Nootropics discussion: adderall vs. Dexedrine vs. Vyvanse. Has anybody tried them? Which one works best for work, study...

Nootropics discussion: adderall vs. Dexedrine vs. Vyvanse. Has anybody tried them? Which one works best for work, study, memory, focus, and tough exams such as cpa, cfa, Actuarial, MCAT, LSAT, gmat, etc.?

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I've tried Dexedrine and Adderall.
They're good until they're not. It's unsustainable, addictive and has the potential to ruin your health and mind. Many people inevitably end up abusing them, rationalizing it as they go. I was one of them. It is very, very easy to fall into this trap.
Microdose lsd or mushrooms instead, sparingly.

Read this carefully-

My doctor gave me dexedrine first then went back to refill another doctor recommended vyvanse. Those two might be my only options.

study: oxiracetam
exam: aniracetam

source of choline with both

If you must use amps, go with vyvanse. I believe it's more difficult to abuse via crushing, etc.

Be careful though, OP. And make sure your diet is spot on, and that you get a lot of sleep. And make sure you are taking magnesium biglycinate (or another form of highly bioavailable magnesium) after the amps wear off, on an empty stomach.
And drink a lot of water.

dumb theorycrafting, vyvanse and adderall xr really arent that much different. Only IR is easy to abuse.

Basically adderall is good for exams and projects but in terms of daily use there really isnt much of a point. I've passed all my uni exams doing adderall and never going to class and taking adderall the day before. It makes work efficient af, but if you take it otherwise it will fuck hard with your sleep and appetite.

Tried all 3 and a few others. Dexedrine by far the most effective. Always refer to it as the limitless pill. Adderal/Vyvanse made me feel like I was on meth. I ended up getting heavily addicted to Dexedrine and ended up in jail very soon.

adderall xr caps contain beads, much like dexedrine xr. these are the beads i would crush to create ir from xr. it's not 'dumb' theorycrafting -- it's literally what people do.

Why magnesium?

whoops, see: anyway, i said vyvanse was more difficult because you can't empty out any beads and crush it into ir to chase euphoria via railing, plugging, etc.

Nigga these aren't nootropics you're discussing amps.
Addy and Vyv are basically the same active chemical. Only difference is that vyvanse is a prodrug to 100% one isomer (d-amp?) and adderall is 25% l-amp mixed in.

amps deplete the body of magnesium.
without magnesium, to put it in a tl;dr, your body becomes tense, tight, your anxiety goes up.
a lot of people who don't supplement magnesium are deficient by way of diet, and adding amphetamines will make that even worse. supplement for sure.

the beads in adderall xr can't be completely crushed even with a mortar and pestle, people who try to snort it are literally wasting it, the shit can't be fully absorbed

They're very different. Addy xr is amphetamine time released by plastic coating you can break down and snort if you want to. Vyvanse is a prodrug that must be metabolized by the liver to create the active d-amp

Snorting anything with a lower nasal bioavailability is a waste. You're wasting most drugs if you dont stick them up your as desu. But the point stands that an ir buzz can easily be had fom xr pills

what i would do is crush them, really get them powdered with a spoon, and dump in water, then drink.
it worked. too well.
i was never a fan of insufflation.

my method above wasn't the best for absorption, but it allowed me to grind up 5-6 pills and dump them in water, and i wouldn't stay up super late due to the delayed dose.
not my best moment(s).

Interested in this aswell, but I'd use it for my everyday life. It would be in addition to a SSRI (that might get replaced by an antipsychotic very soon). Last year was a bad one for me and my mental functions suffered greatly as a result. My main goal right now is to recover from that. I have Aspergers if that helps.

get your diet in check and exercise. build a healthy base for yourself, as much of a healthy base as humanly possible, before you take these drugs. the beneficial impact they will have is proportional to how healthy you are, and staying healthy as you take them will keep you from hurting too much down the line.
be careful. this stuff is given out like candy and so it's easy for people treat it like candy and not take it as seriously as they maybe ought to.

Prescribed both Xr and ir. I like studying on IR. it feels like you are in a game and studying becomes fun and focused. IR hits really hard but inevitably you will come down. If I take over 30 mg in one day I can’t fall asleep til 7 am. And I can rarely eat. I wouldn’t recommend taking addy after 6 pm. Vyvanese is more of a smooth come up but it’s not as fun studying, vyvanse is also wayy Loren expensive. Vyvane has less harsh of a comedown. If you are trying to binge study a few times a week, adderall hands down

Hey man, better than my moments of 12 hour porn marathons. We've all been there with stims

Also I straight up took adderall 1 month straight to study for my cpa exams. My heart took a beating literally. It became really hard to breathe and I knew my blood pressure was going up up. I advise you to do some fucking cardio. Run on the treadmill or around the park on the weekends. This shit is caffeine on steroids

>12 hour porn marathons
yar, i think we've all been there. fuck.

good advice. cardio for sure, stay healthy.

but to add to this so there's no confusion for any anons lurking: don't fucking do your cardio on adderall, heh

Thanks for the information. I just started on Ritalin last week. I've noticed that my muscles have been getting tight since, and my anxiety had been going up.

Any recommendation on dosage for magnesium per day?

do you also swear every time that it'll just be a quick one? every single time I convince myself I'll be in and out in a half an hour. It never happens and I still fall for it before porn binging
semi related: only done anal once but it was with a qt blonde sorority chick while I was stimmed out of my mind and shit was cash

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if you get jaw tightness or clenching, magnesium works wonders for that too

i aim for 6-800mg every night before bed on an empty stomach. avoid taking it around any calcium, as they compete for absorption.
magnesium biglycinate is highly bioavailable, so i would recommend that.

yeah, amps will get you into this weird horny space you just can't get out of. insatiable appetite for porn. and with sex, just pretty much intense and up for anything no matter how weird. NO MATTER HOW WEIRD.
it's cool when it's happening but thinking back, i'm just like "what the fuck"

Amphetamines are not nootropics.

of the three you mentioned vyvanse was the best for work, but lasts too long and will keep you up without a tolerance (which you do not want). Dexedrine is the best though, feels much cleaner and more focused than adderall.

Personally, I don't take amphetamines any more, when I used them to study or work on stuff I found that things felt easier and went faster, but I was more stressed and ended up wasting more time than if I had just done the work sober, or with a constant stream of coffee. Once you begin using them for work, it very quickly makes doing work without them HARDER. I say stay off them and just drink coffee. You'll waste less time on stupid shit, you'll get better sleep, eat better (which helps you get your work done, better retain memories, etc.), and you won't be dependent upon amphetamines for getting incrementally more mundane tasks accomplished.

you nailed it about the weird shit. I'd jump around the hardest fetishes I could find that wouldn't even occur to me sober. Literally anything flies if it's sexual

I've used a lot of L-Theanine and Noopept. If you can stomach the awful taste, Noopept is a great relaxant. L-Theanine has basically no taste and you can put it in practically any drink you like.

Thank you, I'll be careful. I eat good ingredients but I'm sure my nutrients need more balancing, and I've been doing the same exercices for too long now, so I definitely have some work to do in those areas.

I literally have a great thing i can work on. But i need concentration for the job and i have almost goldfish brain. What do i need ?

ITT, only this guy suggests an acetylcholinesterase inhibitor.

Personally, I'm a fan of huperzine. It's been in human use the longest (thanks, China) and has given me the most sustainable focus.

in b4 somebody posts "but it's anecdotal (and no, I haven't tried it, let alone with a choline supplement)"

Thanks man. I appreciate your input. My jaw clenches a lot every day. Been happening for years. I will try magnesium for it.

word, same. it was actually that kind of amplified risk-taking behavior (sometimes 'anything goes' means unprotected sex with weird strangers) that had me stop completely. seriously felt like i was becoming a slave to my short-term impulses. which is actually what the fuck i was trying to solve with these drugs in the first place.

haven't tried noopept, but i agree, l-theanine is great. in my coffee, every morning.

great advice. sounds like you're doing well, user. all the best to you.

good luck to you, user. keep taking care of yourself, you're the only you you've got and you've got a lifetime left to live with yourself. ^_^

im out, gnight anons. hope your saturday's a good one no matter what yer doin


Thanks for giving a suggested dosage range. That gives me a sense of what other people are taking. I'll buy the type of magnesium that you said is more bioavailable. I think I'll do the same as you, and take it at bedtime.

>yeah, amps will get you into this weird horny space you just can't get out of. insatiable appetite for porn. and with sex, just pretty much intense and up for anything no matter how weird. NO MATTER HOW WEIRD.
>it's cool when it's happening but thinking back, i'm just like "what the fuck
whew, glad to hear it's not just me. I had a month long adderall binge and the porn thing really got out of hand. Had I not stopped, I probably would have fucked a tranny hooker or something equally fucked up.

hit it right on the fuckin head. exact same reason I cut that out. it went form a self improvement cheat to a hedonistic escape

anytime. idk if you roll but it was always a must have for me during them. multivitamins always great when you're taking drugs too

the other thing is that when I was amped up and I was watching bizarre, hardcore, gonzo shit, it became super obvious that the people in the video were also amped or on something similar.

Anyone here on Huperzine A?
I'm having more dreams but that's about all I've noticed

Same shit. And sometimes it was weird to have sober sex with coke fuckbuddies or what have you because i was used to raunchy fetish play and shit till the morning. And without the drugs it felt awkward having normal, romantic sex

I need to be able to concentrate. pliz help.

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meditation. no seriously. I've tried dozens of drugs and nothing comes close for long term benefit unless you have a seriously debilitating attention issue

Off topic but anyone have some trippy pepes? my laptop died and I lost my collection

can second this, goes for me personally as well

maybe 20 minutes of meditation and I'm way more focused than if I take a stimulant

I've used Vyvanse recreationally to get through a shit part of an engineering semester, especially when final exams are 60+% of your grade and you know you don't want to do it again. Absolute 10/10, the only problem is you get so euphoric sometimes you take a bit more time to study, but oh man that rush you get from gaining information on Vyvanse is one of the best drug experiences I've had. I've tried addy and it wasn't the same. Sure, maybe I've focused a bit better but it was more like a really blessed coffee.

adderall for focus

but these for actual cognitive improvement fuck the other stuff especially vyvanse

and for you faggots that can't find any adderall and want some stims, go to walgreens for a benzedrex inhaler, break the tube open and put the cotton in some OJ, shake the shit out of it and let it sit for an hour then drink it

v euphoric and the comedown is ok in my experience too

less than $10 too

no doubt i would try to get a vyvanse prescription if i could, however adderall is so much cheaper. i can get 30 30 mg adderalls for $60-70, which is the max dosage. to get 30 70 mg vyvanese (which is max dosage) would be $300. thats 400% the cost of adderall. FML i pay my meds out of pocket so theres no way i could afford it. i wish crypto could get me rich so i could afford the proper medical treatment to my disease :(

That article hits terrifyingly close to home, but I’ve never used any meth. I have been on about 20 different antidepressants, mood stabilizers, sleeping pills all that. I’m not sure what’s the cause of it, but over the years I’ve gone from being a go getter straight A student to a “meh” person who is way too content with mediocrity. It’s terrifying the word salad and memory fog stuff too (I mean just look at this sentence. I’m even complacent with not fixing it, because it should read “it’s terrifying how I.. shit I can’t even form the thought. I’m trying to wean off all medicine.
DO NOT USE DRUGS! It is absolutely horrifying to see the shell of a person I’ve become. Only the last two or three months I’ve been dedicating myself to vigorous diet, exercise, meditation, note taking, learning a new language, and sleep to recover the body.
Also this has become a LINK shill post because I went from a year of unemployment to 100 hour work weeks so I can earn enough LINK. I didn’t think any external motivation can bring me back.

Sensitivity is everything. That's not the sort of supplement that will give you immediate feedback, but after some extended use the effects are pronounced.

Take choline with it. Sensitivity to caffeine will be a thing. After ten years of use, off and on, the difference is obvious to me.

there is only one true Veeky Forums drug

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Have to agree man, ani is great for exams, so is phenylpiracetam but I save it for the midterm/final. Oxi is really good if you take any kind of math class.

I do this crazy thing where I read a book and try to memorize all the facts inside it. Then I walk into the exam and write down what I learned. Its foolproof and its impossible for them to catch you. You should try it OP.

I've tried ritalin and concerta (very similar to each other except in duration) and vyvanse (by far my favorite, much smoother, less of a bad comedown).
adderall I think would be worse because it's shorter acting. Feeling the frequent unpleasant comedown like with ritalin and the compulsion to redose/danger of binging. Unless you can get addreall xr or something, then it might be similar to vyvanse (concerta is basically ritalin xr I think but I still like it less than vyvanse). Was taking pretty high doses of concerta for a while years ago, like 120mg or something daily. all at once. That fucked me up massively and turned me into a robot which was good at the time because it helped me get through horrible depression at the time without thinking much about it but gave me a taste of what I think meth addiction might be like, binging for days without sleeping and just programming until I basically became unsconscious and restart when I wake up (was unemployed at the time and living on welfare). Anyway, the reason I was prescribed it and still am kind of off label is basically to improve my mood (ssri and similar never did shit for me) it it always gave me decent euphoria.
Now I still take it to get through especially boring days at work. Time just flies by when I'm on it.


After all my experience I would never take it as a nootropic. It may make me somewhat more productive while i'm on it (not smarter even if i can feel smarter on it) gives me confidence but also dangerously makes me over-confident and do/say stupid embarrassing stuff. And any gain in productivity while it's peaking (mostly due to better focus/determination) is overcompensated by non productivity in the comedown.

You can get focused bordering on obsession while on it and you need to be very careful to get focused on the right thing. It will not necessarily help you start something you're unmotivated to do like eg if you wanna take it to study. You might even instead accidentally focus on procrastinating more and then do that obsessivey. You might feel more motivated to do something you didn't want to do but still not start it because you feel like you'll still be motivated later which in reality you won't after it wears of and then you may be in a worse situation having wasted time and feeling like shit on top of it.

Also the main reason I wanna get off it completely is that the side effects don't really go away anymore at some point and you constantly feel stressed/restless/tense/nervous.

Though I've never built a tolerance to it. The dose I had in the past months was 30mg of vyvance in the morning which doesn't last quite a whole work day but almost. And always retains the same effect.

None of those are nootropics OP. Look up the definition of nootropic

Damn thanks for that I'll have to try magnesium (or research a bit at least), wonder how much that will actually help to relieve those things. None of the therapists who prescribed me the stuff ever suggested that.

we are ALL in this together my friend. Stinkie Linkies $1000 EOY

Holy shit some of you guys are taking massive doses. I've been taking 30 mg of Adderall/Vyvanse for ADHD for the last couple years.

Adderall isn't addictive at all you weak minded cuckold, it does become less effective if you use it frequently though.

It can be highly psychologically addictive, obviously, even if not physically so much. Especially if you're using it to cope with some psychological issues and practically depend on it to function/not to kill yourself.

What will you do if link fails, then?