One day...

One day, someone is gonna market buy the hell out of this bitch and you will wish you had bought more when you had the chance.

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Word is getting regulatory compliance has been an utter disaster. The team are putting on a brave face but behind the scenes it's depressing af.

With which regulatory body is compliance a disaster?

*citation needed*

user has inside knowledge no one else has. His dad works for al maktom family and they said that they will have to pull back the 250mil investment due to failing to get a banking license.

>One day

My uncle works at Nintendo and said they plan to pick up the tab.

i like this new line of fud, i think it's all coming from the same user but it's really getting some folks talking

And twenty minutes later someone is going to market sell and send to right back down and I'm going to be glad I didn't fall for it.

>Mfw the fud is just right

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Week is over and no medium news. Talal the liar is really living up to the name.

checked, project's dead

I mean is it really a surprise? A Binance listing that never came despite the owner attending their conference. He must have saw the shitshow that was Jibrel and knew they would never be listed. The other B was Bibox and the volume on there is almost nothing now.

It really is sad how quickly things fell apart.

lmao I bought another 12k today.

>Volume is so low that all it takes is a few thousand to move the price 10%
Shame all the other bag holders ended themselves and didn't have a chance to dump.

Too bad, maybe they can do it when the Binance listing happens:

Literally anyone can make a page on there. I could make one for Niggercoin if I wanted to.

Please do. Would be awesome.

I don't want to. I would rather shit on Jibrel for being in the middle of an exit scam and failing to even post an article.

Your limit buy orders aren't gonna fill, bro. If they were exit scamming, they would be marketing the hell out of this project. So what if their article is late? That is a dumbass reason to sell.

>Thinking I'm fudding to buy more
You are delusional. I'm not fudding to buy more. I'm doing it because they are clearly amidst an exit scam and are so wrapped up in their escape they don't even have time to post an article.


^still upset

Step #1 of an exit scam is to hype your project up to heaven and post about it non-stop. They clearly aren't doing that. Get a better schtick.

If they aren't exit scamming where is the article?

Checkmate faggot.

surely it will come soon inshallah. الله يحميك
allah yahmik and your investment

bless this autist, he's really entertained me the past 2-3 weeks. most of these jnt threads would suck dick without him losing his shit in every single one.

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I was checking the official jibrel roadmap, which i check every 15 minutes, and i didn't see a milestone for this medium article. are you sure you have your deliverables timeline correct

whats the minimum amount to make it in a year or two?

Medium post soon™

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I would say the entire circulating supply but the problem is you would have to find someone to buy it off you for a few cents a pop and that is highly unlikely.

Around 2k, IMO. Call me delusional, i dont care, but they either win bigly or the project fails entirely, no in between.

at this point im kinda just banking my life on this project working out lel. if my 100k stack doesn't save me I think i'm fucked

Definitely either gonna make it or break it. Hope you make it.

Another week, another broken promise.


Just like a jew to fud an arab coin

He didn't set a time period Talal did. You shouldn't trust Jew or Arabs.

The arab himself is ruining your bagholding coin. Sorry for you

daily reminder there is no one on biz who has any "inside word" on anything

I was making a joke about your id but it wasn't funny. Not even a bagholder. Not yet. Gonna buy in.

Holy kek

>when they have to make up a failed deadline for a shitty medium article to FUD the project

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I wish I could buy that much lol.

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Holy shit, Jibrel tokenizes jews. You can now buy your own jew, holy fuck boys do you realize how big it is? NIGGERCOIN BTFO

how many jEWS do I need to make it?

6 millions

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