Been dating this girl for 4 times now. Keeps asking me how much money I make...

Been dating this girl for 4 times now. Keeps asking me how much money I make. I really like her but these questions are a red flag to me.

"what do you work as"
"how much money do you make"
"do you own your own place?"
"how much money do you have saved up"

Like seriously I've only known her for 4 dates and she's already asking me these fucking questions. Should I just stop seeing her? Or is this normal for women. This is my first serious woman I've been seeing for more than 1 date.

I'm still a Virgin guys and I need some guidance here. Appreciate any help thanks anons

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Yes, you should stop seeing her. After you fuck her 10-50 times.

My closest friends get uncomfortable when I ask them stuff like that, you should definitely feel weird about a girl asking you that. Just lie.

lie about it.


it's fine to explain what your occupation is, but tell her you're not comfortable going in depth about your financial situation. it's not wrong to put your foot down about personal space during dates. some stuff shouldn't be discussed until you get serious with a woman.

You're being autistic.

Yes, this is a quite strange behavior on her part, girls are strange but generally they don’t act like this.

The "what do you work as" and "do you own your own place?" seem alright, but the other two questions are huge red flags especially after 4 dates. She's a definite gold-digger, user.

>how much money do you make
Asking that in such a direct manner is unbelievably rude AF, especially to someone you don't know loartuculsrly well. Fuck her and drop her, she's a dumb cunt.

>implying women can be not golddiggers

how fucking autistic do you have to be to find it odd for someone to ask you what your job is?

I use a "3 strike" rule on first dates, when I bother to date these days. The first question is a pass - knowing what someone does is a harmless question. The 3 others are strikes, and if a woman asks me those 3 right away, I drop them as fast as I can. She's putting you through a job interview, and doesn't care who YOU are, just what she can suck out of you, instead of your jism.
Lose her number.

This guy fucks.

pump and dump, ltrs are for simps

She wants to make sure you aren’t some retard who lives with his parents and got lucky with crypto and is now doomed to fail

Just tell her you have a low/standard income but you manage to get by. If she didn't ignore you yet after a few more dates... keep on telling her that until you're sure she's not a gold digger.
If she ends up a long-con gold digger, kill her, hack her body up into pieces and dissolve in sulphuric acid.


ask her how much money she makes.

> what do you work as
this is somewhat normal
rest is blatant golddigging

what if op is tho

> meeting up with borderline strangers (4 dates lol) who straight up ask you "how much money do you make?"

where the fuck do you faggots live? in jungle? in "the room"?

>so how's your sex life

Just lie to her

Fuck her

And leave

Shes trying to size you up to see whether or not you're worth it


how much money do you make, or have?