Why Enigma is the smart money pick!

The Enigma Protocol functions by creating an off-chain network of nodes for storage of private data, which is attached as a second layer to an existing blockchain. Parties can store and run computations on the data without being able to view the content unless the existing blockchain grants access.

Using a Turing-complete scripting language, each node is given a stand-alone piece of seemingly random information so that no single party has access to the complete data; this allows privacy to remain totally decentralized.

By implementing this function via smart contracts, Enigma enables users to send encrypted content using smart 'Secret contracts', without comprising their computation, and preventing any single party from viewing the content.

This is a game changer with endless use cases, imagine having complete autonomy over your data and being able to share/monetise as you see fit or medical institutions being able to share patient information without revealing any private data.


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The Team is perhaps the most talented/qualified in the crypto space and their roadmap is detailed and agressive.



Mainnet launching in Q3 this year.

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yep. bought at ico. bought sub ico. just waiting for lambo.

It's a cool project and I think things like sMPC are really interesting. I'm surprised that is doesn't get more attention here considering how analogous it is to ChainLink (trying to solve a broad obstacle to smart contract adoption with a second layer solution).

bought enigma a little over a week ago. Pretty comfy hold so far.

I put it down to lack of understanding really, for some reason people see it as a privacy coin comparable to Monero or BTCP.
A bit of research and they'd understand what a gem they're missing out on.

Sort of a Monero X Nano hybrid, speed and privacy

Is this bait?

buy now and get the features 2020. By then crypto could be dead or there are other chains with build in privacy options. lol

hehe yeah you got me

I hope so or point proven.

>build in privacy options
I did say it was the smart money pick...

2nd layer solution off chain, thrust third parties

Op didn't read wp

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He mentions that it's a second layer off chain solution in the first sentence though.

Thank you I've been recently interested in the project and needed a start

That privacy it's useless if you sniff the network.

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English Pajeet.

Same privacy that Private Browsing

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I really doubt that, let me guess your the Derofag always spamming ENG threads?


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>a spelling error
Wtf I love dero spammers now.

damn this project looks so original

said no one ever

it is original tho, who else is doing this?

So what? Why does it matter when what they are doing is essential for the adaption of crypto as a whole. And I don't think there are many people doing what they are doing anyway.

iExec already does this and much more. V2 imminent and partners piling on.

>iExec already does this and much more
What? No it doesn't, what do you think Enigma is? I'm familiar with IExec and I know for a fact they are not in competition.

You gotta love that the only fud is from people who don’t understand it!

I honestly don't care, I wish solid gains for anyone in crypto, only thing that annoys me it people who invade threads to spam their own shit because their own threads don't get the attention they want.

True, that’s Veeky Forums for you though!

Wasn't always like this sadly, just last year all crypto threads were just talking about their crypto and what they did, wasn't much spam from other crypto threads. To bad, would have been a great board if all the pajeets and teenagers stayed out.

People have been spamming this shit in unrelated threads for weeks. Almost a pasta at this point.

I think it started around September last year, the quality of threads/replies went down as the mania kicked in!

I’m in like Flynn!

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