Wolf on Wall Street

Is this a Veeky Forums approved movie? Is it actually good/ worth my time on my off day to watch?

Also is American Psycho worth it?

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yeah it’s good. if you like Goodfellas it’s kind of like that. American Psycho is a good movie too. Id recommend the book as well. It’s one of the few books that made me laugh out loud while reading.

Yes and yes

Watch both.

Just remember, Pat Bateman never _actually_ kills anyone.

Awesome thanks guys

It's very similar to glengarry glen ross, crossed with the hangover. Good cinematography and storytelling. Worth watching for entertainment, contains absolutely zero business advice.

its great but it has literally nothing to do with trading other than explaining how pajeet shilling works

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A better, imo, more Veeky Forumsy movie, but not as flashy:
The Big Short

Its about a few people that saw 2009 coming.

yeah he does.

it's not ever implied he didn't. it's implied that no one cared that he did.

this ones way better

Gets me absolutely pumped everytime I watch it. But then you have to realize that Jordan Belfort is not the guy you should ever want to envy or be

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It's slightly overrated and overdone but still worth watching

Margin Call(2011) is the ultimate Veeky Forums kino

I like how he did lectures after that and the idiots in the audience don't get that everything a con man says is bullshit.

Yeah he’s fucking awesome st first then the end of the movie you just truly pity him and never want to be him
Good movie to portray that

after rewatching the film


It is kind of implied Patrick isn't a reliable narrator. Without over spoiling for the faggots that can't read warning all I am going to say is: The cat scene and ATM. Boom

>glengarry glen ross, crossed with the hangover

kek, accurate description

Haha you are stupid

American Psycho is good.

WoWS is normie trash.

Wolf on wall street was funny and had tits 10/10

margot robbie is just dumb hot in that movie, jeez

This is the one you want to watch

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I put off watching it since it came out. I didn't think i would like it.

I watched it last week and really enjoyed it, I watched it again the next day

Jordan Belfort is a faggot rothschild agent who shits on cryptocurrency
fuck him

same here. i rarely watch movies twice but i immediately watched this shit again the next day.

i think it's because it's so fast-paced, i kept waiting for a slow/boring scene but it just kept taking shit to the next level


If you read the book, there's another massive clue which was impossible to portray in the movie

Absolutely brilliant soundtrack as well

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Any good Veeky Forums movies about succesfull companies or wealthy people with their history and whatnot? Not some cringe level discovery channel tier shits

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Half Baked

Looking for validation on biz fucking faggot

I want to talk to Sampson.

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>The Big Short

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message asside i loathed this movie ... humor was shit, jokes were shit actors idk - lot of comedians and faggots


that said, the most insulting and worst movie is Cloud Atlas - jesus f. christ

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>movie is called margin call
>they aren't having their margins called


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The Wolf of Wall Street was good untill he had his own business. The movie went to shit afterwards.
American Psycho is good. A movie i'd recommend is Wall Street (1987)