Which altcoin to buy to have 3x till end of april? and why??

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nobody can predict the future

XVG and Trx

Why XVG?

But we can have perspectives based in strong fundaments.

I'm going to say Cardano because it got hit like hell during the dip and staking protocol is launched sometime in that month, it should give it a huge boost, and hitting $0.60 is very possible. But as said, nobody can predict the future.

Havven (HAV)

>Literally not a shitcoin
>Two new big exchange listings coming. One this week and the other early April
>Working Product
>Biying Havven will generate Nomins which are the stable coin pegged at $1

Banyan is the one and only coin people should be saying

Thats fucking easy - REQ

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MAN is next in line for the NEO/VEN pump.

Both will have a awesome April

Nice trips, so what does REQ have planned for the coming month?

Walton cuck here

Mainnet supposed to be launching anytime now at the end of march or april. Walton likes to go on crazy pumps 3-4x then bleeds for another 3 months. So make sure to sell on pump

TRX because of the meme magic of Kek.

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mainnet launch (could cause a sell-the-news dump after, be wary), and big partnership announcement (likely a non-crypto partner, people are speculating that it's a Y-combinator company like airbnb, uber, or even coinbase)




If its normie-base its game fucking over.

Actually this desu

Stfu Steve


Airdrop coming early/mid April, pumped pretty hard the last time they had good news

The only problem with prl is i have to use kucoin to buy.

Partnership incoming a big one.