Let's see what Veeky Forums really thinks

Let's see what Veeky Forums really thinks

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Fuck forgot link strawpoll.me/15356377

my pick isn’t on that ballot.


Yes you forgot link

Good point, I should've said forgot URL strawpoll.me/15356377 because everyone has lync filtered. fuck this thread is a mess

VEN, ICX, OMG and REQ are just tokens. They're not eligible to be called coins until they have a mainnet.

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wtf is up with neo bagholders

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literally none of these are good. bitcoin and ethereum we're stuck with just because they power 90% of the crypto market but ADA is the once coin to rule th future. anyone who doesn't realize this deserve to stay poor

ada is a scam

No trtl, no care.

>no eos
You dun fucked up kid

since when were you declared the god of semantics? oh you werent? the only reason you call any cryptos coins is cause the bitcoin was called that

>no USDT

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>Omg and vechain rated higher than xlm
No wonder this is the birthplace of pink wojaks

What's wrong with OMG? inb4 ERC20

How the fuck could you not put link on this.
The absolute fucking state of this thread

no ark, no nuls, no skycoin but you do have req, omg and iota...shamefur display

>no LINK
saged and reported


for now BNB, Apr. 15 Coin burn = moon

>no p3d


I can feel the power of REQ growing every single day on both Reddit and Veeky Forums.

It's going to become mainstream once the normies enter the market again.

my pick isn’t on that ballot.

>btc and eth in the top 2

literally my first investments in early 2016.

no, you did that deliberately to get 2 bumps instead of 1

voted for nano 2bh, if it proves to be secure, it could be the first coin that normies will actually use

>for now BNB, Apr. 15 Coin burn = moon
how do you know it's april 15th?

> Forgetting chainlink.
Are you new here or are you trying to 4d fud

everyones filtered it by now lol, op probably forgot it exists.

>get bump by posting immediately afterwards
>implying i couldn't just post "bump" if i wanted to bump
>purposefully get fewer votes from people just scrolling the page cause they can't see the link unless they look at the first post

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this guy knows it. Strikethrough post number quote means it's filtered

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Incredibly shameful that ETH is above BTC. This is reddit-tier mentality

At least Nano isn't top 5

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