complete square.

Alcohol and caffeine are indeed drugs but are not classified as such in most places. They're legality and long tradition of use just make you think of them differently. Many drugs are illegal that are less dangerous than alcohol.

have you tried methylpehenidate?

Op here, when I took adderall I was medically prescribed by a doctor. This isn’t like shooting heroin lol. And I never was addicted to it or did harmful amounts, there’s just a certain feeling that comes along with it that’s super hard to replicate, and I’m not entirely sure where the feeling came from.

Vyvanse is better

cuz its a fucking stimulant you dumbfuck

Adderall is great if you cycle it. I'll go twice a week on my days off for a month then take two months off. Never been more productive in my life.

After a couple weeks of taking it, even only twice a week, the side effects hit me hard. I'd get stuck in my own head, irritable, squirrely in my movements. I wasn't myself. Now I avoid amphetamines altogether, if I need an extra buzz I just use a 200 mg caffeine pill.

Adderall will ruin your life. Overtime. Give it time. Dont take my word for it. Take it for 5+ years and see for yourself.

6-8 grams at once lmao enjoy your opioid withdrawal bro

Can confirm. I've been taking 40mg/day for 7 years. When I started, I had a $45k/year job I hated. Now I make $300k/year running my own business out of my home.

Wait a second, that's like the opposite of what you said.

This thread made me relapse. Yay.


Has it been 5 years?

Lmfao you believe if you didn't take addy you would still be making 45k/year? Giving a pill the credit? Nice man you're on the right path kek

1P-LSD is the same as LSD. ALD-52 is nice too apparently. &

same boat as you user, stick to your principle.

Also, just got out of a relationship with a heroin addict.

I tried many stims an methylphenidate analogues for my ADD when I was learning to code and I found Isopropylphenidate wich is a better Ritalin with less side effects, its studied to replace Ritalin in some countries. It was perfect for me because Amphs make me lose wight, I cant sleep and I only want to fap and play games. With iso I dont even notice the effects yet I can focus like 30-40% better and eat fine. That competitive drive you talk about was also back for me.

Not that guy.

I was in a mess of my life, couldn't hold a job, couldn't pass my classes, and was only interested in anime and video games, and had a shit ton of problems related to anxiety, personality disorders, and depression.

Eventually, I got diagnosed and it took me 2-3 years to fix most of my problems, and now I have been riding 2 years of being successful.

How long were you on it for and how much were you on?

>I was taking 100mg daily and going to sleep on it
here i've been worried about taking 30mg 5x a week

how long have you been off it?

Modafinil doesn't have the long history of usage that Amphetamines have.

For me It's too much risk due to the unknown effects you could have later in life.

I stick with time-tested drugs.

I used it strategically to move up extremely rapidly in my career & field, as well as to make ~500k from crypto.

However I have now succeeded in these mid 20s goals, so I am going to stop taking it for a year.

Possibly. It cleared a lot of the mental fog, gave me some motivation, and allowed me to enjoy coding. All things combined can make or break a career, though I wouldn't attribute my moderate success to any single cause.

>better than nothing
imagine being this cucked