Bitmex/BTC day trading discords

I was hoping to find a server where people just discuss their daily moves, trends on different time frames, experiences with indicators(yea TA is mostly bullshit, but volume based ones are actually useful imo) and general discussion to ideally gain an edge. I've found a few but you have to pay, which is probably just a scam. I could make one I suppose, and will as a last result. Thanks

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i'm making a tool that posts the 24 hour charts for 1000 coins every coin, and there's a chat box in the side. it will be a community for traders to monitor coins for dips and shitpost together.

cool idea user

I'm in send me an invite, i'm in the same position as you. I found one but i am the only one to post ta so i would be happy to go in a new one

i made one:


We should do one with a limited number of person

if i wanted to chat with retards and dumped on i would announce my moves on trollbox.nobody here has a clue or enough experience anyway

that's why i even rather have discord with 2 person than 30



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I'm Flood and I disagree


>being this egotistical and namefagging on an anonymous imageboard

flood i hope that isn't actually you

that's an amazing idea. How can I get notified of it's completion?


its coming soon and i'll make some threads here
drop an email if u want the link when its ready

Holy shit people actually replied-I had to run errands I figured the thread would be dead by now! I didn't create a discord but I would prefer it be relatively limited in the amount of people so we can have actual discourse and keep up with ideas as opposed to a cluster fuck.

I have no problem joining this one if its already done

That's dumb as if anyone here is doing enough volume to dump on each other. KYS

no im the real flood this one is fake. no one reply to this.

Alright I made one


BTC day trading only and maybe anything related to Bitmex in that area would be prefered. I want a narrow focus if possible!

>this shitcoin is very new we can make millions!lets just accumulate so we can pump and dump guys!

totally never happened ever

sorry OP but i have been through this too many times

stages of every discord:
>hi guys lets be friends!
>light but somehow decent discussion about original topic and circlejerking
>more people join in
>very light discussion with low iq people,more circlejerking and medium volume of memes
>original topic is totally vanish,very high volume of memes and offtopics
>discord is now just a Veeky Forums replica with memes reposting but with less people and circlejerking

Lmao you gave up one server to soon then. I literally have no other agenda than to learn, share knowledge and hopefully make some money with strictly BTC futures. I won't be shilling alts and if anyone does I'll boot them.

I'll also cap the the users that can join at probably 25


doesn't work

Weird here try this



alright this is set to not expire-should be solid now

I want in on this... I only fuck with btc for the past few months. No point in alts rn they all follow btc. Im ~100% bearish and usualy only look for short entery positions. Wich I feel I am getting better at. Little TA experince, learning more every day though.