/heavy bags/

what is your heaviest bag, Veeky Forums?

>tfw down 80% on stox and 85% on canya

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>literally what

No wonder you are sitting on a loss, I have never even heard of those pump and dumps. Why don't you buy the popular p&ds like everyone else?

this is a heavy bags thread m8, if you arent gonna post anything id suggest you leave and never look back

Sorry champ, I'll leave you in here with all the other retards who bought, what was it, "stox".

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omg i remember stox from last year. sold at a 60% lost and thank god i did

Stupid youcollect country bags.

They need to let us sell YCC already.

sold canya at a 60% loss
never buying a shitty logo again

Down 90% on ADA

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>heaviest bag

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Lies, ath is 400%-500% of now.
That means 75%-80% drop.

Down 90% on payfair. I bought $5000 worth at the tippy top.


bitcoooooooooooooooin private and ENJ

I bought $1300 of UFR around ATH. It's worth less than $200 now.

All in BNB.


Dogecoin but I’m one pump away from breaking even.


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PASC down 85% or something

Tfw when I made money on canya. That shit pumped alt hough I realized how gay it was and took my profit. Why would you think canya was a good hold? Are you retarted?


Holy shit that's gotta be painful.