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Dont forget to rotate the product

haha fucking wagekek

Hey dont make fun of him. Dairy is back breaking labor. I work in one.

>tfw i unironically enjoy wagecucking

it gives me something to do other than sit in my room all day on 4chin, and theres lots of hot girls.

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Meaning that you have to stand around, watch equipment and pick things up a few times an hour.

That's pretty fucking light in the grand scale of industrial labor.

There's nothing wrong with doing something and doing it well. Good on you.

Lol double handling cause you need someone to put the product in front of where it is.

Brainlet fill team

Man works at Countdown

Try unloading trucks at Home Depot, this shit gets old real quick.

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It amazes me how many sheeple still eat dairy. The human body should not consume any dairy after the breastfeeding stage. Keep poisoning yourselves. Kek

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Home depot is fucking redpilled

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i deliver water heaters for 20 bucks an hour. literally the easiest job i have ever had.

Exactly if you're not being breastfed you should never have any dairy ever. I try telling this to my family all the time but they're too fucking retarded to listen.

You know the profit for installing one of them is usually well over $600, More likely 800 - 1k +

the last part was a bit far i said,

But after being into fitness and learning about it you probably wouldn't drink it. I eat cheese every now and then but thats about i

This makes me want to cry. :(

lmaoing at all the wagekeks in this thread

>tfw run my own company and enjoy bullying the wagies

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Worked 60 hours last week $400 went to taxes

If you can get over 56% of the employees here being black or hispanic then yeah. The Puerto Rican ones are pretty funny though, heard the forklift driver yesterday say to another guy the only thing Indians are good for is sucking cocks.

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this is a bait, right

>I posted it again

yeah well im not a plumber and i have no interest in being one.

As soon as you show any initiative or Veeky Forumsness at HD they put you on lot loading and before you know it, you're doing 80% of the work and everyone else is chilling inside making the same rate of pay for doing nothing.
t. quit after 3 months

I know what you mean. I work in the south Texas oil field, literally probably 90% chicanos working with me. Pretty chill though since I'm the only white dude on my team they jokingly started saying I was hitlers grandkid. They started doing nazi salutes when I came in and I rolled with it. Now I can be as racist as I want and they just think I'm fucking around. Even when I say shit like "no seriously I fucking hate niggers and jews" they just laugh.


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$3.5 per 1 or per 3? Dang, it's much cheaper in my country

8 hours every day is fucking bullshit. There is so much to learn, copious amounts of stories to read, play, and watch, betterment of your body in a physical and spiritual level, etc.

This. (((They're))) pathetic and will have brain cancers soon.

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I fucking loose my shit everytime I see this

lmao wtf I wish I was you

Sounds like Trade work here, i'm a labaror

goddamn that must suck. i'd go into massive debt funding an education so at least i could sit in an office and wageslave than do that kind of shit all day.

you a stocker boi too? WHERE MY /stockbois/ AT?

Fuck you. I ran a dairy department by myself for a couple years. It is closer to stocking 100 cases an hour, plus you get to stock milk which is like 30lbs each crate.

Don't rotate the products.

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Try being a baggage handler at the airport.

>don't rotate the products
What does this mean and why is it important

name a comfier wagecuck job than dishbitch
(you literally can't)

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Try unloading a 53 foot semi trailer full of fucking thousands of boxes by yourself, literally taking 8 hours of straight lifting them onto a pallet and using a pallet jack instead of a forklift because the trailer floor is too weak to handle the weight of a forklift.
t. ex warehouse worker

heh. so you don't know?

product rotation means putting the food or item that will expire first at the front of the shelf, so that nothing goes bad because the older stuff gets bought first. i always check the dates on food that i buy because my first job was at a retail store and on the first day they had me pull out any candy that was expired. some of it had expired years prior to that day because the lazy fucks who worked there just put every new shipment in the front and the old shit just sat in the back

Still relatively easy work. I was in industrial printing.

A web press puts out about 10 skids of paper for a person to stack per hour. A rotogravure press is closer to 15 skids. That's a ten pound stack of paper to lift and arrange on a pallet every 20 seconds or so.

Not to mention mechanical work like installing steel rollers or higher work like running a flight of stairs about ten times an hour to fix imperfections in the print equipment as the press is operating.

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This is how I know when anons aren't white.

>mfw schlomo have to use a 14.88$ bulb to light up his grandpa-made lampshade

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Did it last summer. Tipped out. Rocked out with my jams and zoned out.

Good for my ocd.

Good times


You do all of those things at a good job. My Friday was finishing up a webdev project, studying a new framework, helping our videographer load equipment for a shoot, then watching a movie in the evening with coworkers as we made drinks from the bar cart.

Yeah I white and don’t wagecuck and drink tons of milk

are you guys trying to out-wagecuck one another?

>tfw driving a bus 12 hours a day

Could be worse, at least I have semi-working brakes.

Is anyone here actually a NEET?

i always wanted to get a job but my family always made fun of me and would say "thats what poor people do user" after awhile they realized i was being serious so my mom said they are hiring drivers at pizza hut. I didn't apply because i was taking a 2 week trip to europe, when i got back the job was already taken

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Leave space between the shelf and where you spot it so you can actually work
>Doing the exact same job right now

self employed, afford my own house, etc. sometimes i work less than others. i took last month off, still made money since my income is semi-passive. i took most of this month off due to being sick. self employed neet style.

me pro NEET
Trade for a living. Hate me.

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Dude it's so true, the higher your pay grade, the less hot young girls you're surrounded by. I almost miss working at regal cinemas because of this

read a book

I don't find shame in honest work.

I've been gainfully employed since I was 15 and I do freelance work on my own.

That's pretty cool I guess. Have any vacation plans? I think I'm going to visit Iceland this summer. Eat some whale.

>Yeah I white
Nice try, Tyrone.

I've made 10 grand this year since i got part of my inheritance
Just gonna keep gambling it with stocks until i get big or hit 75% original value

Don't eat whale, that's barbaric. Everything else there is good.

The market is heating up at the moment. I want to be near screens for a while. Should get a fat return next month from a cobalt ipo i was in almost 2 years ago. I want to go and see europe before it becomes africa desu senpai

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What do you do?

Calm down bleeding heart, it's part of the history and culture. Plus the meat looks fucking delicious.

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Can confirm whale is delicious

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For 6

>this qualifies as working for dairy now
Unless he actually works tending to the cows, milking them, leading them to sheds and feeding areas, he ain't working dairy.

fuck you
tell me your name
if i ever see you in real life youre literally dead

freight/receiving team here. all the grils get homers while guys do all the hard shit. it's like real life

I did that and it was fucking deilicious. Also cheaper than beef in Rekjavik. Pic related, the stuff my airbnb host cooked. Protip: buy all of your beer in duty free, also rent a stick shift car and drive around.

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>drinking beer
>not calling a stick shift car a “car”

get a load if this guy
automatics cost 2x manual transmissions in iceland to rent you dumb cunt

because nobody drives automatic in europe dumb fuck

and I was obviously talking to an american you fucking moronic asshat

worked as a waiter/bartender for 13 years- dishwasher is the WORST job, like working in a hot steamy rain forest of half eaten food for 10 hours in a row, nonstop while some brainlet manager is yelling because there aren't enough clean forks for the tables. No hot waitresses fuck the dishwasher.


>humans litterally able to survive in Europe without starving to death because of dairy

I did this for like a year
except my boss was a crazy arrogant cokhead that would put Gordon Ramsay to shame
I actually fired myself from that shithole
The real benefit is expensive free food

Not if you work in a deli, that shit is fucking awful. The amount of chicken grease I've seen almost made me vomit at work. Then again deli sucks ass unless you get to cut fruits or something easy. Most of them I washed chicken grease from plates and had to cut meat/cheeses without a glove/guard so I risked cutting off my fingers everyday for minimum wage.

I need to find a new job to wage slave at, what jobs arn't too shit?

You are obviously NOT A NIGGER.

Okay pajeet

>blocking the isles with boxes
>not working from the cart
Mr rajeshstein woul like a word with you.

Raw eggs and dandelion weeds?

I tried getting a job at HD once. Went in for the interview and the manager was some fat woman. They gave me all kinds of tests to do and asked all kinda of personality questions. Shit was like applying for the cia or some shit. Anyway i never got the call back so whatever. By the looks of it sucks anyway.

Hard working people are more valuable than anyone who got lucky with crypto.

recently got fired from a movie theater, went from flirting with 10/10's every day to nothing. feelsbadman

So uh. This is what i was doing last year. Traffic control technician. Installing signs and shit. Got to travel around but it was hard dangerous work.

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I only worked two hourly cuck jobs, second one was a yogurt shop. The other guy who worked there literally worked 10-10 every day of the week. He made like $8.50/hr with OT and lived in this basement apartment behind the shop. He told me he hasn't missed a day in over a year.

Since the shop was dead as fuck except for after lunch and after 6:00pm, he spend most of the time there watching baseball. He knew like everything someone could possibly know about baseball. That was his entire life. That shit motivated me in school.

OP here, fucking hate this place what a dump

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The true irony here is that due anons support of blockchain tech, some companies have started developing unmanned blockchain tech that will eliminate labour (skyfchain for example), thus making user unable to find work when his crypto eventually bleeds out as the companies move into closed relationship with other companies instead of being public.