It’s official. We are all wearing this to the 2019 Veeky Forums New Years party

It’s official. We are all wearing this to the 2019 Veeky Forums New Years party.

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not me. i'm wearing a starfleet tunic and a prosthetic klingon boner

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Don't forget to complete the look

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I'll do it but at the moment lucky brand is all out of stock.

whats wrong with asics?
do you even run?

Do you even Sergey?

ASICS? Those are Sergeys

i wonder who bought them all...

Amazon only had XL in stock so yes, I wonder who...

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>be sergey
>only wear one shirt like your idol zuckerburg
>start speaking at conferences, need to own more than one especially with some having ketchup stains on them
>open up the amazon app in a mcdonalds parking lot
>buy a size L like you always do, im sure itll still fit, i havent gained that much

They're going to restock them at 2x the price and we're going to buy them out again.

I would buy them at 5x the price to get my hands on a dank Sergey

Can we are legion/hackerman replace that Sergey pic above for the main pic here?


>implying I would be hanging out with a bunch of spergs instead of seeing Bassnectar live on New Years

do you guys think there would be enough people on this board for a meetup? like i dont think theres enough for an australian meetup (where im from) but you americans could probably do one in jew york or something

normie please

You cunts will be lucky if you can afford a shirt at the rate 2018 is going.

Bassnectar has been progressively sub-par every time I've seen him.

Ugh gross, I already went through my flannel phase in high school

we could meetup in Trump Tower

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>Trump Tower

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Won't we scare Sergey if we all show up in his building in Sergey cosplay?

in thailand with ladyboy hookers and cocain?

I know right. The good parts of his sets are worth it though.

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Sergey is a benevolent messiah.
Blessed are his Stinky Linkies.

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did anyone read the comments on the amazon store?

Im fucking buying these shirts. How do I know what siz is gonna fit?

What brand is it?
Where can I buy one?