Goodbye soldiers...We didn't make it

Goodbye soldiers...We didn't make it...

Wagecucking is inevitable...the government, the normies, the idiot wall street with their shorting futures ruined it for us again...

Bitcoin will fall...and so will we altcoins have been eviscerated...I had 500k...i'm down to 50k...

I'm life is ruined...i'm ready to pull the trigger.

If I could just say one last thing before I go...The memes were funny, and at one point...I truly believed i'd be worth at least 10 million...But I guess I was delusional...

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Well if it helps to put anything in perspective OP, I reached 60k for the first time in my life during the november/december run. Now I'm about no more then $2000.

Shit sucks bro, but keep your head in the game.

Don't be a little bitch.

A slave to money till the day we die...i've got no income either...

i'm better off dead my brother

Never doubt the bear.

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I'm in the same boat op, wait till december

And his 50k will become 5k

if it wasnt for shorting, bitcoin would literally be worth nothing, youre lucky

Damn. What have you been holding?
I knew (felt) it was time to cash out when my holdings tripled in less than a month.
>pic related

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Don't give up now, give it at least 2 more years bro. I'm holding on by a silk thread right now too but I cannot go now, I need to hold on just a little longer

OP im also in the same boat but dont be silly take as much people with you as you can, im fucking even my family over before i pull the trigger dont waste this bittersweet opportunity... cya pepe will recieve us in heaven.

Hey, dudes, no coiner here. What the fuck happened?

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we've been in a bear market since january, that's all

it´s over. and we rather the grave than the wage

If youre gonna end it all may as well send those 50k coins to me matey. or just dont do it, either way I'll take ur bags.

Dont do it

Bitcoin early adopters dumped all their bags, causing the crypto market crash that will never recover.

wow that hurts to look at, i thought i hit it well off with stellar and various other coins-- but fuck... nothing comes close to that

picked up ICX around $2 when it hit binance.. ATH my portfolio was $720k
am i going to make it?

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i'm still delusional. i'm going to wagecuck and throw money at this. i don't spend on much else. let's make it or die trying (financially, not literally)



500k to 50k? Jesus. Nice larp or what shitcoins did you invest in? The most I had was 400k at absolute ath and am currently at 180k, along with selling/cashing out a fair amount in-between. How the hell are you down so much? stinky linky or something?

I feel like I should be at 200-250k.

Fuck that could have been me. Congrats

fuck off bearfag, see what you do
no one likes you, just go pls

How did you lose 90%?
All in on CANYA?

I have told this a couple of times, i was in Veeky Forums when ETH was $1, made memes about it, even own a couple of them, then i forgot about crypto and Veeky Forums

Came back in december 17', invest all i had $600 usd in zcl/btcp, manage to have $6k at ATH and 6k as a 20yr neet in my country it's like fucking ton of money, minim wage here is like $200usd, but i didn't sell and now it is worth nothing.

im fucking ruined, all my dreams, i wanted to buy my motorbike and camping equipment to gtfo from my house from time to time and see the stars while camping, it's all gone and still cant belive it

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