even with assuming that 70% of supply is locked up in nodes and that the total node fees are at 250M
Link is only worth 16 dollars

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Oh no how will I cope with the fact that I'll be a multimillionaire

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“You should never assume. You know what happens when you assume. You make an ass out of you and me because that's how it's spelled.”

― Ellen DeGeneres
100$ EOY

* probably around 8
I think I should've used the links locked up in the equation

I’m really sweating. This is very articulate fud

at least/most we'd still get a 10x
speculation will drive the price even further upwards

first 6 months after mainniet, yeah

after that, link = 100s of $

You made this in Excel?

It’s very good.

you realize that 250 mill income per yr roi in a traditional business model puts it at about 100x that price aka $1600/link.

>only 16 dollars

16 x 19000 = 304000$

1% = 3040$, 5% = 15200$

I will be fine

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Are you a mathematics PhD? Your equations are insane.

I don't feel that's enough to make it
t.39k bag holder

I plan on having 20M usd to retire
life is tough user

>create fud thread
>linkies btfo lol
>at least we'd get a 10x and it will go up from there
Pick a fucking side man shit

I'm just ballparking here
The revenue generated by the industry probably won't be the sole factor pushing the price upwards
Speculation and other factors can push it higher

Do you even know what PE ratio means? Most stocks have 6-30x meaning they are worth multiples of their earnings in any given year.

I'm on both sides hahahahaha
1000 eoy just doesn't seem so realistic

It’s enough, if i just can get few thousands dollars monthly from linkpool

$1000 ain't happening. If it passes $100 by 2020 I will be insanely happy (and have $15 mil).

lucky you
I'm not so sure if the same will apply to cryptocurrencies

I'm trying to come up with a figure based on dividends per token
I think it should discount P/E ratios or in this case assume it's 20(since I'm using 5%)?
tbqh I'm not even confident of my equation

Many anons thought ETH would never reach 1000 either.

fuck it
I'll probably be above my initial investment anyway
I'll just hold till I get 20M

its about $$, if a coin offers this kind of roi while traditional markets offer 2-5 % we'll get billions pouring in. link could be bigger than bitcoin if your #s were true

wow I’m goooing to be so fucking rich i don’t even comprehend maybe I should js kms how could I deserve this

>Circulating supply
>inb4 mainnet and actual use cases roll out


this will sound like i'm disagreeing with you, but hear me out:

PE doesnt apply to almost all cryptos b/c cryptos, unlike real world companies, dont actually produce anything or deliver a service.

however, one of the few eceptions is LINK, so yeah, you're right in this context.

what utility the token itself have? serious question
i know the oracle problem but not exactly what the token does

you need to stake them to create a node, and i think they get burned as partof the smart contract process.

being worth money defeats the purpose of the coin. also this is already factored in.

with all due respect
I'm not so sure that's how it'd work
I'm trying to calculate the price per token based on the dividends the node operators would get from it
such that
total revenue generated or 250M in this case = total token value (percent return) or 700M*price per token * 5%

* I changed the 300M to 700M because I made the mistake of using the circ supply instead of the locked up nodes (which should've been the basis)

again, I could be wrong
But I'm not just getting it

so there is a fixed ammount i need to hold in order to create a node? does that means there can only be created a fixed ammount of nodes or does the ammount necesary get reduced over time?

they don't get burned
node operators get paid in link
node operators submitting wrong data gets their stake taken away

Sometimes you have to listen to the numbers that aren't there

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there is no fixed amount required
as per the whitepaper

I believe

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ok thx, i didnt think they got burned but i knew that there was a flow of LINK some one place to another and i wasnt sure what it was, but your syaing it's as payment to operators which makes sense.

that raises some more questions
what is the incentive to hold more link than the minimum required to run a node

read the white paper for more info
alternatively, just lurk biz a lot
link threads are flooding the board

More link, higher reputation

more links staked -> more trust (due to less incentives to submit wrong data (or more disincentives)) -> more priority (due to trustworthiness)

Wow man you are way off. You don't need link to run a node, but it will greatly increase your reputation and get you more requests. Link doesn't get burned either, node operators are paid in link.

1000 eoy

Wow x40 on an an investment what a terrible thing to happen.

Was just looking at this.
From like 8/15 to 2/16 Eth hovered around .60c to $1 back to .80/90c for nearly a year. Then when it started mooning it hovered around $10 for nearly a year again before it went bananas.
Iron hands boys, never sell!

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so buying link ≈ buying trust? is there any other way to know if i cant really trust a specific node?
would some individuals buying/earning enough link make the network centralized?

The amount of link staked is just one factor in the reputation of a node.

Maybe try reading the white paper for more details.

im trying to find out why it is being shilled so hard in this board

yes and no
more links staked would make your node more reputable
there are multiple nodes that read from the API so it's not gonna be so centralized
I don't know if there's a foolproof way to trust a specific node but game theory would make it so that when your api gets read
chances are nil that the oracle would fuck up

lol, that's like saying you dont need a medical practitioners licence to practice medicine but it'll increase the number of patients you see.

lol, that's like saying buy link.

except there are multiple doctors with licneses that check your patients everytime you get one and the patients trust what they say more than you. This would effectively mean that as a medical practitioner without a license you'd be just wasting your time

because it's a scam

not an argument

Oh no I'm gonna get x145 from my investment, what am I gonna doooo

Biz got a "tip" about the IPO from an "insider" and managed to buy their way in even though the "big boys didn't want them".
A huge number of biz tards bought in at 10 cents in that IPO. Chainlink has already gone 10x for them so now they're just fucking around and seeing who they can meme into their bags. I actually enjoy the meming it's way funnier than most of the shit here.

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how isn't it an argument?

Emotional attachment to a coin makes people dumb about trading it, I never understand this. If you put your fricken link stacks into BNB for three days you could have bought back so much more link (lol why but ok).

But you won’t because your wrists are so limp and your anuses are son hungry for fat plaid autists cock that you think you’ll meme yourself to the moon.

>tldr: Jesus you can still be obsessed with your pipe dream but smart and obvious trading will help you increase said stack.


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Stopped reading as soon as i saw your trip

Wow 16 bucks? Awesome, I'm a millionaire. If this is really the FUD, I am so happy.

fuck you
I need a bit more than 25 to be one

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I Sage slide threads. Just forgot to delete it but here I’ll feed your faggotry

Ps my port is up 25% since I put my fav coin into BNB. So, weeeeeeee

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wtf is the oracle network?

did they just pick that name to trick gullible investors into thinking they are affiliated with "oracle" the company?

why the fuck is it called oracle? does it prophesied something?

how is it better than other solutions to the byzantine generals problem?

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Real life picture of Sergey spraying his musk all over Boring's chair, establishing dominance.

Whose but bro?

I could smell it during the webinar.

I live on the east coast.

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you realize most value is speculative; even in stocks etc.

Valuation is 16-17x annual revenue on the low end.


google blockchain oracle
thus the 5%

OP is faggot

why are you even here if you ask questions so fucking retarded

Whose butt is this?

dubs confirm
I'm leaving

the multiplier wouldn't apply to the earnings per token. in your example (lets simplify it) you take 300 million in earnings per 300 million circulating supply. This means each link token will earn 1 dollar, and this is regardless of the price of the link token. All link won't be staked though (an exchange like Binance needs their link liquid and not in nodes. Many speculators won't bother with staking) so that number is likely higher. Link in higher reputation nodes will also earn more $/token than others.

Where you are wrong is your assumption that the price of a link token will have an affect on the amount of value it earns working in a node. That is backwards. The amount of money link tokens earn is what drives the price of the token.

so in your example it would be more like 300,000,000 circulating supply with network earnings of $300,000,000/yr. On average each token will earn $1/yr. This brings the valuation of 1 link token to $20 (using your .05)

>Where you are wrong is your assumption that the price of a link token will have an affect on the amount of value it earns working in a node.

the model doesn’t assume that
you and op are on the same page
substitute your 300M with 250M and you get the same 16.67 answer

Js kys if you can’t even do basic research. Veeky Forums has been talking about LINK for way too long.

yea, thought he was saying each link would make 16/yr

You are all missing the real point of the thread.. whose butt is this?

chill out thirsty merc


quick rundown 4 sauce

>HAHAHA your link is only worth 16 dollars each!

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thats ok i only need $10 per link to make it

>what is speculative value
Never gonna make it, you turbo brainlet.

I don't wanna risk trading whilst waging. When I start working from home sure

This is awesome, we are talking about 40X.

> haha stupid LINKfags this coin will only be worth 40x what it is now
> this is literally the best FUD he can come up with

Under rated

>$16 per LINK is FUD
Wew lads. We really have something going on here.

Sarah. ..
t. All in link

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>if only you knew which coins would get extremely good news and pump in the middle of a bear market you could've increased your stack looool
>obvious trading
Man, you're right. How dumb are we that we didn't predict Binance introducing fiat pairs and moving to Europe. We are literal retards for not knowing this before it pumped.
Please sir share the next moon mission with us dumb peasants.

>still posting this larper who's predictions have all turned out incorrect

you get 5% per month?

Their long-term target is 5%

>still posting this larper who's predictions have all turned correct

Does this faggot not understand that you keep the same ID on each thread for this board?

Salesforce just bought, for $6.5 billion, Mulesoft Inc., a company that's about making APIs externally available:
This is the most expensive acquisition Salesforce has ever made. That's because they know how important APIs will be, and ChainLink is poised to connect this API economy to this emerging Smart Contract economy. Salesforce are connected to ChainLink via the dev Dimitri Roche, and Sergey tweeted the Salesforce CEO.

Yes, the API economy is huge and it's growing. How huge? Well, the research consulting company Ovum says that the size of the API economy is going to be 2.2 trillion dollars during 2018. There were ~15,000 public APIs available in 2016, growing by 40 new ones per day during 2015. In 2016, Netflix alone received 5 BILLION API requests PER DAY.
>An API request is equivalent to a "job" that an oracle would do.
>For comparison, Oraclize claims to do "thousands" of jobs per day. That shows just how much room for growth this API/Smart Contract economy has.

If ChainLink can capture just 3% of the $2.2 TRILLION global API economy, that gives it a market cap of $66,000,000,000 - 66 BILLION. Consider that Sergey said there are 19,000 people interested in running a node: that's over 100% of the available public APIs in 2016, so 3% of the market is very conservative. Consider that Starbucks holds 40% of the market share of US coffee shops. We’re not even considering what % of the smart contract economy ChainLink can capture, for which I can't find much on predictions for its value or its current value.

Price per coin multiplied by number of coins determines market cap, so marketcap divided by number of coins gives us coin price. So if LINK captures 3% of the API economy, that gives us a price of $188.

I think we can work out the income you could make from a node based on the number of monetised API requests that are being made nowadays by traditional businesses and the amount they charge.
Assume that smart contracts requiring external data become mainstream and the crypto API economy reaches the same size as the regular API economy now.
Let’s take the “hobbyist” from as equivalent to a NEET running a chainlink node. That’s 688,991 calls per month. Per year it’s 8,267,892 calls. Say you charge $0.01 per call, which nordicapi reports, and is the minimum Oraclize charges. That’s $82,678.92 a year. IBM Watson charges $0.0025 per call which would be $20,669.73 per year.

Docusign says for their API that "You may not exceed 1,000 API requests per account per hour". Lol, ok so 1000 per hour is 24,000 a day, times 1 cent per job is $87,600 per year per node operator. With 19,000 node operators (Sergey's number) serving 1000 API requests per hour that's a total revenue of all nodes of $1,664,400,000 per year. That’s only 0.08% of $2.2 trillion (estimated total value of API economy in 2018).
>However it’s unlikely all 19,000 nodes will be high level business, many will probably be hobbyists

I don’t think Chainlink nodes will receive that many jobs upon mainnet launch. But as the smart contract economy grows it will need more and more APIs. I would strongly suggest running a link node and holding it until mainstream adoption.

it's scary to think what chainlink might become. and we're all gonna get a maasive piece of that pie. feels good.jpg

>I'm not so sure if the same will apply to cryptocurrencies

well that sounds solid enough to base price projections on.

You're saying LINK will be 16 USD?!? You know how awesome this would be? How are we getting BTFO lmfao