Whats the elites endgame. i just dont get it

whats the elites endgame. i just dont get it

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this guy is marrying a foreigner just because his mother was killed when she was getting ready to marry a foreigner (egyptian).

total ownership

royals arent elite, just fancy puppets
although i suspect Monaco's royal house might be in on the game

You are the slave class. They feed on you. Figuratively and quite literally in some cases.

is she really black? i thought she was from italian heritage when their engagement was all over the news


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Sell us out to the aliens. Humanity today is the result of a huge farming operation.

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>pic related 1/2

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>pic related 2/2
catch 22 for most of us here

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i need to watch the third season

Same, haven't even gotten there yet.. im on 2.3 right now actually

apparently he saw her on tv and just had his people make the arrangements, he literally could have picked any white woman in Hollywood

suck her fuck

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To kill all the normal people and replace us all with first muslims, and then robots. And then finally, to kill themselves, finishing off the human race for good. Prove me wrong.

Shes 36....

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The dicks user... imagine the dicks. Do you think it's over 100?

Does she look black to you?
Then she isn't black.

shes an amerimutt, so theres all kinda of shit in her.
the only thing that really matters is she is of diluted royal descent

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Y'all know all the stupid rules she has to follow now she's "royalty"? Like, it's a fucking joke she can't even live a normal life anymore there are so many restrictions. The queen of England is a literal alcoholic, she is drunk ALL DAY EVERY DAY, or at least tipsy. It's a fucking joke.

Good point user, half of the men in Hollywood musta gotten a piece of that ass.

This is now a Megan Markle feet thread.

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Just why are the brits so antagonistic towards russia all the time?

>be millionnaire
>marry a mullata

This and English people leaving Paki raping their children at the name of anti-racism...

My god, this country is so fucking ridiculous. Even Germany didn't go that low, they got some protests against rapefugees.

>Goblin Feet

Harry what are you playing at m8

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race mixing, destroying the white race, eliminating all freedoms like free speech and the right to bear arms, and eventually a mass culling via a bioweapon

>>be millionnaire
>>marry a mullata

I fail to see the problem considering the "quality" of pure british breed

Talk for yourself mutt.

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What a cuck Harry is. Could, should, have been an Apex alpha given his royal status, his celebrity status, his wealth, and his military service. Could have had almost any 10/10 qt virgin in the world. Instead he lets his mommie issues get the better of him and goes for a pre-menopausal divorced le 56% roastie.

She's going to be a fucking disaster for the Royal family.

>I fail to see the problem considering the "quality" of pure british breed
You're thinking of the lower classes/chavs who are generally hideous. The average middle class/upper middle class English grammar school or private schoolgirl is very pretty while the really posh 'sloanes'/aristocratic British girls are knockouts.

>Her grandparents are Irish.[4]

well well WELL




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>a niggling worry


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Getting rid of white people


I have genuinely started to think that the worst of all possible outcomes is true, which is that they really are stupid SJWs who want to relive the 60s, forever.

That Jewish creature on the right has a giant brain.

Spent some time on this one

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To YOLO while retaining power.

britons hate all europe.

I'm British and this American slag has no place in our royal family kek. joke I don't actually give a fuck at all

Crashing our race with no survivors

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that looks comfy af

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Look up some old pictures of her without her makeup on and hair straightened with every mean known to man. She is black.

>implying you wouldn't bang her

dude but her kids will be.

>older than he is
She's beautiful but she's not wife material if you're Prince Fucking Harry. She looks absolutely head over heels for him in this picture though.


you don't want inbreeding to happen to royal family.
they already started to look like retards
they need new blood user

Take American's guns away. About 40% of the American population is the only thing standing in the way from a global elitist omnipotent governing body with complete control over the entire human race.

Not a joke.

this is golden

Satan was punished by God for not listening to him, his mission is to take as many humans as possible to hell with him