How much will this be worth EOY

How much will this be worth EOY

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4k if we're lucky.


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I doubt any thing over 10k as it has an endless supply.

$200 ez, but $10000 in 6 years

It isn't endless you pleb.

It is going to cap at out about 100M ETH.

And excess supply of that will be burned when it moves to proof of stake, as eth will always be getting burned over time making it more deflationary than BTC.

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2k please
my only hope desu

Its going to take a bit of time to reverse from the recent downtrend. I think we will hit a new ATH around June and slowly creep up to $5k by EOY.

This is the most promising project in crypto but a few things need to happen for ETH to reach its potential in the short term:

Scaling solutions need to work and be released (plasma, raiden, sharding, casper)

Proof of Stake (compounding interest on a appreciating asset, greatly reduced issuance, increased scarcity, power savings)

Institutional Investment (safe suitable on ramps and appropriate regulation to make them feel safe)

Main stream DApps (Apps people use daily and known by general public, powered by eth/gas)

When these four objectives are complete ETH will be worth $10,000+, it could happen late this year but I think early 2020 is more realistic.

I’ll say around $20. Ethereum is over.

Between $2k USD to $8k USD / ETH by eoy

God I wish

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with scam ICOs continuing to use its platform, it'll always get dumped and never reach full potential.

The supply is kept at roughly 100m

Just move to Akroma. Eth without all the garbage. Plus masternodes. Shits live like, right now.

Zero fucking dollars

Probably halfway between rubbish and a pile of dogshit

> Old tech
> Full of security flaw
> Use a shitty language

Who the hell gonna use this shit in production ?



just because you're a pajeet who couldn't code a Hello World without compromising your bank account doesn't mean that Ethereum is inherently insecure or "old tech," lmao

somewhere between $2-20

I wonder what people who make posts this retarded have going on in their heads.

>EOS mainnet lauches
>successfully becomes ethereum killer
>all the scam ICOs move to EOS
>scam ICOs kill EOS
>ETH back on top

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scam icos wont allow on eos. otherwise uncle sam will assfuck eos

oh EOS isn't decentralized? thanks for clearing that up user.

Eth is worth zero. It's the most centralized and unimpressive tech with zero intelligent developers our supporters. It's literally a premine scam. Everyone should be murdering these scammers day and night and make crypto better. Eth has literally never innovated, just took credit for others work. Every single eth holder deserves to die. Everyone in crypto wants is of same opinion: anyone who murders, skins alive, or burns alive ethereum supporter (or onecoin or bitconnect or neo or countless similar premine scams promoters) they are a HERO and the absolute best of humanity taking out the worst of humanity. Lifetime of torture is not enough for damage to human race and tech world that ethereum scammers have done. Only one suggestion to them : kill yourselves, the only ethical thing eth community can do.


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ETH is about to moon faggots

about $300



once it passess 5m sats all the ICOs will start panic selling, there is absolutely no bottom after that


Hard to say accurately.
If things keep stagnated then probably 300-400 as people wander off. If we bull then eth can easily 4x from here


so r/buttcoin for ethereum
bunch of bitter faggots who had the chance to buy at a cheaper price but didn't and are now calling it a scam to make themselves feel better.

Initially I thought we'd see 2000 EOY, but I also thought we'd be back at 1000 by now.

I'm really invested into ETH, but I keep hearing more about competitors every day.

I wish I knew the answer.

Despite what bitter shitposters say it's the best working blockchain in the market. I don't think it's going anywhere, and no "Ethereum Killer" will be able to take over the space, at least any time soon.

It's my personal opinion that even though ETH has less room for growth than brand new dark horse ICOs, it's still a relatively safe bet when it comes to cryptos. EOY, I say $1,000 if we don't go on a significant bull run again this year, or could be as high as $10,000 if the move to POS works smoothly and gets wider adoption and use cases. I think that may be early next year though.

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