Is r/buttcoin laughing at us??

Is r/buttcoin laughing at us??

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Who cares if they are?

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>a community for 6 years

imagine being some redditor that could have bought into something that could make them a multi millionare but chose to make fun of it instead

I'm a regular poster there. Plebs have no clue what Veeky Forums or any of its dank memes are.

>he isn't laughing at r/buttcoin

They ALL rationalize it that even if they could go back in time they wouldn't buy any and get rich because it's all a giant ponzi.

They NEED it to collapse or their world view collapses.

>the absolute state of sweeties
They do Forums_biz/

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I have TRX and they're plebbit.

i still don't have reddit account
nor do i have telegram
never been on instagram
and never singned with facebook
Am I a lost cause? Can't even socialise on internet.

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That's one topic in thousands.

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What's her name

She looks like a Disney character.

I didn’t know this comment chain was from that post. This is perhaps the most comfiest read ever. The absolute state of coping wageslaves. I sent it to someone as inspiration but they got triggered instead saying that crypto guy had too much privilege and it is impossible for her to save money.

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Doesn't she have a penis?

she is a Turkish cosplayer

A shame the redditors are going to be right. Oh well

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Good. I’m going to make more animexSergey. Redditors do not deserve LINK

She's so cute. I wish I were her gf

Fuck me. Have been on this sub for years but never bothered to check for prices. Still hate coins passionaly tho.

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what does SFYL mean, by the way?

Sorry for your loss, satan

this is factual and that aaron guy is a dumb larper

if you make 40k in a year and a half you will have much less by the time its done due to food and other basic needs

Jesus that's an unattractive mouth

my wife is cute!