Just'd Portfolios

Who here is fucking ready for the bull to come back...I know when it does I will be so comfy. After tax season is over we will see some crazy shit. I am still up over 100% overall, I've just been deleting the coins that I sold...oh well.

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The moment my buttcoins are worth the amount I paid for them I'm selling up and GTFO'ing out of this crypto shit

No you won't. All it takes is one more bull run and you'll be buying up shitcoins like the rest of us.

I come to Veeky Forums a few times a week since it started and I have no idea what the fuck you even own.

I have only even heard of IOTA, and even then I have barely heard of it.

How deep of a gambling addiction do you have that your net worth is literally tied up in no-name get rich quick schemes?

jeez our portfolios look about the same, like with the overall amount and % loss. i have different shitcoins though

Guess you forgot to come here during the winter, those are December classics. Loving the aix choice, would be better if it was alongside 'Canya get even lower?'

>13 mill KIN

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200k TAU here, it’s painful to keep being reminded I should of sold it all at 8x. selling 220 for zcl near ATH and holding for BTCP is also something ina, going to have to live with for the rest of my life

Tencent owns Wechat, and Tencent heavily invested in KIN. They are announcing partners by the end of the month. Thank me later.

It's ok man, I didn't sell anything at the top...I know that last year was just Wall Streets test run to see how they could manipulate this unregulated market. We won't be in the red much longer.

Plus since you have over 100k TAU you can set up a master node once it's live.

The lowest mine has ever gotten was just above my initial investment.

This is about the most I've made in a day on paper so far.

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He probably got in around late Dec / early Jan. Most of these were popular coins on this board around then and my portfolio looks about the same. Currently at -41%.


Started buying right before the whole IOTA and Microsoft thing blew up, then I bought 13k PRL at 4 cents before it blew up overnight to 31 when it got listed on kucoin, then I grabbed the TAU ICO at around 8 cents and it went up to like 1.30. It will all come back, just waiting on (((them))) to pump it again. I got the AIX for free since I through my whole portfolio at UTK and they gave me 7k UTK and I sold them at over a dollar for AIX. It's been a fun year so far.


Soon user. soon

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Nope, PRL and TAU

LMFAOOOOOOOOOOO you're even down on IOTA, did you buy everything at all time highs? Oyster pearl down 25k wtf ive only profited off oyster and i bought fairly high

I rebought oyster at 1.50...I have bought it at a few prices along the way, I have never traded anything at a loss yet. That's my rule.

Kek wills it.

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Kek is a false god