So now that crypto is dead, what else can I do to make money online?

So now that crypto is dead, what else can I do to make money online?

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Try myfreecams

No joke there are people that make insane fortunes doing this. It costs thousands of dollars to make it happen though.

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i mean that could work but, then your life is fucking ruined so

if you think it is dead then go short and post proof and get liquidated faggot

not really

The digits tho

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I mean it doesn't REALLY have to be dead to stert diversifying into other ventures, besides I still need to pay rent while my bags recover

>Implying you're not living in ruin already from birth

I would also like to know.

why come into a thread with actual promise and be so nihilistic?
that's the fuckin spirit


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C-crypto isn't dead.... *sniff*

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I remember some people posting about creating blogs that host spam ads and whatnot.Apperently it is great way to make some decent money.

If anyone knows what I am talking about please share

Is there a name?

>doesnt short crypto
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Not sure why people think stocks aren't profitable, people have been getting rich off the stock market for 100s of years..... im up 30% so far this year up 50% last year.

Sure it doesn't seem like alot compared to recent crypto gains which im sure everyone here got a piece of, but stocks are here to stay here and once you build an edge you are good to go.

>why come into a thread with actual promise
>a thread with actual promise
>with actual promise


You sure stockfag

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wait for the stock correction which has been rising for 10 years
buying stocks right now = buying btc at 20k

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are you retarded? There are also dishwashers that make insane fortunes.
Just because it exists doesnt mean thers remotely any chance to do money by that

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Dropshipping. Thats all i got

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billionaires can get virgins who look like that for free.