I know something you don't know teehehe

i know something you don't know teehehe

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That biz hates stellar, which means I should invest more?

so spit it out

spill it user

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jeet tier ibm trash. ripple's high end of the spectrum autistic little brother

The suspense is killing me.

I know user is a attention seeking whore, how juvenile is it to come on a anonymous forumbragging shit and not spilling the beans. Just give info or fuck off. Thank you

Picture is hilarious and also perfectly describes this thread, lol

>i know something you don't know teehehe
doubt it, attention whore

There's no info you faggot, he just has bags.


Central bank of chile, turkey and japan will roll out the first central bank digital curreny which will have pari value with their fiat... on the stellar network. Buy now or stay forever poor. Just look at the fucking leaked IBM documents. It all lines up with the jesse lund interview AMA

the stellar network is dog shit lol. its been around for 4 years and hasnt accomplished anything just like IBM. 2 shit companies for the price of 1

Stellar is the only sure moon mission left you dumb poor fags. By all means don't buy in, someone has to make happy meals for the blacks.

Only you can step out of that closet, OP. We can't do it for you.
Now tell us you gay cunt

Do you have any real source outside of 'leaked' documents?

Ok. Lets belive a random basement kid over the great acomplished people and companies who praise stellar.

here you go faggit since you dont go to my XLM generals

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Dont buy Stellar you fagets. Buy Link or some other chink shit gaycoin, please. Fucking Veeky Forums fags.

Just read the AMA of jesse lund on reddit. He tells people everything that is gonna happen. He just does not call out names. You can get the names from the leaked docs then to connect the dots.

tfw all in on stellar

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>ju ID

yeah fuck off kike

Read what i wrote and try again

Do your own research you stupid fuck. It literally takes 5 minutes to find it and read it. You want to be rich but your ADAD keeps you from doing something for it.

You inbred fuck, there is no real source to any of these claims, stop projecting your poverty on me already and fuck off with your shilling somewhere else

From jesse ama. Anyone who isnt a retard knows stellar is one of the best projects out there. So you dont even need this info to know you shoud buy.

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You trust Jed McCaleb’s swiss cheese coding? Read up on the history of crypto—everything that guy touches in an anathema to the crypto space (Mt. Gox, Ripple, and now Stellar). DYOR

Why do you let him leech from your research? This fuck does nothing but shit on stellar and does not deserve their gains.

Mt.gox died after Jed sold it. The new owners made significant changes to the code. Ripple is a succesfull company and good tech.

Everything jed touches turns to hold.

What will be the price of this coin at end of this year?

No such thing as XLM bags you silly cuck

If it was a small cap coin I probably wouldnt give out anything. With xlm the cap is already big enough where it doesnt really hurt me at all to give it out at this point.

If he's that hateful hes probably had a rough time in life. Hopefully he can profit have a change of heart and give back himself.

If you were born in his position you would be acting exactly as he is.

So I can let it go.

$2-3 eoy

Aight you are a generous person. Thanks for being good.

>Still projecting

What's a realistic EOY?

It depends on how the market for cryptos overall goes imo. So its really hard to say. .60 -10$ desu.
10 being if we break a trillion, .60 if we are close to where we are currently.

total shit bear market - $0.30
bear market - $0.50
conservative bull - $1
we can hope - $3
ridiculous fomo bull market - $6
we're all driving lambos on the moon - $10

>Everything jed touches turns to hold.
Holding bags you mean

Nah, Jed was involved with Mt. Gox well after he sold it. He didn’t know sh*t about security. His security flaws in the beginning laid the foundation for multiple hacks later on. Read the book Digital Gold.

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Here, fixed it for you
total shit bear market - $0.50
bear market - $0.60
conservative bull - $1.5
we can hope - $3
ridiculous fomo bull market - $10
we're all driving lambos on the moon -$100

When the fud starts getting to me, I just remember, katy Perry had the stellar logo on one of her nails and I know it's all going to work out..

Lol yes sir IBM has never accomplished anything, please tell me more... In other news, Stellar and Ripple retards should really look into fairly distributed coins and stop deluding themselves further about Coinbase listings

I have 5k stellar, will I make it???

I used to have a big stake in Stellar. Then I realized their development team is disjointed, and overall they are late in achieving their roadmap milestones. Look at how big their marketcap is for how little this project has actually accomplished. There are better investments out there.

You are goin' Interstellar pal

that's almost much as Motumbe got last year